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Illumination Entertainment and Universal Pictures are getting in the holiday spirit, offering a special Easter greeting to fans with a special video message starring Kevin Hart’s The Secret Life of Pets character, Snowball — who is not your Hallmark Card idea of an Easter Bunny. The Secret Life of Pets Images and Widescreen Movie Images, Photos, Backgrounds for Desktop PC with the Above Resolution. We have already been treated to a great poster for The Secret Life of Pets this week and now we have some great new images and a trailer for you to take a look at. The Secret Life of Pets is set to be an animation film not to miss this summer and a brand new poster for the film has been unveiled. The Secret Life if Pets is set to be one of the big animation movies that's not to be missed in 2016, and the brand new trailer for the film has arrived. The Secret Life of Pets is set to be one of the animation movies not to miss next year and the first trailer promised that it is going to be a very funny watch.

From the makers of Despicable Me comes a new animated comedy about what pets do behind their masters’ backs. While Illumination Entertainment is best known for its Despicable Me films and, more specifically, those adorable minions, the studio has other projects in the pipeline as well.
Steve is currently at the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas, and while on the floor he snapped some photos of a collection of posters for The Secret Life of Pets.
The CG-animated comedy-adventure about what really happens to our pets when we leave for the day comes out July 8. The Secret Life of Pets Images is one of the part of Movie HD Wallpapers Collection in HDTV, Widescreen, 1080p Resolution. Well that is exactly what we are going to find out in this brand new animation comedy The Secret Life of Pets.

The various breeds have different facial structures, offering a bit of diversity to the visual palette.
Directed by Despicable Me helmer Chris Renaud and co-director Yarrow Cheney, the film takes place in a Manhattan apartment building and revolves around its animal inhabitants.
Though obviously it’s tough to accurately gauge the pic without seeing the animation in motion.

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secret life of pets gidget wiki

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