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The Secret of NIMH was directed and produced by Don Bluth (who also did The Land Before Time[1988] and An Americal Tail[1986]). Every spring, when the frost is off the ground the animals living in the fields of the Fitzgibbon’s farm must move to their summer homes.
Grateful for the medicine, and still unsure of what to do about the soon approaching moving day, Mrs. The Great Owl (voiced by John Carradine) is seemingly unhelpful until he realizes that he is talking to none other than Jonathan Brisby’s wife.
Justin announces that the Rats will move to Thorn Valley that same night, as Nicodemus wanted, and leave no trace that they ever existed. Posted in Geek Movie Mondays Tagged Derek Jacobi, Dom DeLuise, Don Bluth, Geek Movie Mondays, Hermione Baddeley, John Carradine, Mrs. Meanwhile, the rats are in the process of moving the Brisby home using a rope and pulley system during a thunderstorm.
The film garnered critical acclaim for being one of the most vibrantly animated films ever made.
Nevertheless, the movie garnered a passionate cult following that arose from its successful home video release and also made quite an impact to the animation world in general. The film was followed up with The Secret of NIMH 2: Timmy To The Rescue (in 1998), a straight-to-video release. Out of the four children, Martin's character differs the most between the book and movie version.
Timothy is an active character for a very brief scene in the film near the end, spending most of his time in bed.
In the book itself, Cynthia is described as an easily distracted space cadet: "A bit light in the head, and a bit too fond of dancing". He's not only a tinker of machinery, but also botanist, herbalist, and alchemist, acting as a doctor to many of the animals in the field by curing ailments with very advanced medical treatment. He is crushed by Nicodemus's death, hinting he may have had a good friendship with Nicodemus like Jonathan. Nicodemus dreamed of taking the Rats on a massive exodus to a wilderness known as Thorn Valley, in order to allow the Rats to be self-sustaining.
Jenner (Paul Shenar) is the main antagonist in the plot, although he comes in halfway into the story. Jenner's disagreement is carried over in the film adaption, but his character is strongly modified. Auntie Shrew (Hermione Baddeley) is the quinary antagonist later anti-hero.  She is one of Mrs. Dragon is the secondary antagonist.  He is Farmer Fitzgibbons' vicous cat, and Jonathan's murderer. If there is any universal and binding compact among military men under fire, it is this: If you are hit, we will come to get you.
There is something inherently offensive to me about the period between the last two sentences, especially if you read it aloud. A woman was arrested in connection with the abduction of 6-year-old Cole Puffinburger from his Nevada home last week, the FBI said Monday. Citing sources and police, the Las Vegas Review-Journal newspaper has reported Tinnemeyer may have stolen millions from a Mexican drug cartel, although police have not said what role he may have played in the drug operation or whether the child’s abductors were seeking a ransom. Everybody in the city needs to go and see Doctor Atomic right away right away so we can talk about it. If I had my druthers, what I would do is substitute out the Berlioz, actually, which is overprogrammed, for Benjamin Britten’s fucking gorgeous Lachrymae, op.
My roommate is currently in the throes of Baseball Fever “” all her social plans are jettisoned in favor of finding a New York City bar sympathetic to her beloved Red Sox. Besides the fact that I just completely wet myself with rapture at this concert (are you CRAZY?), it is a great way to show off what the orchestra can do well. The performance of Ibert’s Concerto for Flute and Orchestra before intermission was curiously ineffective. I am currently in a weird position ““A I am having a piece played simultaneously by the Iceland Symphony and the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony.
At the premiere, which was played by the Boston Pops, I had Wordz with the piccolo player and it ended up great. He left the Walt Disney Company in 1979 to strike out on his own and eventually hooked up with Stephen Speilberg and Amblin entertainment.
O’Brien, it is a wonderful movie adaptation and stays fairly close to (at least the first half of) the original story, which is often a complaint amongst us avid readers. Telling her that her husband is known well by the other creatures in the woods, he tells Mrs. Agreeing to move the Brisby home will cause exactly the situation Jenner needs to fake an accident that will kill Nicodemus. Ages and her husband Jonathan, all came from the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). Brisby home so that she can start readying the children for the move, but before she leaves, she decides to volunteer to drug Dragon, because only a mouse is small enough to fit through the whole in the wall.
Brisby escapes the cage just in time to warn Justin and the other rats only to find that Jenner has succeeded in killing Nicodemus and making it look like an accident. Brisby’s hands, burning them, but making her powerful enough to touch a rope and move the stone all by herself. Brisby, a shy and timid yet very beautiful field mouse, lives in a cinder block with her children in a field on the Fitzgibbons' farm.
Brisby enters the rose bush and makes her way down to the rats' home, where she is amazed to see their use of electricity and other human technology.
However, Jenner, who is strongly opposed to the Plan and wishes for the clan to remain in the rose bush, sabotages the ropes with his hesitant accomplice Sullivan, causing the cinder block to fall and Nicodemus to be killed, though it is made to look like an accident.
Brisby sees the house sinking in the mud it landed in, but Justin and the rats are unable to raise it from the muck. The film was Bluth's answer to the growing lack of quality in feature animation predominantly released by Disney.
Steven Spielberg loved the film so much that he insisted he work with Don Bluth to create An American Tail . Brisby does not yet know that, through her husband, she has more to do with the Rats than she realizes.
In the book Martin is well-mannered although slightly impetuous, whereas his animated counterpart is loud-mouthed (as proves his shout-out with Auntie Shrew) and a bit of a troublemaker. Ages (Arthur Malet) is the tetartagonist.  He is an old, cranky mouse tinker who lives in an abandoned threshing machine on the same field that Mrs. While his personality is similar in both works, in the book Justin is hinted at having sacrificed himself in order to save the Rats from NIMH in the end, by acting as a distraction.
In the movie, Nicodemus is an old wizard and seer, and is considerably older than any of the other rats. The Rats up to that point, had stolen all their parts and essentials, including electricity, from humans. He is probably the most different character from book to film, as his character in the book barely appears at all. Instead of having recently left the rosebush community because of his disagreement with Nicodemus (as in the book), Jenner is still living in the Rosebush lair as a prominent member of its community. Brisby's neighbouring animals, and often finds herself taking care of her four children while Mrs. The pair is scheduled to appear before a federal magistrate in Riverside, California, on Monday.

Many times throughout its history, this orchestra has gone a decade or more between performances. This 20-minute work from the early 1930s is a pleasant piece, with a richly chromatic harmonic language, typically French effervescence and jolts of gnashing dissonance to tweak the breezy music with humor. Think about the way ostinati need to feel in Shostakovich (like somebody who has never run in his life outrunning the KGB or whatever – frenzied) versus how they want to feel in Reich, which is almost like rowers or a team of dogs. Not sure if it totally works, but we’ll see when we get in the hall for a dress rehearsal.
But with the wonderful cast of voices, some names even more well known today, it really keeps the heart of the story alive.
Brisby (changed for the movie because of a dispute with the Frisbee company) can’t move her son Timothy. On her way, she encounters a crow, named Jeremy (voiced brilliantly by Dom DeLuise), who is all tangled up in string as he’s collecting it for a love nest. With the help of their neighbor Auntie Shrew (voiced by the fabulous Hermione Baddeley of Mary Poppins fame), Mrs. Brisby goes to the rats, but in the film she is almost killed by a huge rat guarding the door, and runs into Mr. Ages meet up with a rat named Justin (voiced by Peter Strauss), who is the captain of the guard.
Brisby to see Nicodemus where she learns about her husbands death and why the rats are so different from others of their kind. They were once ordinary street rats, but they were captured, put in cages and experimented on.
She mentions that Jonathan taught her and her children (whom I should mention are voiced by Wil Wheaton and Shannon Doherty) to read.
When she tells the rats that NIMH is coming in the morning, Jenner smacks her to the ground in a rage, and upon seeing that she is wearing the stone, causes an epic sword fight between Justin and Jenner. She is preparing to move her family out of the field they live in as plowing time approaches; however, her son Timothy has fallen ill. She meets Nicodemus, Justin, a kind and friendly rat who is the Captain of the Guards, and a ruthless, power-hungry rat named Jenner. But the first thing that they need to do is to drug Dragon to sleep, so that they can complete the move safely. Bluth believed the old techniques were being abandoned in favor of cheaper ones, and the only way animation could survive was to continue traditional production methods. A major dispute between Aurora Productions, the studio which financed NIMH, and United Artists which had bought Aurora prior to the film's release and added scheduling and marketing difficulties, may also have affected NIMH's commercial success. Despite An American Tail's greater financial success, many consider The Secret of NIMH Bluth's best work. This sequel is generally considered to be a disgrace to the first film, due to poor animation quality and an equally poor treatment of the original characters. She is a field mouse whose husband Jonathan Brisby has recently been killed in a tragic accident. She embarks on a desperate journey to not only save Timothy and her other children, but of self-discovery for both herself and her recently deceased husband. Martin has a rebellious personality, and is somewhat disruptive and saucy, although ultimately well-meaning and caring. Don Bluth has supposedly stated once that the mysterious young mouse in the final "frame" of the ending credits sequence is, in fact, supposed to be a slightly older Martin. Brisby is away, despite protests from Martin, technically the "man of the house", at least in his mind. In the book, Timothy is described as being the most potentially intelligent of all of his siblings.
Cynthia is the most unique looking of her four siblings by far; she has cream yellow fur, and wears an emerald green bow around her body. Ages is in fact, an escapee from the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) along with the rats and Jonathan Brisby. In the film, he not only clearly survives, but also has a highly memorable sword duel with a crazed Jenner; the duel is absent from the book. In the book, however, Nicodemus is a middle-aged, but very strong-bodied bandit-like character sporting an eye patch. Nicodemus felt that the Rats were now far more than scavengers, but intelligent beings able to live on their own, rather than leech off of humanity. Jenner is in harsh disagreement with Nicodemus's plan for moving away from the Rosebush and into the unknown reaches of a place called Thorn Valley. There are a few moments that I always like to have MILKED OUT, namely, those glissandi in the cellos around figure N, which gets joined with the trombones ““ very sad, those moments!
I always want that to be like nine times as loud, like, dumb high school kids trying to do Peking Opera. The picc player asked if I we could send out a press release stating that this is not his normal vibrato, so I think we’re on the right track.
He then moved on to Fox Animation, a rival of Disney and produced Anastasia, which was a HUGE hit for Bluth. Try as they might, the stone block sinks farther and father into the mud, and in a last ditch effort to save her family, Mrs.
From Nicodemus, she learns that many years ago her late husband, along with the rats and Mr. Brisby's will to save her children gives power to the amulet, which she uses to lift the house out of the mud and move it to safety from the plow.
The film was also found to be surprisingly scary and violent for many young children despite its MPAA "G" rating, and the Walt Disney Company originally rejected this project because it was perceived to be "too dark" and complicated to be a financial hit. It also followed the animated cliche of being a musical, which the original film was praised for not following. Although heartbroken, she pulls herself together in order to take care of their four children. The relative lack of character development around Timothy is often considered one of the film's weaker points. He is a hermit who hates to be disturbed, and is often very rude to those who do, whatever the reason. After the clash, Justin goes on to take charge of the Rats of NIMH and leads an exodus to the wilderness of Thorn Valley in order to save them as well as start anew. Jenner disagrees with this, as do many other rats comfortable with their current situation. Here, he disagreed with Nicodemus' decision to move to the countryside and believed staying in the city with its more bountiful supplies was the best way to survive. The Rats in Rosebush have electricity they steal from the farmer in order to give them power. It was a striking change from the usual mellowness and the spare, slightly older crowd the space usually accommodated. The second thing is if your piccolo player can do a lot of vibrato in that whole fake gamelan bit (which I think I ask for but never explain that I mean almost out of tune!) we will be in good shape. It is– from Alaska that we send those out to make sure that an eye is being kept on this very powerful nation, Russia, because they are right there. Time and time again, it would seem that Bluth’s career took turns for the worst, but almost all of his animated films, and especially The Secret of NIMH, have become cult classics. This book, opening by itself to the most recent entry, tells her that her husband was killed while trying to drug the cat, Dragon.
It was directed by Don Bluth, produced by Aurora Pictures, and released by United Artists & Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

Ages, another mouse and old friend of her late husband, Jonathan, who diagnoses Timothy with pneumonia and provides her with some medicine from his laboratory. With the help of Jeremy, she visits the Great Owl, a wise creature living in the nearby woods, to ask for help. Ages, were once part of a series of experiments at a place known as NIMH (which stands for the National Institute of Mental Health).
Brisby can do this, as only mice are small enough to fit through the hole leading into the house; Jonathan was killed by Dragon in a previous attempt, while Mr.
Brisby arrives and tries to convince the rats that NIMH is coming and that they must leave immediately, but Jenner, trying to assert himself as leader, calls her a liar, attacks her and attempts to take the amulet from her neck.
The next morning, the rats depart to Thorn Valley with Justin as their new leader and Timothy has begun to recover. Bluth subsequently deployed many techniques used by Disney in legendary feature animations such as Sleeping Beauty, and experimented with several new techniques. As the film opens, one of her children, Timothy (prone to sickness due to a spider bite), is very ill and is diagnosed with pneumonia by Mr.
She also seems to have an insolent side, however she keeps it in check and is much more subtle about it than her reckless younger brother Martin. Like all of his siblings, his future is an often enthusiastically discussed and interpreted subject among the movie and book's fans.
He fancies himself a lady killer, and believes his charm to be irresistible, partially due to his vast collection of brightly-colored string.
Although he seems to be antisocial, he genuinely cares about the well being of others, especially that of Mrs.
Ages and Jonathan were a part of the Mouse subjects of the same intelligence increasing experiments the Rats of NIMH were subjected to.
Brisby's late husband, and thus has sympathy for her and tries to help her throughout the movie. However, after Nicodemus' death, Justin takes over as leader and leads the exodus to Thorn Valley before NIMH can kill the Rats. Nicodemus believes the Rats, if they are to continue as a new race, must begin to run off of their own power and wishes to leave to a more remote location.
That means today there are 200,000 people in Portland who weren’t even living here the last time the Oregon Symphony did Beethoven 9. Beside herself with worry and grief, Auntie Shrew (in the movie, Jeremy in the book) tells Mrs. I know that one of the reasons Bluth left Disney was because he wanted to continue the old style of animation, and I think this is a brilliant testament to the hand painted cell animation. He tells her to visit a mysterious group of rats who live beneath a rose bush on the farm and ask for Nicodemus, the wise and mystical leader of the rats. The experiments had boosted their intelligence to human level, allowing them to easily escape.
Alerted to the situation by Sullivan, who is then mortally wounded by Jenner, Justin rushes to Mrs. For instance, to make the glowing letters he used a technique called backlight animation, where the animation cels were laid over a light source to make it look like light was coming out from some areas of the cels. She is nonetheless very courageous inside, her real strength appearing more as the story progresses despite her fears. In actuality, Jeremy is in desperate need of eloquence and seems eternally doomed to be something of an oddball. They attempted escape with the rats as well, however in the air shafts the mice were blown away down a shaft which suddenly began to suck in the air. It is alluded to that Jenner and his separatists may have been caught by NIMH and exterminated, although the semi-official sequel to the book proves otherwise.
He is depicted as weak willed as Jenner is able to manipulate him in to helping him kill Nicodemus.
Ledwith stood on the bar and poured orange-flavored vodka into the open mouths of young women who, with their necks craned and tilted in expectation, resembled a cluster of chic baby birds.
It’s because of this cartoon rat that both myself and my best friend wanted to name our kids Nicodemus. In the book, Jenner and several other rats have left the rosebush and headed off on their own, but were assumed to have been killed at the local hardware store, which piqued the interest of some unnamed men who offer to eradicate the rosebush and the rats on the farm for free. However, they are unable to live only as rats, needing human technology, such as electricity, to survive, which they have only accomplished so far by stealing. Later that night, she successfully puts the drug into the cat's food dish, but the Fitzgibbons' son Billy catches her and convinces his mother to let him keep her as a pet. Brisby's aid and battles Jenner, who then finally admits to having plotted to kill Nicodemus to take over the group.
Whilst Sullivan cannot go through with the murder, Jenner slices the ropes that send the equipment used to move Mrs. Worried, because well, owls eat mice, she relents and lets Jeremy fly her to The Great Owl’s tree.
However, the rats have concocted "The Plan", which is to leave the farm and live without stealing from humans.
While trapped in a birdcage, she overhears a telephone conversation between Farmer Fitzgibbons and NIMH and learns that NIMH intends to come to the farm to exterminate the rats the next day. As Justin manages to defeat Jenner by stabbing him, he addresses the other rats to prepare for their departure from the farm immediately.
As Jenner prepares to kill Justin, Sullivan, who is barely alive, draws a dagger and throws it towards Jenner; the dagger plants itself into Jenner's back as the villain snarls. However, Jenner, despite his injury, moves in behind Justin to strike a killing blow, but the dying Sullivan throws a dagger into Jenner's back, killing him, before succumbing to his own injuries.
She does however, seem to have a difficult time with the children, most especially Martin who seems to have something of a small rivalry with Auntie Shrew. Sullivan feels guilty about this, and helps Justin fight Jenner at the cost of his own life.
Jonathan was integral in their escape and therefore have the undying gratitude of the Rats. Brisby an amulet called 'The Stone', that gives magical power when its wearer is courageous.
Sullivan however, has the last laugh as it is his thrown knife that ends Jenner before he can attack Justin from behind during the final confrontation.
Brisby knows the family must move to a new location or risk being crushed, but to move Timothy in his state is highly risky. Apparently there were many more Mice, however, many were lost down a ventilation shaft which sucked them in during the daring escape from NIMH.
At a loss for what to do, she is directed towards a mysterious animal known as the Great Owl, who in turn tells her to go to the Rats of NIMH. Brisby often finds herself humorously trying to distract Jeremy with something else so she can continue her endeavors.
He often drugs the farmer's cat Dragon's food bowl so it will remain sleepy throughout the day, making travel safer. Jonathan was small enough to unlock a hatch blocking their exit, and the Rats feel they are indebted to him and his family.

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