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Des tie-ins qui montrent l’impact de la mise en place du Battleworld sur certains personnages et terminent ainsi leur serie reguliere.
Siege #1-4 – les defenseurs du Mur face aux hordes de monstres deferlant des Deadlands, avec Abigail BRand et Kang en premiere ligne. Future Imperfect #1-5 - les rebelles a l’ordre etabli par Maestro, le baron de Dystopia, vont devoir faire cause commune avec lui pour l’aider a renverser Doom ? Years of Future Past #1-5 – le futur dystopique des X-Men, alors que les mutants sont regroupes dans des camps par un gouvernement qui leur est hostile. Decouvrez aussi les coffrets collector Secret Wars regroupant les sorties mensuelles francaises, avec toutes les revues et les variant covers ! Fan de comics, de SF, fantasy, films et jeux videos, blogueur depuis 2009, geek depuis toujours ! Marvel Comics is set for a massive shift in the status quo this summer, asA Secret Wars changes the face of the universe in ways we don't even know yet -- but we can bet involve alternate-worled counterparts of the existing characters.

ThorA #1, introducing a new woman wielding Mjolnir, was one of the ten best-selling comics of 2014. There's also the idea that Beta Ray Bill, who has been largely hanging around the cosmic part of the universe of late, could be recruited into the concept and tied more clearly back ot Asgard.
It would be difficult to do a Groot solo comic well; if you have narration boxes, you'd lose a lot of the charm of his "I am Groot" language, and if you didn't, it would seem absolutely insane to try and follow a central character who coudl not clearly communicate his agenda with the readers. His stand-alone miniseries a while back was, in spite of everything in the universe saying that it shouldn't be, actually pretty great. Especially since arguably the biggest fault inA Incredible Hercules was that it wasn't quite out there enough a lot of the time.
I'd add Magni Thorson (from the Reigning) to the Thorcops book, since he appears in the concept art from Secret Wars. With Bill, Thor (the current title-holder) and Thor (the actual god), you've got three people already.

J’en ai lu plusieurs, et je mets mon avis en lien ci-dessous au fur et a mesure de la redaction des articles. By the timeA Secret Wars has played out, the Fox movie will have come and gone and it will be pretty obvious where public interest is in the property and what its short-term future holds.
Good, bad or indifferent, how long can Marvel really leave a book with that much history out of print before it starts to lose some of its durability?
Honest to God (no pun intended) I meant to include that but I couldn't remember where it was.

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