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There is tremendous power when you reach a point in your life that makes you evaluate your life, and you come to a strong intention, decision and commitment to change your life. Are there any small actions you can take EVERY SINGLE DAY that will move you one step closer to your goal?
If you are a sales person, or looking for new business and opportunity, just making a commitment to try talking to 10 people a day. As we are moving along in life, we tend to get associated with events and conditions, and we start to think they are influencing us. When you find your Imagination in the form of a wild vine, it is then your task to prune this vine to how you want it to be. One day in 2005, before I went to sleep, I asked my deeper mind a question for the answer to be revealed to me in a dream.
Here’s a (I like to think artistic!) photo of my new car I took outside a gallery building near where I live. We believe certain things, think along a certain line, and the thought gets reinforced and emotionalized, and boom we find ourselves in a state. For example, last year when I used a technique of imagining that I was driving the car that I always wanted to have, within 1 week things unfold for me to be in possession of such a car. To learn how you can get yourself into a state that you want, check out my Secret Techniques For Manifesting With Imagination. But in fact, caffeine tends to create hypertension, hyperactivity and most importantly it creates restlessness. If you would like to learn to go into a deeper state than Alpha, you can learn to go into Delta, which is even more powerful. There you have it, these are the 5 easy things you can do to improve your mind and manifesting skills.
Within a few days, a young male international student called me, expressing interest to inspect the apartment. After he left, I reconsidered it and thought $200 per week was a bit low, considering I owned all the furniture in the apartment, and I had paid a lot of money on the security bond to the agent to secure the lease.
On Thursday, I decided I should renegotiate with him when I meet him again that night, to try to get the original rent I advertised for.
He continued, “I spoke with my mum yesterday on the phone about renting this room, and she told me to pay you the rent you originally asked for, to include the utility bills in the rent. When you have trained your mind to function at an altered deep state, you will manifest very easily and frequently. For example, this is what happened to me last year, and it demonstrates how you can train your mind to manifest accurately and effortlessly. While recalling the stories that Clement told me, I put myself in my mind in the apartment as if I was him recalling the story instead. On the morning of the 2nd day, I was laying in bed, and I keep wondering about that balcony outside my bedroom window.
Secret Techniques Of Manifesting And Creating With Imagination Change your life with these 12 Powerful Advanced Techniques now!
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There are several things you do that influence your subconscious mind about the topic of money. Firstly, when you are spending money to buy something, do you feel positive emotions such as gratitude, joy, power, freedom of choice, or do you feel emotions of fear, worry, anxiety, dissatisfaction? When you finally cross the line from uncertainty into COMMITMENT, it is like shaking the hands of the universe in a deal that if you commit, the universe will deliver the result you want.
We become hypnotised by the influence of outside events and we think we are powerless to change them. Every circumstance and situation we encounter is a reflection of a psychological state of consciousness. If you are not used to taking caffeine, and you drink a cup of coffee right before bedtime, you will know what I mean. For example, you can think a positive thought or give an instruction to your subconscious mind 20 times in Beta, and it will not compare to giving that same instruction to your subconscious mind JUST ONCE in Alpha. I have been training myself to go into Delta state by using a very powerful training program which I highly recommend to anyone who wishes to improve their manifesting skills. There are of course others, but for today’s short blog article, I think these 5 will ge enough to get you started.
In 2005 when I moved to Sydney for work, I got the lease to my first rental apartment with 2 rooms, which I attracted by using my imagination (the story of how I got it was revealed in an earlier blog entry). That night he came and he was the type of person that fitted my criteria for a good tenant.

I met him on the main street to pass him the keys and to collect his deposit money (he was scheduled to move in on that Saturday). My subconscious mind synchronized the result, by getting his mum to tell him what I was mentally telling him. During the middle of 2009 I moved back to Sydney for a few months and for the first 2 weeks I had to find a temporary place to rent. I noticed one of the apartment building nearby had very large balconies right above the carpark which was the first 6 levels of the apartment. Whether you are in the positive emotion category or the negative emotion side will determine your current attraction of money.
Even if they preferred a more expensive one, they find themselves always going for the cheapest clothing. Start buying something you really love even if it is a little more expensive, and it should be money spent satisfactorily and with pleasure.
Whether you attract or repel money depends on one thing, your subconscious barometer of wealth.
Yes they may be simple to do, but if you do them every single day, you will see tremendous result in 1 or 2 weeks. She taught about the power of using words, affirmation, imagination, releasing, forgiveness and active faith. It could have happened with the most amazing turn of everyday events, it seemed almost natural. If you do these techniques properly and diligently, you will soon find yourself surrounded by the reality of your goal, as fact. Besides that, it will also put you in a state of wellbeing for you to think good thoughts and influence your subconscious mind to manifest your goals. When your energy is low, you are vibrating at a lower frequency that aligns you with negative thoughts and emotions. Practising meditation and doing mental work especially at night before you go to bed is the best habit you can have to improve your manifesting skills.
If you wish to learn specific mental techniques, check out my books which will teach you the basic and advanced techniques to manifest using your mind and imagination. After years of using a certain manifesting technique, I now notice manifestations happening with very little effort. I found an apartment I could rent for 2 weeks, as I was unsure how long I would remain in Sydney.
The rest of the building above was setback from the street and formed the tall residential tower. I went to lunch with him and showed him a photo I took of the 5 units with huge balconies (photo). I told the landlord I was only looking to rent for perhaps one month, and she reluctantly agreed, saying she had a room in her own apartment which was empty and I could rent it. I was on MSN later that afternoon and I told Clement that I was in one of the 5 units with huge balconies in the same building he used to own. Believe it or not, if you keep thinking in terms of lack, your subconscious mind will arrange your condition so that even if you have $20,000, it will go out quickly from large unforseen bills, obligations or loss.
For example, if you want a lean and fit body, you must make a commitment to exercise x number of times each week. Thirdly, when you take action and be emotionally unaffected by negative results, you have mastered a great skill. Stress drains away a huge amount of mental and physical energy that we could instead use for our manifesting work. If you lose 2 hours of sleep, you will need more than 2 hours more sleep the next day to make up for it.
A change in intention and decision, sends out a ripple to your reality and changes the course of events. He said he only wanted to spend $200 on rent each week, and asked that we split the utility bills. I recognised this building to be the one my friend Clement used to tell me about (it’s the tower on the left in the photo I took above from my 14th floor temporary rental). In my books, I do not write about mere theories and concepts of Law of attraction like most authors, instead I write about techniques and processes that produce results and can be used practically. Believe it or not, this act of always going for cheap sends an indirect message to the subconscious mind.
To say it bluntly, if you are tight, your subconscious will make sure you are right about being tight! These are just 3 pairs of mindsets which you must select carefully in order to manifest wealth or anything you want.

Even if you failed 10 times, if you do not carry emotional baggage, the Universe will attract to you the right person, right opportunity, right timing to fulfill what you are after.
But one day last year after writing my new ebook manual, I thought to myself “what a pity.
Your power to influence when backed by belief and conviction, is an unstoppable force which nothing can stand against. He was a very good negotiator and as I didn’t want to lose such a good prospective tenant, I reluctantly agreed. He used to recount to me that he used to own one of the apartment units in that building, and had a huge balcony outside his bedroom- a huge balcony which was of no use to him. But within 2 days, she told me to move downstairs into another unit on level 8, which she subletting  out to others.
Money is not the be-all and end-all of life, but with money comes freedom, choice, time, quality and power in the physical world. I awoke and found the light to my room still on – I had forgotten to turn off the lights.
Here I am writing a manual, and I have not used these techniques to manifest my car yet”. I only know that if you want to be in a state, you have to persist in imagining the state, doing your mental work to align yourself emotionally and psychologically with it, then very soon you will find yourself in a state.
According to Dr Robert Young a microbiologist who is an expert of the blood, he says our body identifies caffeine as a poison in our bloodstream. Depression is often a symptom of prolonged mental or physical stress, ie, the symptom of low energy reserve. We need to train ourselves to go into another state of mind in order to do mental work for manifesting. Instead, he said the balcony became a place where people living on the levels above would throw cigarette butts, tissue paper, empty beer cans.
He took people who are overweight and out of shape, and within 12 weeks he turns them into a fit and muscular or slim person. And I used one of the technique to appropriate it, and within 2 weeks was up, the new car was in my garage. It then wakes up the immune system to work faster to get rid of the caffeine from our bloodstream. He also told me one day a bat came into his living room and he had to chase it out with a broom thru the main window. I had put myself physically in Clement’s old apartment after I keep thinking about it in my mind 2 weeks ago! The subconscious will adjust their financial situation to match according what they believe.
Do you feel how much better and happier this statement makes you feel when you spend money? When our immune system wakes up and works on red alert mode, we feel the rush which we think is giving us a boost. Clement came the next day after work to revisit his old unit, reminiscing about the good old days. He did it by making those people make a decision and commitment to follow an exercise regimen every day.
If you have read my books, you will notice that I have used the Alpha state to help me achieve many of my goals and desires in the past. To doubt your ability to create is to self-impose a belief that you cannot get what you want. You are so free to create anything, to the extent of creating limitations from your negative beliefs.
To free yourself from the bars of limitation is to believe in a creative power that nothing can oppose.
I booked it even when I didn’t like black cars, just because the promotion and deal was so good. I used a special technique in my imagination to think that I have a silver car that I like. The next day, the agent messaged me and I was offered a silver car that suddenly became available.

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