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When someone thinks about lightening intimate areas, scrotum bleaching may not be the first area to come to mind. The scrotum area may seem a bit darker due to the division of the septum which may produce a tighter gathering in some places forecasting a darker skin tone appearance in this area. If you are looking to bleach your scrotum or penis without going to a doctor’s office or spa, then you may want to look for an effective scrotum whitening or brightening product.
Pink Privates contains safe ingredients that help lighten the appearance of areas such as the scrotum, penis, anus, and even your dark underarms. When looking to lighten the appearance of your intimate areas, Pink Privates is a natural, cost-effective option.
However, if you are worried about bleaching of other genital areas you may also want to include scrotum bleaching to help provide all the genital areas with a clean, lightened youthful appearance. Here you will find that Pink Privates is an intimate area, skin whitening cream that has been formulated with completely natural ingredients. Pink privates may also be applied to lighten the appearance of freckles, sun spots, age spots and general hyperpigmentation issues on the skin’s surface, with no known side effects. Pink Privates not only contains completely natural ingredients, but it comes in an easy-to-use pump-top bottle. Pink Privates can be purchased right here on our website for the low cost of just $49.95 a bottle, and we even offer a Buy 2, Get 1 FREE special while supplies last. You will find that there is hundreds of skin whitening or brightening products available on the market, and more than half of them contain potentially harmful ingredients.
Compared to other skin whitening creams that come in jar form, we manufacture Pink Privates in a pump-top bottle to eliminate the risks of contamination.

Hydroquinone is one of these ingredients that is often used in skin bleaching products, and it has been linked to potentially harmful side effects. But remember that these logos are being shown on the cart summary page or at the start of the checkout. Therefore, the potential impact is much greater because there is significantly more traffic at this stage compared with the end of the checkout process, when the pop-up is presented. If PayPal is being offered as an alternative this may cause more customers to use PayPal, incurring potentially higher levels of fees for the merchant.This study only looked at whether these logos would cause shoppers to consider abandoning. Moreover, the study doesn’t attempt to review the overall financial impact of an increased abandon rate versus a lowered fraud cost. Presumably Visa, MasterCard, and American Express have similar interests as merchants, in that they receive processing revenue only when a transaction is complete.But, nonetheless, the study could be sufficient to give pause to using these logos as security seals.3 Strategies to Minimize AbandonmentSo what is the key takeaway for retailers from this study? If you are selling products that are unique to your site, then this abandonment may be less important to you since it is hard for your customer to buy elsewhere.
However, the impact is notable for sites selling products that can easily be purchased from competing ecommerce sitesHere are three strategies you can take to minimize abandonment.Don’t use 3D Secure logos. If visitors are concerned that they may not be able to remember their password, or (like me) just don’t like the annoying pop up program, then they will abandon. Today 10-to-12 percent will abandon, but as more visitors become familiar with these logos and the programs they represent, we can expect abandonment rates to increase. Use the credit card logos instead to indicate the payment choices available.Bypass 3D Secure for loyal and frequent customers. If your site can detect high-value or frequent customers when they log in, then use this rule to skip the additional security pop up.

These customers are very unlikely to try and chargeback transactions.Offer payment choices, and the ability to switch.
If you have an abandonment problem caused by 3D Secure programs, then you should consider offering alternatives, such as PayPal and Google Wallet. Both of these payment methods avoid the 3D Secure requirement and are particularly effective for mobile transactions where additional steps in the checkout process cause abandonment on a massive scale.
However, there is a 4th strategy: tell your customers upfront that you have 3D Secure and they will be asked for their password. You don?t have to remeber a password, and you don?t have to enroll in something most of customer don?t know. If I were Visa and Mastercard, I?d make this authentication process by default (nowadays all the banks have our mobile numbers, so the can activate to all their customers). It?s a pitty Visa and Mastercard have not real rivals jrodman February 23, 2015 ReplySpeaking for myself, if I encounter Verified by Visa, I seek another vendor.
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