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Since the 1980s, admixtures that increase the cohesion of the concrete and allow direct contact with water possible without significantly changing the properties of the concrete, have been developed and widely used. The simplest way of placing underwater concrete in a formwork under water is to lower the concrete through the water in an open bucket to a diver who will carefully place the concrete in the formworks. Bucket concreting should only be used for very minor and temporary work. Pump concreting method can also be said to be an extension of the tremie pipe method. Instead of delivering the concrete into the formwork by falling through a pipe or a tube, the concrete is placed into the formwork by hydraulic pumps.

For traditional underwater casting, several problems may occur – as listed in the figure below. We offer huge collection of seminar topics and academic project ideas for graduate level students. Rescon T and similar products, have certain properties that influence the fresh concrete, the setting and hardening of the concrete, and the hardened concrete.

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seminar topics on underwater communication

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