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The case method has been attracting attention because of its learning effect in enhancing practical skills through discussions and used increasingly in various educational scenes, such as HR trainings in corporations as well as classes at university and business schools. The first seminar examined benefits of utilizing cases in training and classes and ideas for developing training programs.
The case used for discussion was "EMI and the CT Scanner (A)." This case describes the story that the UK music company EMI develops the CT (computerized tomography) scanner and attempts to newly enter the medical equipment business centered on the US market at the beginning of the 1970s. At the beginning of the seminar, the lecturer introduced to the participants frameworks used in analysis of business structure, product, market, and others. Through their discussions, the participants were able to learn about the knowledge required in planning training or classes using the case method. In the next seminar, participants will study how to teach cases effectively in classes, with focus on setting learning objectives, preparing assignment questions, and variation in leading discussions. It aimed to help understand mechanism and effectiveness of the case method and learn how to introduce and make greater use of cases effectively.
The objective of this seminar was to help understand mechanism and effectiveness of the case method and learn how to make greater use of cases in the classroom effectively from the three perspectives of designing, running and cases as a teaching material.

The seminar was attended by 22 people, from companies and educational institutions, who were considering introducing the case method in their own training, or wanted to learn about more effective way of implementation.
During the group and class discussions, the participants fist analyzed the medical equipment business and its competitive environment at the time. For example, they firsthand experienced the effectiveness of cases, which had no specific answer unlike exercises with answers. As important elements such as corporate strategy, marketing and others are widely covered in the case, it was chosen by Harvard Business School for its HBS Premier Case Collection. Next they discussed whether EMI should enter the CT scanner business and, if it does, what strategy it should choose. They also learned what skills and abilities can be measured by the case method and how hard preparation for the class could be. Participants learned benefits of utilizing cases in trainings and classes as well as ideas for developing training programs. Regarding the pros and cons of the entry, their opinions were divided between those in favor and those against, and a lively discussion unfolded.

Finally, the lecturer explained several points for planning case method training, such as teaching objectives, participants, schedules. He also introduced how the case method was introduced in courses for middle and top management as well as students, along with frequently asked questions regarding case method course design planning. The participants then compared the merits and demerits of possible entry strategies the company could take, such as independent entry, joint venture or license business, and they discussed what was the best option.
The discussions were wrapped up by considering what the company should aim to achieve by diversifying its business through the CT scanner.

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seminar training method review

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