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I am fairly new to Sharepoint development (But learning it rapidly due to some initiatives I have in place - not exams). Is there an easy way to know which is for web apps, site collections, and subsites (Assuming that is how it works)?
Depending on the kind of solution you are developing, you use different entry points into the object model to obtain the appropriate objects(SPWebApplication, SPSite or SPWeb). By and large, To work with SharePoint from a browser-based application, your code must first establish the site context or site collection context for requests sent to the server.
The terminology difference between the object model and the SharePoint User Interface is one of the strangest stumbling blocks when learning about SharePoint's API.
One of the weird things for me to understand is that a SPSite is a SPWeb (but a SPWeb is not a SPSite). This is a source of great confusion to newcomers to SharePoint and is due to a historical change in the naming convention between the 2003 and 2007 version of the products.
Unfortunately, in earlier versions the Site Collection was called a "Site" and the Site used to be called a "Web".
You can think of an SPSite is a container that contains a single SPWeb, the root web, or top-level web (SPSite.RootWeb).
Fundamentally, an SPSite contains metadata about the collection, and no content, and an SPWeb will contain both metadata and content (in Lists). Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged development or ask your own question. In order to ensure the successful outcome of all Helux engagements we have continuously refined our professional services methodology.
The Helux project methodology outlines a  repeatable project life cycle and associated deliverables created within the project phases. Project deliverables have been defined from a variety of sources including, industry best practices and methodologies and refined based on the experience of Helux delivery professionals.  Methodologies referenced in the creation of the Helux methodology include Unified Modeling Language, Rational Unified Process, PMI PMBOK, Dublin Core and W3C.

Helux works with our clients to truly understand the priorities related to project scope, budget, and timeline. Helux believes that requirements analysis is a crucial phase to laying a solid foundation for the success of any project. The purpose of the High Level Design phase is to develop a robust and scalable architectural framework upon which to build software releases.
Helux considers the Detailed Design phase as a key period to drill down and focus on specific requirements and refine them to a greater level of detail. Helux’s expertise in custom SharePoint development helps organizations achieve their individual goals. Helux Quality Assurance and Quality Control occurs during the development life cycle and after project completion. For more information, please download our Helux Systems End-to-End SharePoint Solutions brochure.
Worse still, the SharePoint Object Model objects were named accordingly (SPSite and SPWeb) and couldn't be changed without breaking existing code. Helux uses an integrated project management and  development methodology, which provides the framework for deployment of best practices and standards into the Helux Professional Services organization. With the client’s priorities in mind, Helux will create an integrated project plan to map deliverables to existing client processes and preferences. During this phase, Helux creates blueprints that define objectives, scope and behaviors of the project based on Functional and Technical Requirements.
During this phase, Helux produces an Architectural Overview, Final Screen Mock-ups, Logical Data Models and a Technical Prototype.
Elements of the Detailed Design phase include Physical Data Models, Class Diagrams, Operational Models and Interaction Diagrams. To maximize production, Helux sets up a separate development environment to ensure adequate development flexibility.

Helux offers various Application Management and Maintenance services along with Hosting Capabilities. Tragically, there is also a class called SPSiteCollection which is a collection of SPSites and therefore a collection of site objects, and not a site collection object. Additionally, our methodology  provides a framework for the implementation of continuous learning and knowledge management.
This project plan includes a Work Breakdown Structure, Estimations of Effort, Project Schedule, Risk Assessments, Change Management Plans and Communication Plans.
Helux also identifies and formalizes metrics that require tracking and develop a test strategy accordingly. Helux also designs a Test Plan that covers all possible business and operational scenarios.
Helux also works with your organization to develop a customized Governance Plan in order to secure the ongoing success of your solution throughout it’s lifecycle. Since a system is only as good as its user’s ability to utilize it, Helux develops detailed training plans that encompasses all levels of proficiency. Helux creates detailed deployment plans outlining the scope, approach and planned execution for deployment. The plan can include system support information, issue tracking and roles and responsibilities before, during and after deployment. Promotion is the final activity in a series of meetings and walkthroughs that culminate in the promotion of the code. The meetings and walkthroughs, though tailored to the needs of each client, typically cover the application deployment package, documentation and code requirements, a walk-through of the deployment process and scheduling needs for the promotion.

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