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This character's gear isn't too amazing except for the 6L Lightning Coil which I linked myself. Curses and Minion Specific Skills: Flesh Offering, Bone Offering, Desecrate, Convocation, Vulnerability, Enfeeble. Because of the durability of this build however, you have a third option - Using the skill to single out dangerous enemies and remove them before their aura, area of effect, or damage become a problem. Minion AI is intelligent enough to know weaker monsters from stronger monsters so long as they're not already attacking something already. Vaal Discipline: This is used generally in combination with the third variety of Convocation. Example: You have a boss or invader that is very adept at killing minions (Shock and Horror or Soilmaker are good examples). 2)Cast desecrate twice so you have enough corpses to get the full duration from Flesh or Bone Offering. For some reason, minions don't seem to gain the full effects of your elemental resistance auras and thus take massive amounts of fire and lightning damage. This is very similar to the build I'm currently using (84 on Invasion), and it's in my opinion superior to Witch specs.

I updated my gear and I'm adding a section to the top about playing this build WITHOUT snapshotting. The goal of this build was to make a character who could trivialize almost all content while still being nearly impossible to kill.
Map Dominus is still a problem for me as his Cold Searing Bond totems seem to absolutely destroy my minions. Without Snapshotting, I would not be able to use all the support skills and auras together without using curses or summoner skills on a weapon swap, unlinking all of them from support skills and not having Summoner Skeletons with any support gems.
Unlike many other character archetypes, you use many skills in an order instead of one skill repeatedly for certain situations. Zombies and spectres go to the area where desecrate is cast OR attack anything damaged by desecrate or any other skill. This is done by literally running right next to the monster you want to kill and casting Convocation. They will also focus whatever enemy you have recently damaged with a skill which is the actual reason that Desecrate also does chaos damage over time.
You either have to avoid it entirely or start from scratch as resummoning your minions often requires turning off an aura to get enough mana and is rather time consuming even without snapshotting.

Spectral Throw for the things you don't want to get close to and Infernal Blow + Melee Splash in linked IN the Windswing for increased area. Most have seen the effectiveness of the three skills and they do enough damage with no investment in damage passives to carry you.
Zombies, skeletons, spectres and raging spirits are TERRIBLE until you have both some passives and levels on the gems.
You'll need some good +maximum mana gear, reserve Clarity in your life pool, or go Eldritch Battery.
The following skill sets are excellent for carrying you through to around level 40 when you'll finally be strong enough to be an actual summoner. If you're willing to up put with it, make sure you run Hatred, Wrath or Anger to supplement your minions awful low level damage. You still have 8 zombies with Mon'te's and you get to get every aura and buff effectiveness node.

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skill build path of exile

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