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Discover the qualities, characteristics and practices that will set you apart as a supervisor—one hour is all you need. We conduct quality evaluations after each training day to ensure your complete satisfaction. This comprehensive course will give your managers expert training on issues related to disciplining employees whose performance doesn’t measure up. They’ll learn practical solutions for correcting problems and will return to work with the skills necessary to achieve optimum productivity in their teams, work groups or departments.

In this 60-minute DVD, you’ll discover a set of seven proven principles, achievable traits and common characteristics that will set the stage for your supervisory success.
They’ll learn new, practical skills that will enable them to manage their job and career with new professionalism, new authority and new success. Your managers and supervisors will learn the communication skills that are critical to maintaining an open dialog with a problem employee. They’ll unlearn some common misconceptions that can sabotage discipline and performance plans.

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skill path seminars review

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