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Skillstudio is also a training partner with Telegraph Jobs so you can read more about how to apply this structure to a Job Interview Presentation in our article on the Daily Telegraph website. Just to put your mind at rest, we offer a Money Back Guarantee with each of our public courses. If having completed the public workshop, you can honestly say that you have not benefited from attending, just let us know in writing within 7 days of the course, along with your reasons why and we'll refund your money in full. HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is a formatting language the use for structure and creates documents of the web page. Canvas element – This can be used for drawing complex figures such as graph, game display, and other visual images. Geolocation – This method allow gathering a user’s location information from WiFi tower and GPS. The method can also be implemented by the used of IP address detection to gather user’s information. Dragging and Dropping – This allow web users to easily dragging and dropping elements and text around the browser, using mouse or other pointing device.  This method is relied mainly on JavaScripts.
This graph below displays the list of all the new elements or features of HTML5 with short descriptions. Each browser has its own rules and each one has different capacity to adapt HTML5 at its own rate. According to the graphic, it shows that most of popular browser such as Firefox, chrome and safari are able to support most of the HMTL5 features. Therefore, it is essential for the users to have modern web browser to run the websites that developed in HTML5.
In order to understand the semantic mark-up in HTML5, it is essential differentiate the different between HTML4 and HTML5 mark-up. The new elements in HTML5 effect on how web content creators are able to structure the content of the web page. The article element represents a self-contained composition in a document, page, application, or site that intended to be independently distributable or reusable.
The nav element represents a section of a page that links to other pages of the website or links within the page: a section navigation links.
The aside element represents the sections of a content that is related to the content surrounding it.
This is an example of HTML5 semantic mark-up including the entire new elements for web content structure.
The new elements of HTML5 have improved page segmentation, as it divided into several different parts such as header, main content, footer, link section, nav, etc. The article element is the most important elements in order to optimize website’s rank in the search engine for on page SEO. According to the HTML5 mark-up for Thai furniture webpage, the header elements contain the heading of the website “Thai wholesale furniture”. Furthermore, there are two different types of content including Thai furniture and news & event. The two divided sections on a web page will be more likely to improve the SEO result, as search engine will focus on the content inside each section. However, page segmentation allows search engine to differentiate a page into its component parts, and improve an understanding of the mark-up and the relevancy of a page. A copyright exists in many forms on literary works, books, web pages, computer programs or instruction manuals. As an example, UK Copyright in a literary, dramatic, musical, or artistic work expires 70 years from the year in which the author of the word died. Copyright laws are quite restrictive in application and the law on whether a text is considered copyright expired or not has to be consulted on an individual basis as there are many clauses in the evolving nature of intellectual property law. Copyright expired text could be another helpful source of information that allows anyone to re-use its content (or re-use the idea in order to improve web content).
In addition, copyright expired texts tend to be quite old and hence very useful in the historical contexts. Long tail keywords phrases contain a minimum of three or more keywords that are more specific than singular keywords. This graphs shows that the head terms (the fat-head) and the chunky middle, have a higher completion of searches and a lower conversion rate.
This graphic shows that the head (Fat head) and body (Chunky middle) does not attract much traffic to the site. The graph below proved that the top keywords have attracted a low amount of traffic of all the search terms.
Following on from this example, if we were to conduct a search in Archive or Gutenberg websites and try to find expired copyright material, then there could be a source of useful contents that are relevant to the website targeting a niche market.
To generate more unique content for the website, copyright expired texts could prove as useful sources for web editors in gaining new ideas and information. SEO Moz states that: “In the long tail of keyword searches, the great value comes from having hundreds or thousands of unique, valuable content pages written on a niche subject. This is one website example that uses copyright-expired text from Gutenberg in order to drive traffic to the site.
My thesis project is about Thai furniture wholesale website, which allows many suppliers from Thailand to promote their furniture and home decorations products on to my site. Therefore, this is one example of article about “Bamboo” as it is one of the materials for the products in my site. I accessed to the Archive website then input Keyword phrase “Bamboo furniture” onto the search box then click on “Text”. This article is one example of using copyright expired text in order to gained more long tail keywords phrases to attract more traffic to the site. The article contains various keyword phrases that has divided into two different types include Head keyword phrase (highlight in green) and long tail keyword phrases (highlight in red).
According to Google Adword keyword tool, the head term keywords phrase such as “bamboo”, “furniture” and “bamboo canes” considered to be very popular keywords with high competition. The most effective methods to attract traffics from the long tails keywords is to generate relevant and target content.
Nevertheless, by obtaining copyright expired text method could also be useful for other article on my website such as an article for “wooden furniture” and “rattan furniture”. In addition, my plan for Thai furniture wholesale website is to display many products as much as possible.  Each page will be descriptive and also have specific product’s name or description. Copyright expired texts create more opportunities for web site management to expand in higher quality content. Finally, the main benefit of copyright expired texts is to provide the long tail effectiveness with no cost or effort. Please note: There are certain books that are still in copyright and certain books are not in copyright. South East Asian particularly in Thailand has many resources of supplier, whom specialise in producing wooden furniture and home decoration products.
However, I used Vitruvius principle to analysis two cognate and two non-cognate website regard to business, commodity, firmness and delight.
Exclusive Thai Decor LTD (ETD) is both wholesaler and retailers in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand. The site has useful navigation system displays different type of product’s categories, shipping information, company’s information, article and sitemap.
Exclusive Thai Decor LTD is the only Thai website, which has strong used of various methods for online marketing strategy.  The site has integrated with many social media sites such as facebook, twitter, LinkIn and youtube. The navigation bar of Sitemap page is useful for SEO (Search engine optimisation) purpose, as it contains the list of internal link to every web page for the entire website. This website is built with XHTML 1.0 Transitional, CSS, and JavaScript for client-side technologies. The overall design of this website has used Thai art work that applied to the site, which has an impression of Thai aesthetic looks and feels.
The only criticisms about this website are the hierarchy of information structure, position of images and page layout that appear to be unorganised. Furthermore, another interesting functionally for this website is called “Catalog Online” which appears on the top right hand corner of the website. The over design aspect for this website has very modern looks and feel as the majority of the products on the site contain various contemporary design furniture from Thailand.
Furthermore, Alibaba also earns substantial revenue through the hung “products sourcing trade shows” in China, Hong Kong and other countries every year. The product search box is very useful functionality that allows the buyers to search for specific products.
Nevertheless, the site also contains forms that allow suppliers to add product’s detail, description and upload products images into the website. This website is built in XTML 1.0 Transitional, CSS and JavaScript for client-side technologies.
Puji website is based in e-commerce website, which allows customers to purchase their products online. The information architecture on the navigation bar is well organise of products categories. The design page layout of this site has used four columns layout with grids systems to organise the position of text and images. The colour of this site is many dark brown colours and white background as it matches well with the colour of wooden furniture images. After analysis for both cognate and non-cognate websites, these have given me many useful idea on what I should to implement on my web thesis project and what I should be avoided. For web thesis project business plan is to promote furniture and home decorations products from many suppliers in Thailand, by using a website as an advertising tool to reach target buyers internationally. Alibaba website has useful functionalities that will implement to my sites for supplier and buyers. The website called Exclusive Thai decor LTD is a great example that has many useful functionalities for online marketing purpose such as integration with many social media site and newsletter feature. Intress website is another great example that has inspired my idea to include flash slideshow banner to my site.
My design plan for Thai furniture website has derived from the design concept of Puji’s site.
For my Thesis project, I chosen to re-design a new website for Free2Learn LTD, where the company are based in London. The company is funded by major government organisations such as Job centre plus, European social fund and others, in order to provide high quality training and help find right suitable jobs for them.
Skills training UK is a specialist employability and skills training providers based in London.They help people to gain employment and help other businesses recruit staff they need. This website mainly use dark gray and white colours, which made the site looks more formal and business focus. The overall design of the website has reasonable design but poor choice of images of the slideshow as it contains images that are not relevant to their business. Nevertheless, every page of the site contains images of their stuffs working in the organisation and trying to help their student in class room. They are a Multi-national company in UK, Australia, France, Germany, India, Poland and South African.

Social Media – Moreover, this website integration with social media sites such as facebook, twitter and YouTube for online marketing and branding purpose. Blogs – The site has integration with many blogs functions and twitter that could improve the SEO aspect of the site. People First is the sector skills council for mainly hospitality, leisure travel and tourism.
Twitter – This appear clearly on top right hand side of the page, which allow user to follow. The only functionality that I really like about this site is the flash banner.  I think it has great technique on slideshow and it contains many graphical images with different topic that can attract user attention. For my web project, Free2Learn Ltd also organised special events in many different part of London. This website contains mainly wonderful products but less content and less products descriptions.
The site could also integrate with social media site such as facebook and twitter in order to promote their site. Somerset College’s construction centre recently hosted the World Skills UK training squad for Joinery and Cabinet Making, after the College was selected as the training venue of choice.
As part of the recent refurbishment of the construction training centre, Somerset College purchased the construction equipment and machinery that was used during the 2011 World Skills Competition which was hosted in London. The Joinery and Cabinet Making competitors based at Somerset College are now in full training mode, undertaking a replicated 22 hour test project which simulates the actual challenge that competitors will undertake in the World Skills International final. To get to this stage, each member of the squad has already competed, and won gold, in the regional skills competitions. The global competition represents an invaluable experience for the young and highly skilled trades people as well as the opportunity to harness their ability, making them sought after and desirable to all potential future employers. We use Cookies which collect information about how visitors use our website, all information these cookies collect is anonymous and are only used to improve how our website works. However, if you are unhappy for any reason, we operate a no-quibble returns policy on unused goods. The VAT will show in the cart summary and will be cancelled where applicable during the secure checkout process. Buyers are seeking to purchase a product that has done well in the past but they have specific needs in terms of quantities and colours.
Then issue Performance Summary Forms to each team for completionLead a Debrief on the issues raised, relate back to the workplace and issue Key Points Handout.Trainer’s Notes provide full guidance.
To achieve work objectives, without upsetting everyone(!), we all need basic influencing skills. As a result, these new elements will improve page segmentations as pages can be divided into different part. The code in HTML5 has a very script intensive as all the features are relied on JavaScript.
This method can also be useful for e-commerce website, where the users may need to move items into the shopping cart.
The graph also shows how each browser able to support HTML5 features and how they will improves their support in the future. The graphic display different colours that illustrate how each browser can support on each feature of HTML5.
However, the only major issue is the Internet Explorer 8.0, which it can support only few features of HTML5. This site uses Dragging and Dropping element, which allows the user to drag the items and drop into the green area. This site contain the used of Canvas element, in order to generate dynamic graphic on the site. However, the main benefit of using HTML5 for web content are it gives content much more semantic meaning and able to support content that falls outside of the concept of documents. Therefore, it is essential to understand each of the new elements on HTML5 as it has unique characteristic to help differentiate the most comment area on a modern website. For example, this could be for forum post, magazine, newspaper article, blog entry, user-submitted comment, or any other independent item of content.
For example, header element can be used to wrap a section’s content, search form, logos, navigation, heading, other any other content that associate with a header. A footer element can contain information such as copyright, detail about who created the site and links to related documents. For example, the element can be used for typographical effects such as pull quotes or sidebars for advertising.
However, the new elements have its own rules on how web content should be structure in the correct systematic method.
Search engines have started applying page segmentation and determined each part as separate entries from different elements. Furthermore, each section can have many different heading and content within the article elements.
However, the main different is that it can contain multiple heading such as H1,H2, H3 element, paragraphs of text and links which are important for SEO. Therefore, in HTML5 mark-up, it is essential to use section element in order to divide these categories into two different sections.
For example if search for specific keywords such as “wooden furniture”, which appear in a Thai furniture sections. It has many incredible new features that will enhance website performance and user experience for the web.
These new elements alllow web content creators to organise content structure with more semantic meaning and it also divided the page into different parts. Search engine can easily indentify where main content is located and less important on the menus, footers, headers and other elements.
Although intricate details of copyright law differ between countries and materials there are some general factors amongst them.
If the copyright holder has either failed to renew the copyright (for works published in the US between 1923 and 1963) or failed to include a valid copyright notice (for works published in the US between 1923 and 1977). Therefore, it is essential for the web editors to keep providing interesting and valuable content that target their readers.
This provides an opportunity for web editors to add updated information and rewrite within their own style, making their own unique content without copyright infringement. This allows web editors to add a historical chapter in their article or content at no cost with minimal administration. In comparison, the long tails have attracted a large amount of traffic to the site, with up to 80%.
The graph shows that the word phrases of “shoes” and “mens shoes” that have a high search volume with high competitions in search engines but with low conversation rates.
The keyword research tools such as Google Adwords or WordTracker are useful tools for long tail keyword planning.  It is also essential for the site to have more relevant and targeted content in order to capture web traffic from the longer tail terms. It allows web editors to obtain large amount of contents, which could have numbers of long tail keyword phrases. By adding new article or new content to the site frequently, this allows the site to have even longer tail for keywords phrases. On other hand, the long tail keywords (highlight in red) seem to have very low competition of search volume.
Thurs, the site will expand even longer tail keywords phrases as more relevant content will attract even more traffic to the site. Therefore, this will be more likely to attract large amount of traffic to the site from specific long tail keywords search. It allows web editors to reuse many different sources of information to help them generate unique content without copyright infringement. As a result, these types of products have been very popular for many retailers especially from US, UK and Japan, according Thai trade centre in Bangkok.
These will be relevant to my thesis project in which the purpose of my website is to promote furniture and home decoration products from many suppliers in Thailand into international level.
The company manufacture and sell verity of well design Thai furniture and Thai home decoration products. The information architecture for this site has well organised structure of information, which enhance users experience in finding information or products more easily. Moreover, the site has a functionally that allows users to sign up for newsletter, who wish to receive e-mails about new product or special offers. Furthermore, this site developed with Joomla CMS (Content management system), which has php and MySQL for server-side technologies. The background colour has nicely design pattern combination with brown monochromatic colour schemes that look appropriate to the nature of the business. Also, these have no clear evidence of using grids system to organise the structure of text and images.
The navigation bar has divided the products into different categories include living room, bedrooms, dining rooms and outdoor. The image on the technique use in flash slideshow has enhanced an impression of modern design website. The Alibaba website has search functionality that allows all users to search for specific products, buyers or suppliers.
However, the home page contains the three sliceshow images that have well design typography, combination with great images and verity of background colours. They sell variety of contemporary teak furniture with eastern inspired accessories handcrafted.
The site also customers to make payment online by credit card (Master card, Mastro, Visa and Visa credit card) through sage pay.
The title name of the navigation bar help the customers to find the products they want more quickly. The site also integration with shopping cart with the used of php and MySQL for server-side technologies.
The site also shows strong used of typography on the home page on special offers in order to grab attention to the users. However, the site home page contains lots of products images with products categories name. Therefore, I selected mainly useful points of each website in order to plan for my own thesis project in relation to Vitruvian principle. Moreover, the revenue stream will be from advertising revenue from many suppliers within Thailand, who wish to promote their products onto my website. My plan for my websites is to include supplier’s functionality that allows mainly suppliers in Thailand to register, upload their products images and product’s details. The information architecture on navigation bar include list of products title and site map page that enhance user experience in finding products and other pages within the site.
Because, I think that flash slideshow banner will make the site looks more interesting and also looks different to other competitor’s site. The site will used Joomla CMS (Content Management System) to manage product’s images and text within the site. Because the products of my website will be mainly furniture and home decoration from Thailand and the target users of the website are mainly entrepreneurs of furniture retailers within UK. The company is welfare to work training and recruiting organization, working closely together with Public and Private Organizations with the aim in helping reduce the effect of unemployment. They show that they are successful company, where they have helped many unemployed people to gain new jobs. Therefore, these images have made good impression to the users as many people will think that it is a trustworthy and professional company with friendly customer service.
They help people to find work in other industry and also help companies to recruit the right candidate. It displays images of people, who are working with in hospitality, leisure travel and tourism sectors. The both global and local navigation bar contain within the left hand side of the page, which make it convince for the users to finds information on the web. They offer a wide range of courses such as A-level and other qualification to process in higher education.

However, the site state that if you are under 19 years old and have been a permanent resident in the EU, then they do not have to pay tuition fees. The event is to promotion their training courses and their services of helping people to secure new jobs. The main keyword phases of “Thai wholesale furniture” and “Thai furniture” appear on the first page of google search.
Therefore, it is advisable for this website to have more content on the page in order to improve long tail keyword effectiveness. By create their own facebook page, this will improve the number of inbound links and also drive more traffic to the site.
The refurbished centre and newly installed equipment came as a result of some substantial investment from the College which can now boast some of the best construction training facilities in the country. Each member of the squad training at Somerset College is benefitting from the expertise and guidance from their own dedicated training manager for either Joinery or Cabinet Making.
This was followed by an intensive training programme where the first shortlisting for the UK squad was selected from, with 3 representatives from each trade area been chosen.
The workshop is set up to the same standard, specification and layout to that of the World Skills final. The perceptions each team had of the other (on the summary forms) were revealing – and usefully explored in the debrief. The users can to continue interacting with web application and document without available of network connection. However, it is still a new browser, which we should take to consideration that not every users to have IE9 installed in their computer. For example, a web page could be divided into different sections for the introduction, news products and contact detail.
Therefore, these help search engine to identify where main content  is located and to increase the relevancy of search result.
However, the new feature or elements can be used today, despite the fact that some browses do not offer fully support them. As the result, these helps search engine to ranks muti-topics pages much more accurately and effectively. Moreover, any content or article has to be beneficial for other high page ranking websites, in order to convince a high PR site to link with your site for a better overall page rank purpose. Majority of the most useful sources are books or popular websites that already have a copyright protection. Therefore the long tail keywords tend to have less competition but higher conversions in comparison to general keywords.
The content that has large amount of long tail keywords and combination with target keywords.
Therefore, if the site contains a larger amount of relevant content, then this will allow the website to gain even more traffic from the longer search strings. However, it would be beneficial to included article about those some of the materials on my site. It also has copyright expired text materials, where I can obtain and re-use them without copyright infringement. This article contains lots of information about bamboo then I selected the most relevant information to the my site. Therefore, the long tails keywords are more likely to do well for searched that are relevant to target market and also attract more traffic than the head keywords term. The more relevant content the site has, the longer tails will be for the keyword phrases and combination with your target keywords. Therefore, online marketing has becoming essential advertising tool for promote Thai products into international market. These mean strength (firmness), utility (commodity) and beauty (delight), according to Wikipedia on Vitruvius.
They also export products to both customers and buyers worldwide by using most secure shipping service for international trading. The sitemap page has improved user experience, as it provides alternative options for the users to access to any pages within the site more easily. Joomla CMS has many useful features such as member login, newsletter, integration with social media sites, dropdown menu navigation bar and much more.
Therefore, the design concept is in the right approach as the majority products on this website are traditional Thai products.
The website has wide range contemporary design furniture such as furniture for living rooms, dinner room, bed rooms and for gardens. Therefore, this could grab attention to the users and it could give impression to the user that the site is well reputable band.
They can enjoy using drag and drop function to change pages to another and allow them to view verity of products within the catalog. This site used mainly brown monochromatic colour schemes, which matched well with the colour of the product’s images and also flash slideshow images. The site has poor page layout on the home page with unbalance position vertically on text and images. They provide services that connecting small and medium-sized between buyers and suppliers worldwide. This website is the subsidiary of from Alibaba groups; they have been dominated in e-commerce mainly within China. There is a functionality that allows buyers and supplier to register for member login area.
The sliceshow look very professionally well designed and each image has strong business focus targeting to both buyer and supplier visitors.
This part could make the visitors to re-visit the site to check if there are new products changing.  This could be good ideas to keep buyers coming back to the site.
Puji selected the best design products from their suppliers and import them mainly from Indonesia. The site also integrated with social media sites such as facebook and twitter for online marketing purpose. However, the design concept of this site is more representing as well established UK company website. The images allow user to click, which will bring to users to see more of their products within the website. Joomla CMS have many feature that can be useful for my site such as integration with social media site, newsletter, member login, dropdown menu and much more. Therefore, I think Puji web design concept has given me an inspiration to design a Thai furniture website that looks clear, modern and professional approach directly to target users. The site also use JavaScript for contact form and to provides an interactive slice show images display on top of the web page. The choices of those colours are relevant to company’s logo and it does grab attention to the users to find out more about career prospects, business performance and to work with this company.
Therefore, these made the site looks eye catching and it also gives warm and friendly feeling and fun to explore.  The typography for the header is similar to hand written font style.
A sector skills council is a government recognised, industry-focused body established to support the development of skills and training within that industry.
Therefore, the choice of images are relevant their business concept and to their target users.
For example, if click on “Research” section, it will display all lists of sub heading under “Research”, which made it easier for the users find information on the websites.
On Upcoming event display dates in larger font and images on the site, which I think it will grab attention to their target user.
Therefore, I think this layout is suitable for Free2Learn Company so that they can display news about the company and special event to let people know where and when the event will happen. Therefore the website has done very well on their SEO already as those keyword phrases are very popular keywords and also has lots of competitions, according to Google adword. They are now at the final stage of selection, where one joiner and cabinet maker will now be selected to compete as part of the team that will represent the UK and compete in the World Skills International 2013 competition which takes place in Leipzig in Germany, during the 1st week of July. It has specific rules that allow placement and format of text, graphic, video and audio on a web page. These can be done by using JavaScript in order to generate dynamic graphic to the web pages. For example the user can check their e-mail locally without internet connection or install an external client. As a result, this video element will not be able to display on internet explorer 8.0 or older version of internet explorer. However, it is essential for web content creators to understand the new elements of HTML5 that will affect web content.
These keywords individually have a low search volume but it is more specific to search queries.  The sites with longer tails will create more opportunities for visitors to find a niche site.
But there are limitation to this, as it is not ideal to have a 1,000 word article on the site unless it make sense and useful to your reader. The buyers might possibly be interested to read about them because it relevant to the products. As a result, this will create more opportunities on long tail phrases for the site to appear on search engine.
The company’s main revenue streams are mainly from the sales of their products both online and in store. The site also has Partner Links page, which show that the site has exchanged links with others popular Thai websites as part of SEM (search engine marketing) strategy. The company has used their website as advertising tool to promote their products worldwide. Their main source of income revenue stream is by charging listing fees to the manufactures and trading companies that adverting products on the sites. Alibaba is valued at 77.61 billion Hong Kong Dollars (almost $10 billion USD), according to Alibaba website.
This will allows both buyers and suppliers to list their company profile, manage product listing, access contact list and able to communicate with trade partners in real-time.
Thurs, majority of the products on Puji’s website has mainly top-quality design, craftsmanship and materials.
The site also allows customers to register with the Puji’s site so that the customers can reviews the products they have purchased. However, my website’s objective is more niche markets; it aims to promote only best furniture and home decoration products for every supplier mainly within Thailand.
Thurs, this will allow buyers to e-mail suppliers directly if they are interested to purchase the products. Those keywords will drive more traffic to the website, which potentially mean more customers to the business. Thurs, these can be useful for developers to produce web page with more unique and creative ways. Their main revenue streams are from the sales of their products within Thailand and from other countries worldwide.
The left navigation bar on the site has list of product’s categories display in alphabetical order. There is a search box which allows users to search for more specific product, range and code. Thurs, this will be more likely to drive more traffic to the website from long tail keyword search. Both teams prepare and then negotiate (with time-outs to discuss new, unexpected information).
Therefore, this helps the buyers to find the products on the site more quickly and effectively.

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