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Marketing Coach, Speaker, Author and EntrepreneurI am a marketing coach and mentor passionate about helping small business owners take control of a critical business asset – their online digital footprint - and use it to increase visibility and generate inbound leads. Although I have many years of experience across all traditional marketing channels, I specialize in inbound marketing, a combination of search, social media and content marketing, to enable you to create a larger digital footprint that increases your online visibility and generates more quality inbound leads.
The freedom you gain by having your own business and being an entrepreneur is worth all the time, money and effort it takes to start and succeed as a small business owner. In 2002, I started Vista Consulting, a successful marketing agency where I primarily worked with high technology companies and service-based businesses to help them market their products and services more effectively. The force behind Masterful Marketing was observing the difficulty many small business owners had with marketing. Launching Masterful Marketing has fulfilled my dream of helping many small businesses navigate the complex online marketing world. First Beacon Business Advisory Group is a management consulting firm comprised of a multidisciplinary and experienced group of business owners who use their experience to provide in-depth and comprehensive advisory services to other business owners. I am co-owner of Kwon's Martial Arts Center, a family friendly martial arts center that focuses on a person’s total well-being. Getting Found in a Crowded Market: Creating a Successful Inbound Marketing Plan - Inbound Marketing helps your business generate leads, increase visibility, develop an reputation and promote awareness of your brand.
Besides loving what I do for a living, I also have several other passions that command some of my attention. It is important for entrepreneurs to develop a small community of supportive peers with whom they can discuss their business or professional goals.
This group is dedicated to providing self-employed people a safe haven to talk about the most pressing issues that you face as a self-employed individual. I understand that this group may not be for everyone so I want you to know what you can expect should you decide to join us. The basic format of the group will begin with a moment of silence, some guided visualization, individual check-ins, group discussion, partnered exercises, along with spontaneous coaching and teaching. Let’s us help you solve some of your most daunting current professional challenges by sharing your vision and greatest current hurdle, then receive supportive feedback, resources and ideas from a trusted group of like minded peers.
Question #1: Do you ever struggle to come up with fresh new ideas for growing your business? Question #2: Have you ever been frustrated by the disappointing results of growing your business where you have invested a lot of time and money?
Question #3: Have you ever wished there were shortcuts for quickly growing your business and attracting new customers and prospects? A business model is a tool to help you figure out when to spend how much, what results you should be getting when, and to know in advance when you’ll have to raise more money from investors.
The other thing you’ll need assumptions about (at least at first) is the capacity of parts of your business.
On the assumptions page, I make all kinds of assumptions about how long it will take for customers to buy, what the average sale size will be, how interest rates will affect my business, how long it will take to raise more money etc. Join the many CEOs and business owners who subscribe to my sporadic newsletter with ideas about how to run your business better. Plus I'll send you a FREE eBook so you can learn what stage your company is at and how to grow to the next stage without growing pains. It’s going to be a good year for recreational vehicle sales, say RV dealers and manufacturers and the RV trade organization. After three years of declines, the RV industry rebounded in 2010 with a 47.7% gain in shipments. This month, retail shows are beginning across the country and manufacturers and dealers are trying to gauge if Curtain’s prediction for another year of gains will come true.
Weider said his sales center is the largest motorhome dealership in Ohio and also sells fifth-wheels and travel trailers.
Americans have embraced RVs, he said, and want to continue camping and using that outdoor experience to bond with their family and friends. Motorhome sales dipped drastically when the recession began, and since it has ended the RV segment has continued to struggle. To the east of Jayco’s Middlebury complex, Miller is getting ready for the upcoming RV show at the Century Center in South Bend.
According to Matt Buckman, national sales manager for the Kingsport Division, “The SKY product offers the dealer and consumer a unique, value-conscious alternative to the traditional 8-foot rectangular box. The SKY product line can be seen at the Gulf Stream Coach display, North Wing Booth 3000 at the show. Gulf Stream Towable division is hosting approximately 100 dealer service technicians during the first two weeks of November, representing 42 dealers from across the U.S. Technicians tour manufacturing facilities, get in-depth training on common service issues and have an opportunity to spend time with factory service specialists. Dan Kussow, general service manager at Van Boxtel RV Supermart, commented, “Thanks for the excellent time at your school. Former CrossRoads RV President Mark Lucas is establishing a new company under the revered 62-year-old Yellowstone RV brand name to build travel trailers and fifth-wheels. Lucas said Yellowstone will have the full backing of Gulf Stream and that he will report directly to Dan Shea, Gulf Stream’s towable president and a co-owner of the family-held business. Mark Lucas (second from left) inspects a Canyon Trail Aztec Edition with Chris Shaffer, Bill Warrick and Mark Dunithan. Yellowstone sales will be led by National Sales Manager Mike Spencer, while design and manufacturing are being led by Engineer Mark Dunithan and Plant Managers Bill Warrick and Chris Shaeffer.
There was a time in the 1970s until the mid-‘80s when the RV industry would gather annually each August in the sweltering heat of northern Indiana for what was then known as the South Bend Show.
New models would also be shown at subsequent private dealer meetings and then at the annual all-industry Louisville Show. Although it’s a bit later than the South Bend Show, which was held outside the Notre Dame Stadium, these new open houses should benefit the region’s hotels, restaurants, lounges and shuttle bus drivers in much the same way. Forest River, a Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary that again sets up shop this week next to its corporate headquarters on the west side of Elkhart, is expecting 2,800 people and reportedly had registered more than 700 dealerships by the beginning of this week. Just down the street a few minutes to the west at a temporary rented facility at the corner of Marina Drive and County Road 6, Thor’s Dutchmen Manufacturing Inc.
Earthbound RV: Monday through Friday at the Spring Meadow Farm Golf Club east of Elkhart in Middlebury, as well as at the firm’s new main plant 70 miles to the south in Marion, Ind. Evergreen Recreational Vehicles: Monday through Thursday at the company’s plant in Middlebury. Livin’ Lite Recreational Vehicles: Monday through Thursday at the firm’s Wakarusa facility a few miles south of Elkhart off of Indiana 19.

Open Range RV: Tuesday through Thursday at the company’s facilities east of Elkhart in Shipshewana.
One of the products driving Gulf Stream’s growth this year has been the Visa Travel Trailer.
The all-new fifth-wheel lineup provides a high-end appearance and features at multiple price points. Mirroring reports from show exhibitors of strong traffic and sales, the 42nd Pennsylvania RV and Camping Show at Hersheypark in Hershey, Pa., that ended Sunday (Sept.
The show will feature Forest River, Coachmen, Palomino and Prime Time recreation vehicles along with buses, cargo trailers, manufactured homes, commercial vehicles, ice houses, pontoon boats and bathroom units manufactured by other divisions. Soon to join Forest River’s lineup is the reincarnation of the Shasta brand in a new division under the direction of industry veteran Brad Whitehead that will build stick-and-tin travel trailers, minimotorhomes and laminated trailers and fifth-wheels. Buckman, a 22-year industry veteran, has held key management positions and built several successful sales organizations. Buckman replaces Randy Baskerville, who was promoted to national sales manager for Conquest, Innsbruck and Amerilite products earlier this month.
Buckman stated, “I am excited to join Gulf Stream and carry forward the Kingsport and Trailmaster tradition of Value, Quality and Aesthetics. Thousands of recreational vehicle retail personnel will be converging in late September on the RV-building center of Elkhart County, Ind., as more manufacturers turn to local 2011 product displays in the wake of the Great Recession and a prevailing cost-cutting atmosphere throughout the business world. What’s even more interesting is that they’re doing it in unison – at the end of September in synch with Forest River Inc.’s big Sept.
Although Forest River’s management hasn’t said much publicly about its plans yet this year, it’s a safe bet that they’re expecting more of the same at this year’s dealer meeting.
The trend toward Elkhart County dealer open houses took a big step forward earlier this month when four Thor Industries Inc. Now, the latest to join the fray is Thor’s Goshen-based Dutchmen Manufacturing Inc., which has notified its dealers of its first-ever Sept.
Dutchmen President Don Clark says his company’s open house will take place both inside and outside the facility, and will be highlighted by a Sept. Other companies are expected to announce their own “open houses” and “showcases” in the near future. Meanwhile, Jayco Inc.’s own annual Master Sales Training Sessions for dealers’ sales staffs is partly slotted in the same time frame. Jayco, headquartered in nearby Middlebury, plans to bring in approximately 500 people for intensive sales training at its complex in Middlebury, Ind. Jayco did not sponsor these sessions last year due to the economy, but traditionally holds the event at the end of September every year, Johnson reports.
The whole emerging sequence of events, in turn, is beginning to prompt questions about just how many hotel rooms there are in the region to house an influx of business people of this magnitude. That said, some of the players in this emerging scenario like Clark and Keystone President Bob Martin seem to be keeping their focus on Louisville as well. Howard said the Thor event was not specifically designed to coincide with Forest River’s “Pick Your Partner” event, but it makes sense.
Dan Shea, Gulf Stream towables president, said the September event makes a lot of sense, giving dealers, especially Canadians, a chance to place their orders early.
Baskerville has been with Gulf Stream for eight years and is excited to continue the great success of these products, according to a news release.  Baskerville replaces John Stringer, who resigned to pursue other interests.
Through expert guidance and support, you achieve success by learning, incorporating and executing marketing activities that take your business from mediocre to marvelous. As a marketing coach, I empower small business owners, including independent professionals and entrepreneurs, to take control of their marketing to control costs and get better results.
But my passion was unleashed in 2007 when I started Masterful Marketing®, a marketing coaching, mentoring and advisory business targeted at helping small business owners take back control of their marketing. Nothing is more liberating than having control of your livelihood, income and destiny in life. Our mission is to serve owners of small to medium sized businesses with advice and guidance on how to overcome the obstacles and challenges facing small businesses, explore opportunities for growth and achieve their business goals. Our programs for children, teens and adults are designed to promote discipline, self-control and respect, instill confidence and strengthen the body, mind and spirit.
If you need someone passionate about marketing to educate and inspire your audience, consider me for your next event.
My background in both technology and marketing allows me to understand the important elements in a quality online presence that helps your business attract the right prospect and convert them into leads.
Many marketing agencies form partnerships with technology companies and resell their online marketing solutions as an affiliate.
The complexity of online marketing, the technology challenges and the time it takes to implement can result in overwhelm and confusion. I've been a member since 2002, been awarded notable networker and serve on the leadership team. I'm been a member since 1981 and I have served on their Board of Directors from 2003 - 2015. To counter all that healthy living, I regularly enjoy good friends, good wine and great food. I love all animals and currently have a cat family that keeps me company while I work from my home office.
A coach facilitated support group is a proven way to get the feedback, direction and the support you need. There are plenty of networking groups available and if your need help finding one please ask. Production capacity is pretty easy to come by – how many widgets can a machine make in a day. On the dollars page I put all the sources of cash in on top of the reasons to spend cash out.
This is a specialized form of assumptions that relates how much it costs to accomplish or produce a certain number of results.
I'm sending out best practices, reviews of books and software, and tips I'm sharing with my clients. After training, the time it takes to repair or service a unit is greatly reduced, which is a benefit to the dealer and retail customer.
In that sense, he says, the Yellowstone startup is not unlike the divisional approach employed in recent years by industry market share leaders Thor Industries Inc.and Forest River Inc. Dealers would come from near and far to be wined and dined by manufacturers and to see some new model year lineups.

Along with a series of dealer displays that will include everything from conventional RV’s to commercial trailers, boats and mobile latrines, dealers can expect lavish buffets and a bustling Wednesday night cocktail party that should rival the best of those good ‘ole days at South Bend. And while they’re stepping it up this year, his Goshen, Ind.-based firm is still planning an aggressive display with additional new product at RVIA’s 48th Annual National RV Trade Show, Nov.
We developed many new dealer relationships this year and we look forward to showing our new innovative, value-packed models,” Dan Shea, co-president, stated in a press release.
Luxurious interiors are combined with practical additions like an interior covered switch panel with individual slide room controls, message board and cell phone charging station. The products have received exceptional consumer and dealer acceptance with the recently implemented interior updates.
Martin called Keystone’s September product display “a little preview of Louisville” that would include some – but not all – of the products his company would unveil at the national show in late November.
Many times I had been approached by small business owners who would ask me if I could help them, but I knew that my consulting business model did not cater to their needs or their budget. I want to share what I've learned with others so they can be fulfilled and enjoy a lifestyle that works for them. I customize each presentation to the particular audience, but the following is my flagship presentation to small business owners. This means that if you don't have a highly visible web presence, you will lose out on many opportunities. I understand how user experience affects conversions and can help you design marketing campaigns that attract and convert. I constantly follow the changes and will guide you on best practices that work today, not yesterday. I’ve implemented most marketing campaigns for my own business, enabling me to help you implement successful campaigns and increase your chance of success. In addition, I've added to the live recordings with a couple of Bon Jovi and Coldplay concerts.
And it’s important to write them down and test them against reality, then revise them as you learn more.
But Sales capacity (how much can you sell before you need to hire an additional sales person) and administrative support are things you’ll have to guess and refine. That number is based on a consumer survey by Richard Curtain of the University of Michigan. But Weider said the sales year is too young to gauge if there will be any trends this year.
In class, technicians use detailed training books and receive DVDs that can be used to refresh and teach others in their shop what they learned. We learn from the technicians too – how to improve our products and make them more trouble free. We came away with a wealth of information and contacts that will pay dividends for us for years to come.
This is the first year that Thor, another market leader, has hosted dealers for a September open house and, in the process, did not manage to station all of its divisions in one place like Forest River did. 27) with cocktails provided by the Thor division and entertainment supplied by a group called Blammo. Jayco’s second Master RV Product Training Session runs Monday through Thursday, with a graduation ceremony Wednesday at the Marriott in South Bend. Gulf Stream’s available Extreme Weather Insulation also provides superior roof, floor and wall insulation, including basement compartment insulation.
Liegl, the multi-divisional company anticipates hosting 2,800 people at its third annual dealer meeting, Sept. Combined with the floorplan offering and value equation these products hold, Gulf Stream is experiencing outstanding summer retail activity.
In fact, it appears that Forest River has reinvented the wheel to an extent by bringing in hundreds of RV, cargo and commercial trailer retailers to its home plant in late September for a closed gathering at which dealers are wined and dined and treated to expansive new model product displays. We pay for everything once they get here,” said Johnson, noting that the cost to Jayco is in the neighborhood of $200,000. And while it’s got to translate into a positive in terms of facilities use at the Hall of Fame, located along the Indiana Toll Road east of Elkhart, it’s also posing questions among some industry observers about how this emerging trend might ultimately affect the viability of the Louisville Show. In addition, small business owners need a marketing system to help them stay focused and on track which at the time, I didn't have available to them.
Learn how to establish your online visibility and what tools are available to help you build your web presence. I continue to educate myself which means you will benefit from the cutting-edge knowledge I obtain through my education. Although there is nothing wrong with that model, I have chosen not to participate in affiliate programs for any products related to marketing or web development so that I remain completely objective about what I recommend for you.This eliminates any potential conflict of interest on my part and ensures that your business gets the right tools for your unique needs. My usual workout includes a high impact kickboxing class, power walking in between classes and I walk the golf course when I play. Curtain has been an analyst from the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) for many years. In addition, Gulf Stream’s warranty costs have been reduced each year since we’ve started technician training,” Smith said.
The opportunity to interact with the plant managers at the different plants and their willingness to take the time with us was very impressive to say the least. Displays, complete with continental breakfast, are open all day Tuesday and Thursday, closing out Thursday at noon. 27-30 and will involve sales training and extensive factory tours, reports Marketing Director Sid Johnson. So through my desire to help business owners build their businesses around their passions came Masterful Marketing®. Probably the most important thing you’ll do as CEO is develop, refine and then USE the business model when decisions are being made in the company.
The Capri for which an MSRP has yet to be established, will be available in four 30- to 34-foot lengths with up to two slideouts.

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