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Small business management classes provide you with a solid foundation in business principles and strategies, preparing you to adequately launch your own entrepreneurial endeavors. The curriculum for small business management programs emphasizes the application of business principles to real-world small business settings. Many degree programs in small business management are flexible, allowing students to complete some or all of their coursework online. Small businesses offer an innovative, creative, and flexible environment that presents you with exciting new challenges every day. If you are not quite ready to start your own small business or take over an existing enterprise, you could pursue a variety of business jobs.
The Bureau of Labor Statistics does not specifically report the salary of small business managers and owners. Organizational Management Degree: Paving the Way to a Future in Management Improve your management, organizational, and interpersonal skills by earning an organizational management degree. Entrepreneurship Degree: Become Your Own Boss Do you have dreams of founding your own company and working for yourself?
Pursuing a small business management degree equips you with the skills and training needed to run a small business.

You could take a few stand-alone courses in small business management or complete a full program that culminates in a degree.
Associate’s degree programs may be completed in two-years, and bachelor’s degree programs typically take four years.
This means students can tailor their studies to suit their needs and make the program work around their schedule and other commitments. As a small business manager or owner, your duties may include creating and implementing a new business plan, managing staff and payroll, identifying new opportunities, and securing financial resources.
Potential career paths for those with a degree in small business management include business development, customer relations, marketing and sales, and small business financial accounting. Small business manager salaries are all over the map, so it is difficult to quote a specific wage.
If you want to develop the business acumen and technical expertise needed to launch a new business, then pursuing a degree or taking a few classes in small business management may be right for you. Subjects that you will learn about include legal and business requirements, customer service, and financial planning, among others. Degrees in small business management are offered at the associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral level.

Master’s degrees can take from one to two years to complete, whereas doctoral programs might take from three to five years.
But to give you an idea, in 2013, the median annual salary for administrative service managers was $82,310. Get your small business off to a great start by taking small business management courses today.
Ensure that you have the entrepreneurial skills needed to succeed when you hang out your own shingle by taking small business management courses. Small business management may also be offered as a concentration within a business administration degree.
While the salaries for these management positions can be hefty, the income spans a wide margin.

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small business management courses nz ncea

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