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English Soccer School Singapore - At a Location Near You - Kids (Boys and Girls) football lessons and fun activities with social skills and social intelligence development.
We are pleased to announce that our next series of 3 day courses (Euro- Asian Certificate and the Advanced Euro-Asian Certificate) in Asia for 2015 will take place in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Whether you are an aspiring coach, qualified coach, teacher, club manager or parent, our courses will prepare you to deliver fun, safe, modern and professional coaching sessions. AEAC (Level 2) – Prepares and develops coaches’ knowledge of how to effectively plan, conduct and evaluate coaching sessions in football, so that candidates can coach football to players of all ages, from kids to senior level. The certificate qualifies successful participants to lead football coaching sessions and be employed as a football coach in local amateur clubs, academies and in both junior and senior teams.
Students in further or higher education, experienced coaches without qualifications, or those studying sports-related coaching qualifications should also pursue this qualification as a valuable addition to their portfolio of advanced coaching skills. Club coaches and school teachers will also find that this qualification is excellent in supporting their involvement in the sport by qualifying them to lead, plan and analyses football coaching sessions and match play. Participants are welcome to find their own accommodation – there are several hostels and hotels nearby. These 18 hour (classroom theory and on pitch activities and demonstrations) courses are designed to provide coaches with the foundation tools and material to deliver safe, engaging and functional soccer training sessions for youth players and novice players.
EAC and AEAC Youth Football Courses: 80% of previous years candidates have successfully gone on to work for local MOE schools, International schools and football academies as well as becoming self-employed in running their own soccer academies in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Brunei, Australia, Holland, Nigeria, Australia, Iran, Tanzania India, Canada, and Indonesia.
Please note candidates are advised to book early to avoid disappointment as last year courses were sold out within 23 days. To register for any of the courses please see menu link above and submit your application form.
James, thanks for your nice note, means a lot, and will reinforce my policy of recommending you guys whenever someone asks me about football for their youngsters. As you know I really enjoyed and admired your approach at ESS, and your coaching skills for youngsters in particular. ESS is an excellent football development program, perfect for children’s life skills and attitudes in many life aspects besides the football training. A major feature film charting the journey of David Campbell and his Northern Ireland team mates which lead to them playing against the mighty Brazil in the 1986 World Cup finals where David made his international debut. Set in Belfast and Mexico, Northern Ireland where then the smallest nation to qualify for the World Cup Finals when they played the greatest team on earth.

We are now offering one day special training programes designed for all age groups within your club. The sessions arAfrica Football Academye 1 hour 30 mins and using a holistic approach train the player’s technical and tactical knowledge within the team environment.
For the younger age groups small sided games, 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3s are used to develop understanding in small groups before it is transferred into more match like situations. For the older group the tactical knowledge is tested as much as the technical and focus is on not only the game understanding but also techniques within a competitive environment. Of course with our coaches and their unique style all players have fun and the social aspects of training are always of importance. In The Provinces of Gambia, We Are Instigating The Spread Of Top Flight Football Training and Coaching Centres for Youth and Grassroots Football Players in Rural and Remote Areas.
How To Use This SiteSubmit Football CV - Submit your football player or coaching staff CV for jobs and trials with FIFA agents, football academies, soccer schools and football clubs in Africa, Europe, Middle East, Far East, South America, North America. Submit Football Link - Promote your football academy, soccer school, football organisation, club or team with by joining forces with Africa Football Academy. The guide is designed to assist parents new to the game of soccer in growing the spirit without limiting the child.
Coaching at the youth level is more a matter of teaching the game to young players than managing their soccer. Did you know that there are three simple things you can do to help your players stay healthy and perform their best?
Top level courses per football soccer coaches directly in Italy with the Serie A teams and customized Master Class in the USA, Middle East, Australia, Canada and Latin America.
Furthermore, qualified coaches will also benefit from our courses, as they complement any Football Associations’ or professional coaching licenses as an additional understanding of modern English and European coaching techniques, and their application and methodology. This three-day football coaching course consists of UK best practices and is suitable for aspiring coaches or club coaches, academy coaches, teachers, youth workers, volunteers and even parents of children playing football who would like to become more exposed to such best practices.
The course is also suitable for both holders of football qualifications, as well as current and former players, both professional and amateur, enabling them to pass on their knowledge and experience in football.
Furthermore, past participants from Asia have successfully progressed to Universities in the UK to study a foundation degree in Soccer.

However, an interest in football, coaching experience and playing experience will be considered as suitable requirements. I am also a huge believer in the benefits of this kind of thing for youngsters beyond the sport itself, and I think you do a great job of making if much more than football coaching.
English Soccer School is the perfect opportunity for them to run around, burn some of their endless energy while learning the basics of football.
Over one full day we deliver a structured soccer skills development and football coaching course for every age group within your club with specific team sessions. List your website with us and register to receive our weekly newsletter with the latest news from Africa's football academies. The focus of this grassroots course is to share US Soccer's best practices in creating a fun, activity-centered and age appropriate environement for 5-8 year old players.
Chapters cover information from the basics of youth soccer and making a positive impact on children to roles of coaches and referees to lending support to your child.
Coaching the Principles of Play through small-sided games in both training sessions and on game-day will accelerate the players’ comprehension of constructive soccer. Learn how you can encourage players to Drink Right, Move More and Snack Smart in the Coaching Healthy Habits course, developed by US Youth Soccer and Healthy Kids Out of School. The course will serve as preparation and an effective knowledge base for participants to work with junior football and youth teams.
The coaches are really hands-on and interact with the kids at every opportunity, unlike other soccer schools we have been to. In two brief chapters, you’ll learn about basic nutrition and physical activity for young athletes and find practical tips to implement these healthy principles at your trainings and matches. At ESS, not only do they learn about soccer but they also learn other important life skills like working in a team, sharing and discipline.
The Principles of Play form the basic tactical foundation of the game, and players' understanding can be accelerated by competing in small-sided games at training; and by encouraging constructive play during matches.

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