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Social skills such as making conversations, maintaining friendships, joining in, playing games, attending to and working with a partner, being a good sport, and working collaboratively do not come easily to some children. Family Learning Solutions, LLC offers counseling and educational consultation services to children, adolescents, adults, and families. We offer therapy services to address a multitude of emotional needs for children and adults.
Product DetailsDo you need a fun new activity to help the teens you work with learn about social skills? March 8, 2013 ~ 1 CommentI have absolutely loved using my Phonemic Awareness Powerpoint, and decided to create a similar one targeting social skills and social language. Head on over to my TpT store here to download the preview to see an example page for each section!
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Leave a CommentI can’t believe I am finally able to let you know about these activities! I’ve been dreaming of creating these since Nicole posted her no print activity packs last March here.

After consulting with Nicole multiple times and spending multiple hours on the internet trying to figure out how to create my own No Print activities, I discovered the problem.
You’ll impress your administration with all the money you are saving by avoiding printing and laminating costs. You can click on “Preview” on any of them to get a free sample to see how much you love it!
We have weekly groups to work on these skills as well as develop friendships in a fun, relaxed setting. Groups for all ages, from 3 and up, are available and if we do not have one that suits you, we will work to develop one for you.
We specialize in helping families with special needs, specifically Autism Spectrum Disorders, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Developmental Delays, and Learning Disabilities. We have experience with many different special needs and are, therefore, equipped to especially address any type of disability or learning need. The Social Skills Bingo Game for Teens features conversational prompts that will get your students talking and learning about social attitudes and behaviors.
Again, if this seems like something you could use in your speech room, head over on over to my TpT store here and check it out!

I knew that I wanted activities that I could whip out at a moment’s notice with no printing, cutting, laminating, or organizing.
A great choice for your home, classroom, or clinic!With several included bingo cards, this game is perfect for small groups. Each answer on this Powerpoint also links to a feedback page letting your students know if they got the answer correct or incorrect!
By combining the fun of a game with practical, educational messages, this set is sure to engage your students. So I went for the team-work approach and got help from friends with PCs including Nicole, my awesome editor Christina, my uncle, and my friend Freedom. And after spending a month this summer making them, and then another couple of weeks this fall adding pictures to them, I think I have a final product.

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social skills activities for grade 6

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