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Different Roads to Learning is the one-stop shop for Autism Spectrum resources, teaching materials for autistic students and special needs children. Special Education teachers and parents of kids with special needs can also find essential classroom aides and learning materials including the Movaider timer, visual timers, auditory timers, audible time timers, tally counters, ABA Language Builder Cards, Common Objects kits, Wh-questions cards -- plus books, training DVDs and videos such as Fitting In & Having Fun Social Skills, Earobics DVDs, Handwriting Without Tears worksheets, A Work in Progress behavior management book, story sequencing events & pictures, and a whole range of autism toys, games and learning aides for autistic kids.
PURPOSE OF THE STUDY: Recent evidence shows that engaging in learning new skills improves episodic memory in older adults.
Randomized Clinical Trial of Cognitive Behavioral Social Skills Training for Schizophrenia: Improvement in Functioning and Experiential Negative Symptoms.

Objective: Identifying treatments to improve functioning and reduce negative symptoms in consumers with schizophrenia is of high public health significance. INTRODUCTION: A thorough understanding of experiences related to pre-hospital emergency care of burns is a prerequisite of skill promotion for medical personnel.
The social skills training project utilizes a primarily cognitive-behavioral approach to teach social skills to children, adolescents, and adults who have social-communication difficulties. Jed Baker, noted clinical psychologist and expert on social skills training has teamed up with Jeffrey Friedberg, award-winning children's musician and certified music therapist to bring us 16 original songs that teach invaluable social skills on an audio CD.

In this study, older adults who were computer novices were trained to use a tablet computer and associated software applications. Research has shown that learning occurs more rapidly when children are highly motivated to attend.

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social skills training evidence based

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