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When it comes to skills in employment, the first line of emphasis is typically towards abilities, training and knowledge of specific skill sets. Soft skills are personal attributes that enhance an individual’s interactions, job performance and career prospects. This is a difficult skill to quantify, but employees will typically either display a strong work ethic and the drive to complete tasks, or they won’t. Being able to make quick decisions, think on their feet and solve simple problems are important employee traits.
When your workforce has lots of technical skills but an absence of soft skills, you have a soft skills gap. If you’re really good at getting clients, and not so good at retaining them, chances are you have a soft skills gap. If you have lots of staff turnover and have to keep retraining people, chances are you have a soft skills gap.
It’s important for you to recognize the vital role soft skills play within your team and not only work on developing them within yourself, but encourage their development throughout the organization. At New Horizons, we’re talking about technology everyday—and not just with a variety of clients, but with leading vendors—about industry trends and real-life challenges. We Skill Power Training Services design inspiring and unforgettable Corporate Training opportunities that are both intellectually and emotionally challenging. Soft skills are personal attributes, character traits or qualities each of us has and that has direct link with the Personal Performance. At the very core of being an effective leader is the insight of knowing who you are a€” your passions, values, purpose, and vision. Motivation is the combination of a person's desire and energy directed at achieving a goal. Our training methodology involves Outbound Group activities, Simulation games, Role plays, to ensure participative learning resulting positive outcome. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Personal Effectiveness Benefits of Soft Skills training:- • E n ha n c e a n d i mp r o v e e m p lo y a b le s ki l l s • T h e a b i li t y to c o m m u n i c a t e e f f e ct iv e l y w i th c o - w o r k e r s , e mp l o y e r s , c l i e n t s a n d c u st o m e r s, f r i e n d s a n d f a mi ly me mb e r s • T h e o p p o r t u n it y t o e n h a n c e o r g a n i za t i o n a l s k i ll s • I m pr o v e P e r s o n a l a n d p r o f e s s i on a l e f f e c ti v e n e s s • H e lp s in p r o mo ti o n s a n d u p g r a d i n g S k i l l s • I n c r e a s e d e f f i c ie n c y a n d l e a d e r s h i p s ki l l s to i mp r o v e team results • D e v e l o p me n t o f p r e se n ta t i o n s ki l l s to p r o mo t e mo r e s u c c e s sf u l p r o je c t s • G a i n i n g th e a b il i t y to r e c o g n i ze sy m p t o m s of st r e s s a n d l e a r n i n g man a g e me n t s t r a t e g i e s • S o f t s kil l s r e p r e s e n t a f u n d a me nt a l a t t r ib u t e t o t o d ay s k n ow l e dg e b a se d e c o n o my .

Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.
Unlike hard skills, which are about a person’s skill set and ability to perform a certain type of task or activity, soft skills are interpersonal and broadly applicable.
While a work ethic is largely an innate skill, it can be learned with proper training and motivation. The ability to communicate through the spoken and written word is a necessity in nearly every industry and in every workplace. Some employees may naturally feel comfortable working within a group, while others may have problems and prefer to work alone. Even simple problems, such as a copier being out of toner can grind an office to a halt if no one displays these simple skills.
Soft skills are what accompany the hard skills, and help your organization use its technical expertise to full advantage. The acts of listening, presenting ideas, resolving conflict, and fostering an open and honest work environment all come down to knowing how to build and maintain relationships with people.
And because of our close partnership with leading vendors, New Horizons is positioned to help businesses like yours leverage our knowledge experts to discuss strategies, implementation and troubleshooting.
We offer a series of Corporate Staff Development Training opportunities on Motivational Attitudinal transformation, Management Soft Skills & Psychosocial Competency & Life Skill Development. Because of the unique technique of relating theories with activity based outdoor learning sessions, proven to inspire, engage, and get the very best out of individuals and teams.
They make up who we are, generally encompassing our attitudes, habits and how we interact with other people. These training programs focus on individual development and are based on the belief that individuals can expand their capacities; they can learn, grow, and change. Training topics are stated below: Youth Leadership Development Camps can be organized as per the requests of client organizations. We offer a series of Corporate Staff Development Training Sessions on Motivational Attitudinal transformation, Management Soft Skills, Personal Leadership Development, Life Coaching & Life Skill Development. We use a unique technique of relating activity based learning & Role Plays to effective management theories, motivational techniques and team performance strategies, proven to inspire, engage and get the very best out of the individual participants and teams.

Soft skills, however, are often overlooked, yet they also play an important role in day-to-day operations. Some employees, of course, may be able to develop a stronger work ethic with incentive-based pay or monetary rewards, such as bonuses if they reach a certain goal.
At least one employee needs to have the ability to take charge of a situation and guide the others through if they have difficulty.
It’s those relationships that allow people to participate fully in team projects, show appreciation for others, and enlist support for their projects.
It will help Creating Sense of Self Worthiness in individuals by developing Self Esteem, Emotion Management, Self Reliance, Accountability, Self Discipline & Dependability. Motivation can be intrinsic, such as satisfaction and feelings of achievement; or extrinsic, such as rewards, punishment, and goal obtainment. It may take time for employees to learn effective communication skills, particularly if they have a naturally shy disposition. Every team should have a diverse set of personalities that mesh together as a cohesive whole.
The employees who display these decision making skills are often excellent candidates for promotion to management level.
Many soft skills are tied to an individual' personalities rather than any formal training, and are thus considered more difficult to develop than hard skills. Not all people are motivated by the same thing and over time their motivations might changes.
Team building exercises, as well as interpersonal communication training, can be very beneficial in helping employees develop this skill. Influencing people's motivation means getting them to want to do what you know must be done.

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