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Is Your Employee Development Program Too Focused on Hard Skills at the Expense of Soft Skills? And yet, this training often comes at the expense of something that is equally important, but often overlooked: soft skills.
Project Management – Perhaps the most obvious of soft skills in the design and construction industry, project management is about a lot more than managing an architectural, engineering, or construction project.
Attitude – This soft skill ultimately determines whether or not a person can succeed with other soft skills. Listening – Have you ever been in a conversation with someone who was constantly talking – even cutting you off before you were finished? Time Management – Although time management relates to project management, it is also its own beast. Now think of all the hard skills training that you and your coworkers have received over the past few years. Hard skills are important to the success of your firm – and to your own success as an individual. It doesn’t matter how you and your colleagues get this training, what is most critical is that you get this training. Sponsored Content is a special paid section where industry companies provide high quality, objective, non-commercial content around topics of interest to the ENR audience. A shrinking workforce and a boom in technology have combined to create new roles and new value for tech-savvy veteran workers. GWIC 2016 focus' on Women Empowered to Succeed and learning how women are taking key steps to build career success and inspiring and empowering their peers to do likewise. Despite a faltering international market, 2015 and the beginning of 2016 are proving to be strong years for U.S. In fact, for individuals holding professional licenses and certifications, technical-focused CEUs are often required to maintain their designations. A component of this is known as Emotional Intelligence (EI), which is understanding how your words and actions impact others as well as the importance of empathy.

But how are you to go about researching and identifying the issues that may be at the root of a problem, much less applying the critical thinking required to determine the ideal solution(s)? In this industry, we are continually working in teams to win projects, design the work, and construct the deliverable. But clients are demanding innovation – not just by their words, but by their actions.
If you are well-dressed but have bad breath and stinky clothing, people won’t remember what you are wearing.
But often this type of training is reserved for a certain level of employee, and not all employees. A project manager may be in charge of running a specific project, but team members are often managing their own work, as well as the work of others. Sure, you can talk about having the right attitude, you can ask people to read books about positive attitudes, but this is truly up to each and every person.
When they tell us that they want it faster and better, but aren’t willing to pay more, they are essentially requiring innovation on our parts.
And while my office can seem disorganized, I’ve seen some that make my office look extremely neat by comparison! Knowing that soft skills is very important for professionals, SLA teaches 26 soft skills to all its students. On the other hand, it is being able to interpret and respond to the emotions of others – co-workers, clients, prospects, vendors, etc. Developing a new process or specification requires project management skills, as does overseeing development of a proposal or presentation.
No one person can do everything – by the very nature of the business we need a team-based approach, one where every team member carries his or her weight and all team members trust one-another to play their part. Years ago I heard a simple rule, one that I continually reference – we have two ears and one mouth, so we should listen twice as much as we talk. But there are myriad tools and resources out there that could help us better utilize our time.

Hopefully our parents or grandparents taught us proper manners, but in a world where people eat on the go, families spend less time together at the dinner table, and a plate and couch seem to be the new norm for eating a meal, sometimes we need a refresher. If your firm held a monthly soft skills training program, you couldn’t even get through all these topics in a year. If you are lacking in any of the areas identified above, by all means seek out training opportunities. SLA students are allowed to register for placement only after they are assessed on all these 26 soft skills. Your company probably has standards for organizing project files, but are those standards followed?
While you can’t go to a one-hour program and expect to master a certain soft skill, you have to start somewhere. Do they use too many abbreviations and acronyms in email, or write out what they are trying to get across? Do they hide behind email instead of making a phone call or meeting with someone in-person? Do your staff members understand that there’s probably a better way than they are doing it now?
And how do you and your co-workers organize anything that isn’t specifically-related to a project? Maybe you could teach one or two sessions where you excel, and a few other co-workers could teach a session or two where they have a broad skill-set. There’s a professional way to do things, and many unprofessional ways to do them as well!
Or maybe you and your co-workers need to go to third-party training to learn about these skills.

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soft skills training jobs in chennai

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