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This module is based on information from the licenses register in the ALVAO Asset Management system. ALVAO SAM Assistant can also be configured to assign and remove some licenses automatically. The ALVAO Server, which works fully automatically and independently of human input, takes care of all subsequent routine operations.
ALVAO Server automatically checks the version of the software products library, which detects the licenses required to cover a specific SW product. If ALVAO Server finds an unknown SW product in the network, it sends a completely anonymous request to the ALVAO central internet server. If ALVAO Server identifies illegal SW on a given computer, a notification e-mail is sent to the person responsible, informing them about the violation of company guidelines. This entire process is carried out in batches in order to prevent overloading the SQL server, and can be planned to run overnight. It Asset Management is the process of collecting, integrating and maintaining technical and financial information on IT assets (software and hardware).
SV Group IT Asset Management solution is based on IBM Tivoli Asset Management for IT software product. The product uses proven IBM technology of relation database (IBM DB2) and application server (IBM WebSphere).

We can tailor Tivoli Asset Management for IT software products to your specific needs by automating certain processes in your company, thus allowing you more time for other activities. One of the speakers was our Peter Zecevic, initiator and organizer of the meetup group Apache Spark, as well as the author of the book that shows all the potential of the Spark in modern architecture system for large data. The Management Assistant module ensures that all computers in your company are continuously checked and corrects any problems found. The person responsible for license transparency within the company defines the specific individuals responsible for transparency on specific computers – whether this be a certain IT specialist or the user of the given device.
If ALVAO Server determines that the library is outdated, it is updated directly via the internet. Our licensing specialists identify the product, classify the product correctly based on the license agreement, and add the product to the library. This e-mail not only contains information about which software can be installed on a computer, but also information about alternative SW that is an approved substitute for the given product. If the employee does not correct the situation within a defined period, ALVAO Server sends another notification, and usually also to the employee’s manager.
Thanks to this autonomous intelligence, the SAM manager does not have to manage or search through applications individually, and receives the internal SW audit results in a single report, usually once a month. This process comprises several phases that range from planning, deployment, maintenance and retirement to IT asset disposal.

The product consists of a set of applications which are modularly installed on the new or the existing application server in the company.
This module provides an intelligent assistant that makes it significantly easier for the IT team to maintain licenses.
ALVAO SAM Assistant assigns licenses in an intelligent manner and strives to assign the right license to the right SW installed, while respecting the cost centers which are assigned to the licenses. It tracks which computers have not yet been detected, and when a computer is connected to the network it starts the detection process.
ALVAO Server then downloads a new version of the library from the internet and runs a new detection process. ALVAO SAM Assistant is indispensable to any software manager or IT manager, in any company. It also tracks whether or not detections are obsolete and, should the configured limit be exceeded, the computer is reassigned to the line of detected stations.

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software asset management training 2014

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