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Program constraints: The contractual, organizational, and operational factors within which the software is developed, but which are generally outside of the direct control of local management. How is Software Quality Assurance and Software Configuration Management integrated into Extreme Programming? What are the Quality Assurance and Software Configuration Management roles and responsibilities with Extreme Programming? How can a person write storyboards without having the basics of pinpointing and developing sound requirements? Is Extreme Programming not for Software Quality Engineering and Software Configuration Management practitioners.
Get Amazing Stories Get great contents delivered straight to your inbox everyday, just a click away, Sign Up Now. Projects failures often have their roots in the very beginning in managing customer expectations and requirements. At Ekipa, we work with companies from around the globe that want delivery and quick reaction from their software development teams, but aren’t ready to make the investment in hiring a team and paying for office space.
Outsourcing software development gets a bad name because too many freelancers out there are not independent thinkers – they have a task oriented mentality, and prefer to follow orders without questioning them or trying to understand the strategy. Hiring a fully assembled, remote development team is relatively simple compared to hiring an employee and bringing them on board in an office. For over 20 years Kanda Software utilized an Integrated Quality Assurance practice to ensure the highest quality of our deliverables.
Quality assurance in-depth testing will continuously uncover functional issues and discrepancies and minimize the cost of fixing bugs.
Our expertise in building detailed, exhaustive and realistic test plans as well as thoroughly following through with their execution will ensure efficiency, quality and value. Our experience in building effective cooperation between quality assurance engineers, development team and the Client will allow achieving excellent quality for the initial version of the software and ensure high user acceptance. Our software quality assurance services are available as a part of software development engagements or can be retained as stand-alone. Initiation phase: Within this phase QA engineers become acquainted with product requirements and prepare test artifacts for future tests. First review phase: The first detailed tests of the initial development deliverables are completed in this phase. Cycle phase: This phase involves the daily routine testing of the intermediate product versions.
Control phase: Within this phase the product is extensively examined to ensure it is ready for production. Over 75% of Kanda’s projects that are in the development stage include built-in Unit Testing. The main goal of this phase is to perform all preparation activities for further effective execution of the testing procedures. Functional and User Interface testing is carried out by experienced QA engineers who verify that the system performs all functions and tasks the application was built for and works according to the client requirements and user expectations.

The process of the module execution will be coordinated by the QA Team Lead and performed according to the global project test plan updated during the initial module.
Business logic check – conformity of a particular function in the application with the one described in the requirements.
One of the key strengths of our experience and methodology is our ability to build an effective cooperation between Client’s teams and Kanda QA engineers to achieve excellent quality of functionality and to cover all UI, functional, and platform-specific deficiencies within a uniform and closely followed Test Plan. Migration Testing is necessary for software development projects where pre-existing data or content has to be migrated to a new schema or repository. The main goal of this test cycle is to check that all documents will be migrated successfully and keep its architecture and metadata. In case sufficiently representative manual checking is not feasible Kanda will create a script-comparator. To assure the quality of the final software and ensure defect elimination Kanda QA team performs several cycles of defect-fix verification and regression testing. Reviewing all pages to check if the pages load correctly, without re-checking all the page features again. If applicable, Kanda Software QA team can perform User Documentation Testing based on the Client’s related documentation. Formal and centralized defect management is a key factor for keeping a project under-control, especially near its completion. Kanda QA team has experience within many various defect management systems. Using the right tools in a correct manner ensures streamlined communication and overall quality management of the project. It’s understandable – some founders prefer to bootstrap, and others aren’t at the MVP or traction stage that most companies need to be in order to get an investment. We’ve matched clients with amazing people from around the world – top notch magento developers in India, people who could code PHP in their sleep, and clients with exciting projects.
To find the right employee to join your physical office, smart employers generally have to go through several rounds of interviews, an office visit, complete background checks, and set up any tax or legal requirements just to get them on payroll. We have perfected QA strategy and methodology that blend seamlessly into the development lifecycle without crossing the important boundary between the development and software quality assurance processes. Dedicated QA team will perform infrastructure analysis, develop a test plan, assess automation potential, and define and execute critical test cases. We scale up when you need before the launch, and scale down when the project is in the maintenance phase – so we’re particularly cost effective.We’re well versed in Rational and Mercury as well as leading open-source tools.
The QA documentation describes, in detail, all workflows inside and between all the phases, required artifacts, roles and activities involved, and defines the required artifact templates.
By incorporating Unit Testing into the programming process we ensure that much higher quality code reaches QA.
Set up of the efficient and customized testing process (determining the rules and means of communication, the format of interaction and reporting procedures between all teams, task assignments and control, etc.). Kanda QA will commence work on the test plan to meet client’s needs based on information acquired during project analysis. Kanda’s QA Engineers will study in-depth functioning components of the system and investigate as many functional aspects as possible, interacting with Project manager as well as directly with client’s personnel.

QA Engineer will review the existing test cases and update them to make sure they contain sufficient details to test functionality fully and can be used by the team for further project testing.
During this stage Kanda’s quality assurance team finalizes the logistics, hardware and software necessary to test application in an environment acceptable to the client.
QA engineer will work in close cooperation with development team during this phase adhering to the established QA processes. From each group several data examples will be selected as a representative sample and manually checked that data is migrated correctly. Script will read data and its properties from both old and new platform and compare it automatically. A unified defect tracking system gathers detailed descriptions of all defects found their severity from the user’s point of view and outlines the priority for their fixing. Other entrepreneurs don’t have the time or energy to filter through all the noise and find the right software development team.
This is common when you’re working with freelancers with the lowest hourly prices, and most often it’s because they don’t charge enough to really be invested in your project.
That sort of worldwide collaboration would be impossible for most companies stuck in an office picking exclusively from local options.
Then there’s a weeks to months long onboarding process where the new employee learns the ins and outs of your company.
This approach radically decreases the number of iterations necessary to reach production-level quality. This leads to faster discovery of an acceptable product level and taking the lead in the market. We still think the results speak for themselves – as long as you find the right platform, the deliverables you can get from remote software development teams is comparable to what you could get working with local employees in an office. In contrast, Ekipa’s teams are vetted for a high degree of education and independent thinking before joining our marketplace, ensuring that our clients get the right team for their budget and vision.
Building an amazing team by only recruiting locally is possible for startups located in San Francisco, New York, and a handful of other cities, but it’s much more expensive than being open to talent from anywhere in the world. The team comes preassembled, has its own way of working, and generally just does its own thing.
We also utilize dynamic mock object frameworks to create mock implementations of custom objects and verify their interactions using unit testing.
Outsource your software development and you free up more time to focus on the higher level tasks of your business.
When the magic is there, the following results are what convince us that outsourcing software development is the best for early-stage, high-growth startups.

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