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Recently we had an interesting discussion with our customers, who is a devoted agile project manager. Though I came across the term “Agile Project Management” way back in 2000, it was during 6-7 years of my career before Zilicus, I have had opportunities to observe adoption of agile methodology in IT product based companies as well as services companies. Certainly agile project management methodology is useful for customers, who are expecting iterations of “working” elements of project deliverables. I would really like to write about agile project management – basic principles, advantages, case studies, its limitations, etc. ZilicusPM is project management software that offers an incredibly simple and collaborative  way to manage projects.
Entrepreneurs are the professionals who organize the affairs of a business and are inclined towards its growth. A project is a scheduled plan in which various activities are undertaken in a coordinated manner for the accomplishment of some predefined objectives. A project involves execution of set of tasks, subtasks and activities which have to be performed by some selected individuals chosen on the basis of their capabilities and skills.
As it is difficult to keep an accurate account of these tasks manually due to the sheer magnitude and complexity of these tasks, it is better to seek help of some online solutions to manage them more efficiently and in less time.
A project management software is an online solution designed specifically for managing projects more diligently and professionally. A project management software can be purposefully employed by an entrepreneur for the growth of his business. After the objectives of a project have been clearly defined and documented, necessary resources for a project’s implementation are studied and allocated keeping in view the budgetary, time and other constraints.
Implementation of a project requires definition, documentation and highlighting of various events, tasks, subtasks and activities which can be done through preparation of tasks lists, calendars through a project management system. Communication has to be maintained accurately and effectively between team members and other stakeholders in a project through discussions and email notifications in a project management system.
Progress of a project can be reviewed effectively through Gantt charts and email notifications can be sent to the individuals responsible for accomplishing particular tasks in a project.
Use of dashboard in a project management system helps a project manager to take a note of various activities and tasks performed in a project at a particular point of time by quickly reviewing these. Use of a project management system can streamline the working of a project and can speed up the execution of the tasks with a greater control and coordination.
Thus we can see how a project management system can galvanize a business with proper tracking and control of various operations in a project. Hey Sharon, I am using Proofhub since 2010 and I think that it is the best tool I have ever used to manage my work.
When it comes to project management, there are a lot of roles and processes that come into play. Project Management is defined as the process and activity of planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling resources, procedures and protocols to achieve specific goals in scientific or daily problems. As a project manager, you want to make sure to are able to execute projects efficiently and effectively in a timely manner.
As you go through each phase, it can be difficult to stay organized and keep up with your workflow and all of the information that needs to be stored.
Without organization and proper project management, it can lead to cost overruns, project delays, which will harm your business in the long run.
Improve workflow between accounting and operations with construction project management software.
Areas that proper project management can improve: integration, cost, human resources, scope, time, quality, procurement, communication, stakeholder management and risk management.
Process Standardization: For employees, management software aids in cooperating and simplifying the internal exchange of employees.
Cost Control: Every company wants to make a profit and project management software helps with making profitable decisions. Project Management construction software puts an end to shuffling data and entering the same information twice. We have worked very hard over the last year to develop and implement our Sage 300 (PE) Estimating system. In our competitive industry, all the help you get to stay on top of the process and progress of a project can become life and death to a contractor. Techware – what a great group of service providers; they are just a phone call away and always willing to help and find an answer to the important questions. Construction project management software is used to ensure that a particular project, of any type, is finished on time and within budget constraints. One of the most important phases in any project management is the design and planning phase. It is possible for people to stick to constraints and timelines when proper management is in place. Sub-contractors: They aim to maximize the performance of the construction workers while reducing the liability. Independent construction managers: These users need document control, budgeting, and other advanced functionality. General contractors: The first thing that they look for in a software is reliability and robustness. Building owners: They maintain tabs on costs and project schedules, to see if the project is going along at the desired pace and within budget limits.

Once you have figured out which type of end user you are, then it becomes easier to pick a product that is best suited to your specific needs.
One of the issues faced by companies is that their employees aren’t adept at working with the new software. Here are five free project management software which are good alternatives to Microsoft Project.  These free project management software provide robust project scheduling and management functionality that too free of cost. Open Workbench is free windows based Project management tool for your desktop to give project scheduling and management functionality. Project Planning– you can plan your project with this free project management software. Project Scheduling– one of the very important aspect of project management is scheduling task for timely completion. Project Review– application supports various project review charts like Gantt, PERT and critical path charts for value analysis and project baseline settings.
OpenProj is yet open source Windows-based desktop project management software, an alternative to Microsoft Project. The program also provides detail analysis of the project value, network diagrams like PERT and critical path analysis, WBS and RBS charts, Earned Value costing and more.
GanttProject is free cross-platform desktop tool to manage and schedule your important work projects. Rally Community Edition is free and easy to use free project management software supports on line project rooms pulls together everything a cross-functional team needs to collaborate around their iterations and daily work.
This feature enables you to build and rank backlogs, estimate size, and groom items for planning and scheduling.
Plan your project tasks and schedules as per the team potentials and make real commitments which can be achieved in given time frame this helps everyone focus on advancing ideas to delivery. This helps in participation in activities in the group communicate ideas with team mates and tailor your views and notifications to help you get the right things done.
Deliver great software and trust Rally to protect your data and keep it accessible to your global teams. I am a Project Manager since 10 year and do Web-Development with Ruby on Rails during my free time.
Because agile approach is about ‘Less Planning’, project manager has to balance the ‘lean’ creative part and expected project delivery. Try Project Management Software ZilicusPM a powerful tool to stay on top of things with aesthetic dashboard. He nurtures a business in a variety of ways such as providing ideas, arranging resources, managing employees, meeting customers, studying markets, making business plans and strategies, meeting government officials, reviewing taxation policies,  looking for partners, setting targets, removing bottlenecks, raising shares, etc.
Successful completion of a project results in some kind of gain for an organization which may be material, physical, financial, monetary, social, intellectual or of some other type. These individuals perform various tasks and activities in a coordinated manner after their duties and responsibilities are properly defined and documented. An entrepreneur makes business plans and has to get them executed after a detailed analysis on the pros and cons of a particular business move. A great amount of time and effort is spent in researching and formulating a business project.
Files and other resources can be adequately shared and distributed due to the centralized location of data in it which can be readily referenced and retrieved when needed. Thus multiple projects can be reviewed and controlled effectively with the use of multiple dashboards in a project management system. An entrepreneur can be greatly benefited with the use of a project management system and his scope and reach improves significantly which contributes to the growth of his business. ProofHub helps to manage, discuss and communicate projects with team and clients at one central place. These include initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, closing and more.
With all the facts in one central database, and inquiries and reports that are easy to customize, you’re able to quickly get to the details that will identify issues before they grow into problems. Keep the status of budgets, contracts, changed order all organized and easily accessible with project management software. Give project managers live, up-to-the-minute cost and project detail for aid in solid decision-making while you keep track of RFIs, submittals, purchase orders, subcontracts, and change orders in one central system. Techware consultant Jim Hoeppner was instrumental in assisting us develop our database, assemblies and estimating system.
Sage 300 Construction Software and Real Estate Software is a great tool that has all the key elements that any construction company needs to be productive, efficient, and cost effective in the complete process from the notification stage to the final job stages.
It is also used to check that a project does everything that is required of it and sticks to all the constraints.
The capital involved in such projects is huge and it is not humanly possible to take care of all of it. It involves breaking down the work into functionally independent modules, as far as possible. This can be achieved by automating the processes involved and then having construction project management software as an overlord for all of the activities. This requires that the correct group of people be working on the correct job at the correct time. This is important since they handle huge projects and a system crash would cause huge losses.

Some of the most well-known construction project management software are Procore, Primavera, HeadsUp and Paskr. The inherent cross platform connectivity of present systems allows the different groups to work together. It is important that the companies provide sufficient training to its employees so that they understand the exact working of the construction project management software.
The application is free to distribute among entire enterprise, thus if your thinking to move beyond desktop scheduling to a workgroup, division or enterprise-wide solution; than Open Workbench is complete solution.
Plan activities, phases, tasks and milestone and create associated work bench with the application. With Open Workbench, you can schedule tasks automatically with forwards and backwards constraints also schedule to general or personalized calendars with this free tool. Configure resources on tasks with uniform, fixed, contour, and front or back loading activities. Customize project views including column layouts, filters, sorts and rule-based formatting.
The application is ideal desktop application to handle your projects efficiently and equipped with most advanced scheduling engine.
OpenProj has equivalent functionality, a familiar user interface and even opens existing MSProject files. The OpenProj solution has been translated into French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Swedish, Finnish, Galician, Persian, Russian, Korean and Chinese. Long and time taking works are divided into parts and stages for easy management and it also gets easy to determine the progress and take informed steps while planning for further stages.
You can assign human resources to work on tasks, and keep track of the assignees and their progress and development in the phase.
These software’s are in various sorts of forms as for each the requirement of the person, like desktop users, on the web (internet-dependent), single person, collaborated, built-in or for particular use. Who has time to try each one to determine what best suits your team’s needs?  You can save a lot of time comparing them all at once rather than trying each one. However one needs to be careful that if crucial elements of projects are not considered properly, it can also induce some of the structural risks (that you may not remain lean to adopt new changes). Take a look at Project Management Software Tour it enables – WBS, online scheduling, resource assignment, Gantt chart, project tracking, issue management, online calendar, risk register and much more. It provides exciting features like to-do’s, milestones, timesheets, file sharing, online proofing, discussions, inbuilt browser chat and more. Management software allows companies to have access to project documents through a single source, plus allows you to document, track and follow up on critical issues. We are now moving ahead at full speed using the entire system, including the Buyout on all new products. Construction project management software is generally used because human errors are almost unavoidable when the figures involved are very large. After it has been thus divided, the most efficient method needs to be found to carry out the tasks required of the team members.
There is a lot of construction project management software available in the market which can fulfill your need, but before you can go ahead and pick up one of them, you need to decide what sort of constructor you are. Also, when a budget and a finance control module is in place, it allows the project manager much greater insight than what would have been possible with a manual management program. Truly speaking, there is literally no time or effort involved in switching to OpenProj, and your teams can manage projects on any platform for free. The application provides most advanced tool to manage, schedule and up to date cost algorithms to serve you with best project management solution. The tools provided with the freeware are advanced and commonly used while planning effectively for projects. Similarly with Gantt charts you can successfully draw dependencies and define milestones for your projects for time management. With GanttProject freeware, it’s easy to manage resources while your project is on run and identify the potential workers in your team. However, additional operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and other flavours of *nix are also supported. The efficient data-sharing capabilities found in our construction project manager software improve communication and simplify approval processes across accounting and project teams. OpenProj is ideal for desktop project management and is available on Linux, Unix, Mac or Windows.
The application supports all the major core project management features- Project scheduling, management, resource management, task handling, work bench approach.
While you assign resource their tasks, you can keep watch on their allocation on the Resource Load chart, so that none of the resources in your team is left idle or overloaded with work. For successful project completion, it is required to assign balanced workload to your assignees.

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