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Realize your corporate vision with strategic plans and certified training from industry experts. Learn Adobe technology from experienced, certified instructors at our Denver training center or in custom classes at your location or online. We sell licenses for Adobe Media Server, Adobe Connect, and Rhozet Carbon Coder as well as offer value-added support and development services. We create interactive software solutions and custom video applications and infrastructures that integrate into the desktop, and growing mobile environments. Balancing between proven practices and emerging technology we aim to deliver the best solution for your needs at the highest quality possible. In this post we are going to create a dynamic style-sheet that can be altered to fit any web application project while keeping inline with Material standards. In this post we will look at some of the highlights of the Google Material Design language and discuss the reason so many designers are adopting this new revolutionary design language. You’re an expert in your field, so you know what you’re looking for when it comes to the software you need. Perhaps you want to develop a mobile app that people can use in the field, in the classroom, or on-site.
We understand the challenges that one might encounter when putting theory into practice, particularly when it comes to your evolving teaching or training needs. We know how to look at data, analyze it, and determine how to build the best software or mobile application to use that data to teach or train your end-users. Our engineers are based in North America and have worked on projects for major educational institutes as well as corporate clients throughout the country. We will collaborate with you to develop the high-level e-Learning applications you need that would have been impossible just a few years ago. Art & Logic developers have experience building applications to meet compliance rules and policy standards and can engineer your e-Learning or training platform to conform with any necessary requirements. Once we’ve tested your software and ensured that it’s ready for launch, our developers will help your organization with onboarding and making sure that your end-users receive a thorough introduction to the tools available to them through the app or the software platform.
November 18, 2014 by Scott Reynolds In this first of a five part blog series, Scott Reynolds takes a closer look at the current trend toward agile software development.

The most prevalent methodology in the game of software development is ‘Scrum’ and you’d be forgiven for thinking this exciting and game changing method, is new.
In simplistic terms, the basis of Scrum is a list of features you would like to have in a product.
Stay tuned for part 2 next week, when Scott will look at quantifying effort requirements and how the Scrum methodology uses short, iterative sprints.
Our specialization in streaming media has allowed us to architect and deploy complete end to end Enterprise CDN solutions and build custom video players that have had record breaking audiences from all over the world.
We are expert consultants and trainers with the goal to reinforce your team and our work is built with performance, needs, and scalability in mind. This project is a great way to familiarize yourself with Material design while creating a style-sheet that can be recycled over and over again to create unique looking designs by just changing a few lines of code. Not only that, but we are an Integration Partner (we’ll help you design, configure and launch your deployment) and we’re a Training Partner too!
Or maybe you need integrated software that users can access via a desktop or web-based app with a more personalized learning experience. Our designers can work with you to integrate your digital libraries into custom-built adaptive teaching or training applications that can grow with your needs. We have built applications and software programs that range from assistive communication devices to language-Learning tools for children to applications that teach nurses how to care for specific wounds. Once we build your software, our developers can continue working with you to manage training sessions for third-party developers who want to use your software or to ensure that members of your organization can make the best use of the software we developed for you.
We have worked with over 900 clients in a diverse set of industries, including education, aerospace, music technology, consumer electronics, entertainment, financial services, and many more. Is it just a buzzword or a fad, or is there real business benefit to the consumers of software developed using agile methodologies?
Instead, let’s attempt to explain the Scrum methodology and investigate how Scrum benefits both the company developing the software solution and the consuming organisation.
Instead, it acts as a placeholder for the functionality and ensures a conversation about the detail will follow. This partnership fits inline with our one-stop-shop model, where you can come to us to get your complete solution.

Our very first web-based educational application, built in the mid 90s, provided an accredited online training curriculum for EMTs to maintain their certification.
The features or ‘User Stories’, to give them their correct name, are prioritised in the Product Backlog.
This is a departure point from more traditional methods where the details of all aspects of a product are hammered out, at great length, before being documented in a long, complicated document that few people truly understand. Many of the education applications we have developed are used by students, corporations and industries throughout the world.
The most important items are at the top and the less critical, nice to have items, are at the bottom. User Stories take the format, ‘As a user, I would like… so that…’ For example, ‘As a User I would like a scroll bar so I can scroll the page to read the text on it.’ Placing the user at the centre of the requirement ensures all requested features add value to the product. With Scrum, the full list of User Stories is drawn up before development begins forming the skeleton of the product.
The Product Backlog and its user stories are, by nature, more flexible and easily changed than the alternative, Specification Documents favoured by heavier-weight development processes. However, the meat is not added until the time is right to implement each piece of functionality.
If a feature is requested, but no justification of why the feature is required can be given, then why is the feature necessary?
Rather than spending extensive amounts of time trying to capture all requirements, the User Story led approach allows a more focused conversation to occur on the specific item in question.
This process gives increased clarity and focus whilst removing the need for consuming discussions.

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