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January 11, 2011 by Natalie 3 Comments I have just updated my Tudor History – Online Courses section to include a new course suggested by one of our readers, thank you Tina! The course, The Tudors: History, Culture and Religion,  offered by The University of Exeter considers the Tudor court as archetypal in the history of the English monarchy. The course runs for 12 weeks, costs 140 pounds and is delivered completely via the internet. For a course overview and enrolment details visit the University of Exeter’s British History and Heritage courses page here. It is also worth noting that the University offers a number of non-credit bearing online courses in Archaeology, Art History, British History and Heritage, Creative Writing, Egyptology, Environmental Studies, Film and Literature. I have always been interested in the techniques used by archaeologist to learn about the past (as it ties in so neatly with my love of history) so I will definitely have to keep this one in mind!
Don’t forget to let me know if you know of any other quality online courses related to the Tudors or Tudor history.
Oxford also offer some similar online courses, such as one concentrating only on Henry VIII which I am to start this coming April! We offer the best quality of Spanish language instruction in the best location to enjoy the city of Quito.
We can also send a Spanish language teacher to the student’s house, office or hotel.
Our reputable and well stablished GALAPAGOS SPANISH SCHOOL is known throughout Ecuador & Latin America as a serious and professional language school.
We have twenty one of experience in teaching Spanish as a second language.
Teach and make understood the correct use of the Spanish language. Assure that our students are successful in their language classes in their own countries, improve their job opportunities, and achieve promotions through their knowledge of a second language.
Galápagos School is endorsed by The Ecuadorian Ministry of Education, License # 066 DINEPP and is considered to be the most professional and serious in the city. Galapagos Spanish Language School has a privileged location in the heart of the La Mariscal  district in a charmingly refurbished house.
La Mariscal is also where the economic and financial activity in the capital of Ecuador are concentrated. We offer the best quality of Spanish language instruction in the best location to enjoy the city of Quito. Our goal is to provide you with a learning experience of excellence and for  life time. The GALAPAGOS SPANISH SCHOOL is authorized to teach Spanish as a second language by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Ecuador, license # 0066 DINEPP. At the end of the Spanish training (twelve levels), students will receive an official diploma issued and recognized by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Ecuador. Each student will also receive a GALAPAGOS SPANISH SCHOOL CERTIFICATE with details about the course fulfilled, and the level obtained. Curriculum features an integrated global strategic perspective with emphasis on conversation. Recognized faculty from the Central University, which is the best in Ecuador.
We have intensive individual Spanish Courses starting throughout the year. Ixchel Spanish School is located in Antigua Guatemala, a charming colonial town that was the capital of Central America until 1776.
Ixchel's team of experienced and friendly teachers will make your Spanish course a successful and memorable experience.
While immersion Spanish courses are without doubt the fastest and most efficient way to learn Spanish, unfortunately not everyone has the time and resources to travel to Antigua Guatemala and dedicate several weeks to learning Spanish. Our Spanish courses are available online and are taught by the same great teachers that have made our immersion courses famous all around the world.

Even if you can dedicate only a few hours a week to learning Spanish, you will improve your Spanish step by step because you work with an experienced teacher who takes an active interest in your progress, explains the lessons and practices with you until you are able to apply them confidently in realistic conversations. We use Skype video calling so you and your teacher can see each other – almost like in a classroom! The online Spanish courses contain grammar lessons, vocabulary building, oral and written exercises and lots of conversation practice. We realize that you have many obligations in your daily life and do our best to schedule your online Spanish lessons so they don't interfere with them.
Taking only a few lessons per week is a good choice if you only want to get a feel of the Spanish language before you decide to invest more time and resources in a more intensive course.
More intensive schedules are available for students who want to progress rapidly and have the time to dedicate an hour or two a day to their studies. Guatemala is on Central Time (GMT -6:00 hours) year round and does not observe daylight saving time. Anyone that is serious about learning Spanish should try their online classes, they are affordable and it is as if the teacher were sitting beside you.
I have read and agree to the Terms of Service, Privacy Statement and Copy & Trademark Policy. LanguageBird, LLC, leading provider of online high school language courses, discusses benefits of its accredited programs for college preparation. Based in Los Angeles, California, the company strives to offer a fresh take on traditional high school foreign language classes. The company is so confident in their instruction methods they offer free trial lessons for prospective students and their families.
Established in spring of 2015, LanguageBird, LLC provides outstanding online language courses for high school students and their families. Spanish ab initio SL is a course for students with no previous formal experience of learning Spanish. Practice essential twenty-first century skills such as digital literacy, collaboration and self-organisation. Spanish ab initio SL not only covers essential vocabulary and grammar, but key elements of Hispanic life and culture such as food, leisure, family relationships and entertainment. Activities include live online discussions, creating presentations, learning from videos, contributing to Blogs and Wikis and exciting interactive tasks.
You will receive just as much support in a Pamoja online course as you will in a face to face classroom. Contact us with any question you have about this course and studying online with Pamoja Education.
I actually really like the conversation sessions because they're just so friendly and so happy and it always goes well. I feel more confident developing my language skills one-on-one with my online teacher, rather than in a class full of other students. Daniella Cossio de Lira is Head of Spanish and Mandarin ab initio along with Emelia Carrillo, she also teaches Spanish ab initio with Pamoja Education. Emilia Carrillo is Head of Spanish and Mandarin ab initio along with Daniella Cossio de Lira. You are given the opportunity to study the culture of this period through a blend of archaeology, art, history, and literature; analysing its evolution, function and impact in a period of formative change for English society. This diploma will be representative of the level completed (ie.
Top-quality Spanish courses for students of all levels, excellent teachers and innovative teaching techniques quickly made us the leading Spanish school in Antigua Guatemala.
Professionals who work full time and families with school-age children often find it all but impossible to travel for a substantial amount of time and are thus hampered in their ability to learn Spanish. Flexible schedules allow you to dedicate as much or as little time to your Spanish lessons as you can fit into your busy day.
All class materials are available online and you have access to them whenever you have time to study.

Most of the teachers have more than five years of experience teaching Spanish as a second language to foreign students, some have been with Ixchel since the school was founded in 1999.
They take an active interest in your progress and do whatever they can to help you reach the goals you have set for yourself.
For each level, we have developed extensive study material, which is based on the material we use for our immersion courses in Antigua Guatemala and adapted to online use. This balanced approach makes sure that you will be able to apply the lessons you've learned and use them in realistic everyday situations. Advanced students who are already fairly fluent will also find an hour or two a week very useful to keep practicing and perfect their skills. I took 3 Spanish classes at my University and have had another online teacher from another company but nobody is as good as Ana Lucia. LanguageBird specializes in providing live, interactive online instruction using native speakers who are also highly qualified to teach, ensuring a quality experience and true learning possibilities.
By providing personalized, flexible, interactive instruction in an online learning environment, students can be exposed to the full range of language learning experiences. A number of incentives are offered, such as Facebook discounts and referral credits, helping make the courses even more affordable. The company’s courses differ from competitors in that they offer live, personalized instruction from native speaking and highly qualified teachers. It will enable you to communicate with people from a new culture and make the most of any time you spend in Spain and Latin America.
Currently based in The Netherlands, Daniella has been a teacher for twelve years and has been teaching the IB for nine, specialising in IB Spanish.
Drop us a line or give us a call on the phone or on Skype and we'll assist you in any way we can. Whether you want to take it easy and have only a couple of lessons a week or want to study intensively every day, we'll set up the schedule that's right for you!
She is very patient and very good at explaining things I never understood from other teachers.
The courses taught online are accredited by the University of California and by the NCAA, giving students the chance to remain eligible for Divisions 1 and 2 college competition. LanguageBird courses are unique as the only college-prep approved online courses taught by a live, real-time instructor. The interactive, rich learning experience is a welcome change from traditional classroom instruction, and students report greater satisfaction with the company’s Spanish-language lessons.
The online courses are both NCAA and University of California approved, making students eligible for scholarship opportunities. Of course, there will be some traditional activities such as essay writing and oral practice to prepare you for the exams.
Emilia has six years of teaching experience, with four in teaching IB Spanish at different levels (Ab Initio, Language B and A); she is also an IB Spanish Examiner. In fact, because of how much I like the online classes, I am going to spend a week at the school when I go to Guatemala a month from now. 24 hours of intensive, individualized and project based coursework is equivalent to one full year of class in a traditional high school setting. Emilia has a Master of Arts in Project Management and a Certificate of Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language from the University of Barcelona, Spain. Students may also take 12 hour courses, which represent a full semester of traditional instruction.
Students completing the highest levels of foreign language courses offered by LanguageBird have a better chance of being accepted into the top colleges, thanks to the intensive language preparation they receive at the hands of expert educators.

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