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The Teacher’s Gallery (TTG) an educational company which aims to empower educators by providing profound educational opportunities that are transformational and life-changing through teaching, traveling and giving back to the community announces the convening of their 1st National SPED Leadership Summit in Tagaytay City from November 25-27, 2015. The Teacher’s Gallery was formed out of a strong advocacy for inclusive education and for supporting our teachers in the nation building.
For registrations to the summit, please contact Mai Roble at 0917-428-9089 or 0998-554-8522 or 02-352-2675.
It has always been my passion to teach special needs children at the best of my abilities, knowledge and skills. The travel from Mindanao to Luzon particularly to the venue is quite a long way though with much expectations that for the first time of going to Tagaytay can be the most exciting to experience the First Leadership Summit on SPED but worst that happened. Special Education in Catanduanes province is an area in basic education that is in need of teachers who are expert and competent enough to teach. I am not a SPED teacher but I want to learn more about SPED because I want to be SPED teacher someday, mostly in autism.
This is going to be definitely a great place for learning for all people who are of service to People with Special Needs. My desire to participate in the summit stems from a deep aspiration to broaden my knowledge and improve my skills to become a better teacher. As a teacher Education student, i think being involve in the First National Special Education Leadership Summit will make my learning experience more meaningful and will help me understand more about children as it is also related in my course, and i want to learn and enrich my knowledge in understanding children especially those who have special needs and attention. Hi Good evening, I am not a SPED Teacher, I am a SPED coordinator in Secondary School.I want this summit badly. It is a big chance for me to attend like of this activity its my chance to know another things for my proffession as Special Educator as now.
I’m more willing to increase my knowledge and awareness about my chosen profession, which I wanted to share.
Persons applying for this program need not possess any other credential, though with additional courses, students may also complete a Multiple Subject or Single Subject Teaching Credential.
Bruce Blake: My commitment to being a social service provider began eleven years ago ironically, as a means to pay for art school. Margaret Cox: I am currently a special education teacher in the Miami-Dade County school system, teaching 4th - 6th grade inclusion classes. Ingrid Cumming: Ingrid Cumming is currently UCF's Toni Jennings Exceptional Education Institute's Educator in Residence. Julie’s research interest includes investigating the academic achievement of students with disabilities.
Julie’s future plans encompass advocating for students with disabilities and supporting schools and school level systems with meeting the needs of students with disabilities effectively. LaSonya Moore: I am currently an Assistant Principal at Oak Grove Middle School in Clearwater, Florida, where I supervise a variety of faculty and staff as well as approximately 1300 students.
Jonathan plans to use the education he receives and contacts he makes, through NUSELI, to improve special education in Central Florida - with special focus on special education in schools within low socioeconomic areas. He is grateful and blessed to have this opportunity and a family that is willing to support him through the process. I aspire someday to make a greater impact of change on students, teachers, and the special education program, as a whole. Kimberly Steinke: When I was in my first year of college, I wanted to be a fashion designer. Betsy Theis: Betsy Theis, is currently in her second year serving as Senior Administrator of Corrective Programs and AYP in Orange County Public Schools. ESE Program Specialist for the Central Learning Community of Orange County Schools, and School Social Worker for Orange County Schools. The most rewarding part of her job is the opportunity to have courageous conversations with educators that impact and improve their practice.
Nowhere is the challenge of redefining the roles, strengthening the competence, and providing adequate support for leaders more crucial than in the area of special education. This initiative is designed to address the critical gaps between the traditional preparation of urban special education mid-level administrators and the skills, knowledge, and dispositions needed for full implementation of the Individuals With Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEIA) of 2004. The University of Central Florida will partner with the Urban Special Education Leadership Collaborative, a national network of the special education leadership of more than 80 urban school districts. For those who are really interested to attend this #SPED Leadership summit I suggest that you read this article until the very end. The three-day summit, which begins on Wednesday with award-winning leaders in the Special Education field both in the US and in the Philippines, attracts educators across the country to address best practices in inclusive education, educational strategies for students with disabilities and a closer look at the current trends in the Philippines special education.
As a strong advocate for people with disabilities, I am confident that this summit will pave the way for more opportunities to listen and gather information from exceptional leaders and teacher leaders in the country. Actively supporting this event are our first participants in the 1st Boston Study Tour Initiative who had enriching and happy memories of their immersion program in the US classrooms.” said Mai Roble, TTG Chief Operating Officer. Its vision is for our educators to build a community of learners who will work towards a better Philippines – offering equal opportunities to all.
Whether you earn this pass or not, I hope that it will not dim your passion for teaching CSNs. As the farthest participating SPED Teachers & Dep Ed personnel were housed to the isolated Barangay Haven-Ulat with baggages to carry climbing upstairs steps to shout up a very tiresome venue that discomfort to the condition to learn on the Summit. In summary, you need to improve too crowded session hall venue the food has no appetite at all with half-cooked rice with viand not eatable by all, the accommodation is not a pleasant room for the participants, the bus driver who was very unfriendly even reprimanding the overflowing riders on single trip the hosts of the program too lousy to tell. As SPED teachers, differentiation and individualized instruction are just one of our many skills.

I also hope that you will continue to receive support in becoming an effective and efficient SPED teacher. The fact that units in Special Education is overlooked to be offered in Higher Education in Catanduanes, many teachers are not qualified to teach sped. As a teacher, I want to know more about special child cases to know what should I do to let them able to learn and know their value as a human being just like any other kids out there. I believe that this will be a great opportunity for me to gain new insights, learn better strategies and increase my exposure to the field of education.
My son has autism with cognitive ADHD, he is seven years old and now enrolled at the public SpEd class near in our place.
I am a fresh graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Special Education and also a part-time volunteer in an association for the welfare of Children with Special Needs. Each child is a unique individual who has a potential to learn and to adapt to his\her environment. Serving individuals with developmental disabilities has been both life altering and a wonderful reciprocal learning experience. Ian’s research interest is to determine what program model for students with disabilities will have the most positive impact on their academic growth.
She wants people to look beyond the labels of a student's disability and look at them as a learner first.
As an Assistant Principal, I aspire to establish a school culture and educational program conducive to individual student learning and personal growth. The opportunities afforded by earning an Educational Doctorate, from NUSELI will make this attainable. Her experiences as a child in Orange County Public Schools during the 1970’s were significant in forming habits of mind and a tenderness of heart, as she witnessed her best friend being shuttled across the county, unable to attend the neighborhood schools because of a disability.
However, because my father was a teacher and basketball coach I spent a lot of my time keeping his score book for games.
Cerasale is a 24-year veteran of the United States Coast Guard and was a member of the first cohort of the National Urban Special Education Leadership Initiative.
Diaz has served as Associate Superintendent of Exceptional Education and Multilingual Services for Orange County Public Schools.
Thompson is currently the Principal on Assignment for Corrective Programs and AYP for Orange County Public Schools. Tom Uhle was born and raised in Miami Dade County, and has spent the last twelve years as a special education teacher in an urban middle school. Levine, President of Columbia University, has stated, "Our country needs skilled education leaders more than it has ever before, and our schools of education aren't preparing those people. There is a critical need for school district and school leaders to have full access to the best available research and practical wisdom and to receive strong support in transforming that knowledge into high-quality performance and continuous improvement for themselves and for those they lead. The effort will provide leadership development, mentoring and focused networking opportunities for mid-level special education leaders in urban school districts.
The end of 2015 is almost near but we still have a lot of events for special education here in the Philippines. I am committed to providing educational policies that will drive better schools that are more inclusive and acceptable of all learners.” said, Cong. Eric Hieser, Executive Director of Sturgis Charter School, recently ranked by the US News as #1 public high school in Massachusetts and a strong advocate for inclusive classrooms.
This situation triggered me to take a Master’s Degree in Special Education in Manila. But I don’t have enough money to join the summit so it is my pleasure if I will be chosen to get the free pass. I’ve always been an inclusive education advocate since I shifted my course into SpEd and I have a cousin with ASD. I would like also want to know more strategies in handling different disabilities and ways to improve the CSN’s abilities. These abilities can be realize through proper caring, intensive intervention and through collaborative efforts of the stakeholders.
My undergraduate BFA and Graduate MBA admittedly are non-traditional tracks towards an educational doctorate degree. I am also a graduate student with the Urban Special Education Project at the University of Central Florida. My beginnings are thousands of miles from the United States on the tiny island of Barbados in the West Indies.
She believes when we focus on the strengths of a student and find ways to build them up, then we can be effective.
My greatest strengths include: Communication, teacher mentoring, curriculum design and improvement, school safety, standardized testing, program management and coordination, meetings and presentations.
Through my observations of his teams I watched one specific year as one of his players (JT) struggled to stay on the team because of his poor academic and behavior skills in the classroom.
He fulfilled his dreams of becoming a special educator upon graduation with a Master's degree from the University of Florida. This continuous improvement must be grounded in high professional standards, guided by intense collaboration among key special education constituents, and evaluated on the basis of its impact upon participants' performance as leaders of efforts to increase the effectiveness of teachers and others in providing the best education possible for students with special needs.
The integrated curricula and practicum experiences will include cross-cutting work on the substantive content and strategies of high quality special education programs in urban settings as well as on related legal, fiscal, assessment and management-organizational issues. One of the anticipated events is the 1st National Special Education Leadership Summit happening on the month of November.

He will also be speaking in a separate conference for private schools with international baccalaureate (IB) programs hosted by Domuschola International School in partnership with TTG on the “Transformative Power of IB for All”.
I really believe that the manifestation of inclusive education will mark a great impact in the perspectives of people who don’t really understand the means of special education.
Above all, I want to inspire and touch the lives of other people, with or without disabilities.
Thus, developing the child holistically will prepare him\her to become self-reliant which is imperative to his\her integration and participation into his\her society. Conversely, my impeccable work history, along with social skills to effectively promote change, have given me the foundation to erect an accessible educational leadership framework that supports the community I serve.
At this point, I think I'm doing a great job as an assistant principal, but a poor job as a student. She has served Exceptional Learners in Pre K to 5th grade in self-contained and resource classrooms. It was at that time that I decided I wanted to do something to help students like JT be successful.
Prior to that she was the Executive Area Director for the West Learning Community for Orange County Public Schools. Particular attention will be paid to effective collaboration between special and general educators and to collaboration between educators and family, community and service agency representatives. Below you will read more about the organizers behind this SPED event and their goals for holding this SPED leadership summit.
V of Quezon City whose office co-organized the 1st Filipino Educators’ Global Education Initiative with The Teachers’ Gallery, where sixteen Filipino educators observed and learned from globally recognized special education programs in Massachusetts’ public schools: Randolph, Wellesley and Dedham Public Schools. I strongly believe that this 1st National Special Education Leadership Summit 2015 will help me to understand Special education better. As for me, I believe that inclusive education would benefit both CSN and typically developing children in a very friendly way. That’s one of my aspirations in life, to be a person that can make a difference by doing service to humanity. My goal this summer is to get back in the groove of being a student and excelling as a student as well as an assistant principal. She is currently teaching a pilot Pre-K ASD Unit on a Orlando Public School High School Campus.
While pursuing her graduate degree, she first served students with disabilities in the OCPS system as a paraprofessional in an ESE classroom.
Uhle continued his education by earning National Board Certification and a Doctorate from the University of Central Florida.
That I would be able to build new insights and have a clearer vision about Special Education which can help me to teach in the best way that I can. That’s why I want to join in the national sped leadership summit to gain and extend my knowledge so I can share it to my son, my co-parents, teacher, and other child with special needs.
By this event it will help all the attendees in their own way to help in Education and be knowledgeable in inclusive education, always remember, Getting our own way serves only to get in the way of our service. If I’m going have a chance to join the very first National Special Education Leadership Summit, it would be a great privilege for me. She received her Masters of Arts degree from the University of Central Florida in Varying Exceptionalities and is also certified in ESOL , Elementary Education and Pre-K with Disabilities.
My mother was an English Language Learner, but she made sure she sat down with me when I had to do my homework.
Her grandfather, from Yauco, Puerto Rico, came to this country as a tomato picker in New Jersey; he brought his wife and seven children to settle in New York. Also, I am very much eager to attend this summit for this will not just give me new learnings but also an awesome experience in my teaching journey.
Uhle had opportunities to collaborate with peers from around the world at the Harvard Institute and the University of Central Winter Institute, as well as at conference presentations for the Council for Exceptional Children. I was currently at the end of my junior year at the University of South Florida as a Chemical Engineering Major. Monday morning I went to the University's College of Education and Human Performance and met with Dr.
Suzanne Martin and the National Urban Special Education Leadership Institute at the University of Central Florida. Uhle's research has been on leadership and administrative issues as they pertain to educational placements for students with emotional and behavioral disabilities. Uhle plans to continue his efforts to influence positive change for students with emotional and behavioral disabilities, thereby improving their educational outcomes on a large scale. Uhle was recognized as the South Region teacher of the year for Miami Dade County Public Schools. I would go to the day care after school and eventually started working there during the summer when I was in high school.

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