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Disadvantages-  If you want to get a way from your high school friends, than going to an in state school could possibly do that for you, but most likely will not. GERM 411 – Studies in Literary Genre Germ- Study of a particular genre in German literature, such as the Novelle, lyric poetry, the German novel, modern drama, short story.
COMM 322 – Media Law- This course examines the impact of law on public communication, with emphasis on ethics and law regarding broadcast, print, and online media. HIST 350 – The American Presidency- The modern presidency and its role in contemporary politics, emphasizing the constitutional background of the office, the evolution of presidential powers, relationships between the presidency and the Congress and bureaucracy, the presidential election process, and the role of the presidency in policy making. COMM 343 – Broadcast Production- In this class, students get hands on experience editing and filming with high-tech cameras.
RECR 350 – Ropes Crs Initiatve Dynam- Provides physical and mental challenges through adventure activities.
While away at college, there are so many holidays and celebrations that get harder to celebrate.
For people who think that they have to be the prettiest, or the most technologically smart to be in the major, you are wrong.
Also, especially for Mass Media concentrations, across campus from CSTAC, there is a building with a full television studio and a radio station that are both student run. If you are looking for a major or minor with that will give you real life experience, that broaden your horizons, with small class sizes, and motivating professors, Communication Studies or German would be a great fit for you. My advice to potential students who are looking to find a major or minor that is fit for them, I would just tell them to be passionate about their future and their career aspirations! There are tons of internships and jobs on campus at Longwood University.  Here at Longwood, all students are required to do an internship in order to graduate and it is considered a general education goal. Jobs on campus included working in the dining hall, being a resident assistant, a desk aide, or working in one of the many offices and services that Longwood has. My biggest piece of advice when trying to get a job on campus, is to dedicate yourself one hundred percent.  I would also say, that you should go out and seek those jobs and really want them, because if you do not want to give your all, someone else will.
This past summer, I interned at NASA Langley Research Center, in their Office of Education.
I would recommend everyone, whether required or not get an internship when in college.  This is important, because it helps build up your resume and gives you real life experience to take out with you into the real world. Also, a great way to get an internship or job on campus is to network with the people around you every day.  You can also talk to alumni and your faculty and staff members, but also do not forget about talking to your peers about potential jobs or internships available. Another piece of advice I would give you, is to check your email for updates and messages from your university career center.  Also, take them your resume and ask them to help you, by proof reading it. The Speech Department offers courses which develop and enhance oral communication skills at all levels.
Saddleback College won its first national championship, not in a sports arena, but in a speaker's forum.
For details on how to participate on the Saddleback College Forensics Team, contact Larry Radden at (949) 582-4909 or Heidi Ochoa at 949-582-4404.
Students with an AA in Communication Studies will better understand ethical ways of interacting through enhanced awareness.
Students with an AA in Communication Studies will be able to effectively communicate in front of audiences.

Students with an AA in Communication Studies will be proficient in research and citation technique. Graduates of Communication Studies will have the ability to correctly apply communication theories to enhance the quality of their interactions in their everyday lives. Disclaimer: This site may contain links to web sites not administered by Saddleback College or one of its divisions, departments, units or programs. On 25th and 26th September, 2015 Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand Regional Lawn Tennis Tournament was organized in St. The ASISC Badminton Tournament was held at Gorakhnath, Gorakhpur from 19th to 22nd August, 2015.
Late Shri Sanjeev Tomar Memorial Inter School Basketball Tournament was held in Holy Public School Agra from 12th to 14th August, 2015 in which our school bagged Ist position after defeating St. The 2nd District students Olympic Games 2015-16, organized by Agra Students Olympic Association was held from 2nd to 4th May’15 in Baluni Public School and Sri Ram Public School, Agra.. The 41st Sub-Junior National Basketball championship was held at Nashik, Maharashtra from 22nd to 28th November, 2014.
Drawing and handwriting competition was held on 26th September, 2014 in our school, which was organized by the National Institute “Akhil Bhartiya Nagrik Vikas Kendra”. Standing Row – Front (L to R):- Shruti Jain (Class 5-B), Anukrati Rajput (Class 3-B), Samridhi Gupta (Class 1-B), Anushka Jain (Class 2-C), Harshita Singh (Class 6-A), Arunima Saha (Class 5-A).
Standing Row – Back (L to R):- Sakshi Verma (Class 7-B), Geetanshi Agarwal (Class 7-B), Sr.
On 18th November 2014 25th Rahul Memorial Inter School Table Tennis Tournament was organized in St.
Standing Row - Front (L to R):- Joyshree Bhattacharya(X-B), Kirti Gyamlani(VI-B), Tanya Jain(12-A), Ritu Verma(VI-B), Anchal Vij(IX-B), Rashi Khandelwal(10-B). Standing Row - Front (L to R):- Mehek Chawla(III-C), Zoha Khan(III-B), Rishika Bandijiya(III-A), Titiksha Surana(IV-B), Ananya Agarwal(IV-B), Harshita Yadav(III-A).
Standing Row - Back (L to R):- Priyanka Yadav(IV-C), Radhika Khandelwal(V-B), Ananya Pachauri(V-B), Navya Shivhare(V-A). 18th All India Kumar Surendra Singh Shooting Championship was held in New Delhi from 10th Sept, 2014 to 16th Sept, 2014 in which Rishika Kaim qualified for the Nationals.
Special attention will be given to mathematical formulas and their application to realistic situations in economics and finance, in particular personal finance. There I helped plan events, organize tours of the center, and did public outreach for NASA Langley. In this rapid-growing, ever-changing world, the ability to express ideas clearly, concisely and with self-assurance is an invaluable tool to anyone regardless of his or her field of endeavor.
Since capturing this national title in 1982, forensics students have won numerous regional and state speech and debate competitions, and have consistently placed in the top 10 in national tournaments.
Saddleback College is not responsible or liable for the accuracy or the content of the linked pages. State Inter School Air Rifle and pistol shooting championship was held from 9th September, 2015 to 13th September, 2015 at BAGHPAT in which 8 girls from our school participated and six of them fetched medals. Junior participants qualified the Semi-finals whereas the Senior participants qualified the Finals, achieving the second position.

Patrick’s Junior College in semi-final with the score of 25-04 and Delhi Public School in the final with the score of 22-08. Daya memorial District Ranking Badminton Tournament was held at Thrive Sports Centre, Agra from 9th July to 12th July, 2015 .
Karni Singh memorial Shooting Competition was held in Jaipur from 23rd to 26th July, 2015 in which Rishika Kaim(10-A) of our school fetched a Silver Medal..
Anthony’s Junior College, Agra was adjudged as “The Best School” with trophy & certificate. Joseph’s School, Varanasi from 28th to 30th September 2014, in which girls from our School participated in Senior and Junior Category.
The theme of this Competition was to make best use out of waste, using their creativity and innovation.
Topics will include banking, budgeting, credit, taxes, insurance, mortgages, automobile loans, annuities, and investments such as stocks and bonds.
The development of creativity, ingenuity, and trust are essential elements that will be experienced throughout the course. I met a lot of people from all across the country, and also go to make connections and listen to interesting speakers every week.
Students can focus on interpersonal communication, persuasion, group dynamics and leadership, or can improve and enhance their vocal and articulatory control.
Our Senior Team bagged 2nd position after defeating the teams of Kanpur, Ghaziabad and Lucknow. The event comprised seven different contests such as the War of Words, the Scavenger Hunt, Solve-a-tion, Coding Wizard, Gameathon, the perfect shot and a Computer quiz. Anthony’s Junior College, Agra were selected to represent the Uttar Pradesh team and reached the Semi Finals, for the 3rd position in National's Uttar Pradesh team defeated Haryana team by 98-95 points.
In singles, Sanya Kapoor secured 3rd prize in junior category and Vrinda Khandelwal secured 1st prize in senior category. Children enthusiastically participated in the competition and the best entries were judged and displayed. Consideration will be given to how changes in the macro and micro economic environment affect these topics. In addition, the oral interpretation and readers' theatre courses give students a means of communicating the human condition both physically and verbally, while helping them to develop a strong stage presence. The students bagged the 1st position in Machine Making and The Exploration and 2nd position in Science Quiz and Banner Making. In doubles, Sanya Kapoor and Anushka Saxena won the 3rd prize in junior category, Vrinda Khandelwal & Anshika Jain won the 1st prize in senior category. She also participated in 1st Sports Craft Air Weapon Shooting Championship in which she secured a Gold Medal.
Anthony’s Junior College, accompanied by Ma’am Preeti, participated in the competition and bagged prizes in four categories out of seven, achieving the second place in Coding wizard & War of Words and third position in Scavenger Hunt as well as Solve-a-tion.

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