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PM covers a broad spectrum of issues relevant to all sections of Australia's geographically and culturally diverse community. Barack Obama has told the United States it is an American family, which rises and falls together as one nation and as one people. MARK COLVIN: Barack Obama has been associated with the slogan 'Fired up, ready to go', but during this campaign he had some pretty slow moments, some moments when he certainly didn't look fired up and ready to go, notably the first debate. Halit wanted to show Jeyda how much he meant to her with a photo montage, what happened next will have you in stitches. I think most of us would dread the honour of stealing the limelight from the newly-weds for just a moment, by projecting your words into the love-filled air with all eager eyes glued on you. Now, with that statement, you may possibly be feeling a certain tightness wrapped around your heart with tingling fingertips.
Again, it may seem obvious to practice your speech before the real thing but, it’s a great way to monitor your progress. When preparing a speech, the first step is to find out as much information as you can about the audience so you can tailor your speech to suit them. Think of the structure from your audience’s point of view, rather than what makes sense to you. Make sure each time you are strengthening your voice to be loud and clear, and to keep a steady pace.
For others to completely believe in you and your words, you need to believe in yourself first.

Many people slot in jokes into their speech to break the ice and get a few laughs from the crowd. If you are simply not a confident speaker, then this will give you another option for a solution.
If you’re giving the same speech several times to different groups, you can make it more lively by using different examples and stories. Our economy is recovering, a decade of war is ending, a long campaign is now over.(Crowd cheers and applauds)And whether I earned your vote or not, I have listened to you, I have learned from you, and you've made me a better president.
You can do this easily enough by reciting your speech during daily activities such as, washing-up, showering, or any other household chores. Some speakers collect magazine and newspaper clippings or keep a journal of stories or ideas. And with your stories and your struggles, I return to the White House more determined and more inspired than ever about the work there is to do and the future that lies ahead.(Crowd cheers and applauds)Tonight, you voted for action, not politics as usual. You elected us to focus on your jobs, not ours, and in the coming weeks and months, I am looking forward to reaching out and working with leaders of both parties to meet the challenges we can only solve together - reducing our deficit, reforming our tax code, fixing our immigration system, freeing ourselves from foreign oil.We've got more work to do, but that doesn't mean your work is done.
If you’re looking up above peoples heads or looking down at your feet, people are not going to be impressed.
That may seem hard if you’re stuck between others at a table, but just be comfortable with yourself and you will give a comfortable vibe out to your piers. I also imagine the scene I have played over and over in my head, where it goes so unbelievably perfect that it’s like it was out of a movie.

My advice for this is to just keep telling yourself you can do it until you almost brainwash yourself. America's never been about what can be done for us, it's about what can be done by us, together, through the hard and frustrating but necessary work of self-government.
Imagine if you were this bright, vibrant speaker engaging with every individual in the room because you are so comfortable in your own shoes.
That's the principle we were founded on.This country has more wealth than any nation, but that's not what makes us rich. Our universities, our culture, are all the envy of the world, but that's not what keeps the world coming to our shores.What makes America exceptional are the bonds that hold together the most diverse nation on earth. The belief that our destiny is shared, that this country only works when we accept certain obligations to one another and the future generations so that the freedom which so many Americans have fought for and died for comes with responsibilities as well as rights, and among those are love and charity and duty and patriotism, that's what make America great.(Crowd cheers and applauds)I am hopeful tonight because I have seen the spirit at work in America. I'm not talking about blind optimism, the kind of hope that just ignores the enormity of the tasks ahead or the roadblocks that stand in our path.I'm not talking about the wishful idealism that allows us to just sit on the sidelines or shirk from a fight. We are and forever will be the United States of America, and together, with your help and God's grace, we will continue our journey forward and remind the world just why it is that we live in the greatest nation on earth.Thank you, America.

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