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Speech for elementary valedictorian free essays 1 - 20, Elementary school graduation speech. But for a handful of veterans at Valencia College, there’s one place where they feel at home  a speech class that is open only to veterans. The “vets-only” speech class kicked off in August and has been a hit with the students, who come from all branches of the military and whose duties ranged from submariners to the Army infantry. The students often come to the classroom to hang out before class and have worked on projects together, to send care packages to soldiers stationed overseas, some of whom are their friends. Other colleges around the country are experimenting with veterans only classes, including Collin College near Dallas, which offers a full year of entry-level classes that veterans can take together,  and Ohio State University, which is offering one or two courses for veterans only.
Valencia College provides equal opportunity for educational opportunities and employment to all.
Speech Class Rules WALK QUIETLY Raise your hand Stay in Your Seat Use Your Inside Voice hands feet & objects to yourself Show respect for others Be kind to one another take turns Do your best!
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Now married to a fellow Marine, she finds camaraderie in the speech class that she hasn’t found in others.
But Creighton noticed that when veterans stood up to speak  about their experiences, the poignant or difficult experiences that they described often went right over the heads of most of their classmates.

But Creighton plans to offer the course again in the spring — and is spreading word about the course.
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