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I have decent enough English writing skills but I am not comfortable with speaking in English at length. When I chanced upon the Speech Coach ad for a 1-day intensive English fluency and self-confidence workshop, I told bf that we should check it out. The workshop was done in the second floor of the building and had an informal classroom setup. We were given individual workbooks which we used for the reading exercises and for writing down notes. There was a one-hour lunch break during which some of our classmates trooped to the nearest eateries. He was skeptical; he wasn't sold with the idea that a life-long awkwardness with English speaking would be solved in just 8 hours of work. We chose the Santolan branch since going there was more convenient for us (via LRT-1 and 2).

JC taught us about the power of words and how self-affirmation could help build confidence. Since SM City Marikina was within walking distance, bf and I opted to exercise our legs and go to the mall.
When we were already in the Santolan station, we couldn't see Speech Coach's sign so I called them up and we were told to cross the overpass and someone from their office would be waiting for us at the 7-11 store.
According to him, he used to be with Speechpower but his then-boss (and mentor) encouraged him to spread his wings and find his own path.
Also, he stated that speaking with conviction was actually more useful than memorizing grammar rules when it came to achieving fluency.
True enough, a guy was waiting for us in front of 7-11 and he accompanied us to Speech Coach.
I agreed with him and for the same reason: even Americans commit grammar mistakes while speaking, but we don't notice those mistakes much because Americans speak English confidently.

Their office was just a few steps away but was not conspicuous when standing in the LRT station due to the way the road curved. I guess I was expecting some bumbling people, but our classmates, during our getting-to-know-you portion, spoke well enough. Try speaking in straight English out of the blue and chances are, other people will find it amusing or maarte.

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speech coach jc santos

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