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Bloomsburg University's Speech-Language Pathology master's program prepares students for clinical practice with a variety of communication disorders and in a variety of clinical settings. The graduate speech-language pathology program provides a comprehensive curriculum that prepares the graduate for work in a wide variety of professional settings.
The study of swallowing disorders is provided via two courses (one focusing on the anatomy and physiology of normal and disordered swallowing; the second course discusses a wide array of evaluation and management methods).
Graduates of the master's degree program in speech pathology are eligible for certification in Teaching Speech to Language-Impaired Students granted by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, the Certificate of Clinical Competence in Speech Pathology issued by the Council for Clinical Certification of the American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA) and licensure in speech pathology issued by the Pennsylvania State Board of Examiners for Speech, Language and Hearing.
In addition to meeting the general admission requirements for the School of Graduate Studies, applicants for the master's degree program in speech pathology must meet the following requirements. Graduate students must maintain a QPA of 3.0 with no more than one grade lower than a B- throughout the graduate speech-language pathology program. This graduate program consists of a minimum of 55 semester hours with most courses being required. This chart shows at what age 90% of the boys and girls can correctly produce the English speech sounds at the beginning and end of words.
The program provides students with wide-ranging academic experience in all areas of speech-language pathology.

In addition to courses typically offered, BU has separate courses in augmentative communication, swallowing disorders, aphasia, cognitive based language disorders, and both a preschool and school-age language course. In addition, the Clinical Instrumentation in Speech Pathology course provides students with valuable “hands-on” experience with videostroboscopy, nasometry, and other speech assessment methods that coincide with coursework in Voice Disorders, Craniofacial Disorders, and Motor Speech Disorders. Over the past seven years, 100 percent of the graduates have passed the National Examination in Speech Pathology and Audiology.
This information must include the name, address, position and telephone number of each reference. If a grade lower than a B- is earned in the final clinic course prior to externship (72.576), the course must be repeated with a grade of B or higher prior to enrolling in a field experience.
A master's thesis option (6 credits) is available and may be completed as part of the minimum 55 credit requirement.
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Speech therapists help people who have difficulty communicating in any mode, either verbal or written. Although parents and therapists alike would like every child to speak if possible, it is important to help a child convey wants and needs using any mode possible in the early stages.

The study of speech disorders is covered via coursework in articulation, craniofacial disorders, fluency, voice, and motor speech disorders. Clinical experience is considered necessary and inseparable from the existing course sequence. In addition, a Master’s Thesis option is available for those students with specialized research interests. Applicants whose major is in an area other than communication disorders will be required to satisfactorily complete certain academic and practicum deficiencies. To progress in the graduate program, students must maintain an adequate academic standing and adhere to the department suitability clause.
It becomes an important step in the development of a competent clinician, linking theory with clinical experience, and preparing for certification and eventual employment in the field. For infants and toddlers, speech therapy may involve teaching parents how to provide a rich language environment and how to facilitate language development for their child.

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