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OverviewThis lesson falls at the completion of our Holocaust unit and is designed to "pull together" the lessons of the Shoah by asking the very simple questions, "What have I learned from the Holocaust?" and "How can I make a difference?" This is a return to the preliminary question asked at the beginning of our study, "Why study the Holocaust?" The follow up student activities can be adjusted and modified to fit into any classroom time schedule and can easily be integrated across the curriculum. To raise students' concern about apathy, indifference, prejudice, social responsibility and the nature and dynamics of unchecked power. Keep a journal for a week or two in which you record your feelings about disturbing events in the news.

Write a letter to a Congressional representative or a newspaper editor stating your views about a social injustice. My career so far has been Marketing Manager for a music artist and then Consultant in the Automotive.

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speech lessons for adults

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