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You might try having your client hold his hand in front of his mouth when making these sounds.
The first thing I would do for a 10 month old baby who is not babbling or making any consonant sounds is refer her for a hearing evaluation.
I wish I would have found this blog years ago when I was teaching preschoolers with communication delays. As for whether or not you should be concerned, I don’t think you need to be concerned but I do think you should follow up with your pediatrician as I have suggested just to rule that out, and work on those turn-taking and imitation games to see if you can get those sounds back. I am a speech and language therapist working in private practice in the UK and have just discovered your website.
As a mom of three with my third also being a red headed tornado (love the reference) I can TOTALLY relate! Thanks Heidi for a terrific, quick, and fully functional resource for SLP’s who need good quality phonemic stimulation sheets for the kids. I am a licensed Speech Language Pathologist and have been working in this field since 2000.
I first became familiar with speech therapy when a young cousin needed help with her speech impediment. There are a number of environments where a speech therapist who specializes in geriatric care could thrive. I first noted my speech delay about a year and a half ago when I was the care giver for my husband who passed awa y in Mar 2011 of COPD.
We will listen to your child and may use a formal articulation test to evaluate the sound errors. I look forward to completing posts on teaching the sounds that I have not yet blogged about, and putting up a lot more speech worksheets for sounds, sentences and stories to download.
Of course I’ll share my triumphs and struggles when teaching the sounds to my clients, and my own kids.

I’m lucky enough to have my fabulous graphic designer husband at my disposal and we’ve both been working like crazy to get Mommy Speech Therapy updated and rolling again.
She graduated from Utah State University where she completed both her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. I mainly work with the birth-to-three population and just recently started to venture into working with the school age kidos privately. Her mother and the teachers at the school helped develop a plan to help improve her speech, which involved a weekly session with a speech therapist. Baby boomers have brought the elderly population to new heights, with an even larger increase expected in the near future.
This makes it difficult for many elderly people to speak as they once did, and it makes it more difficult for those around them to understand what they are saying.
Nursing homes, retirement communities, hospitals, and home health care centers may all contract with someone with this sort of expertise. With that said, I’m excited to continue sharing my thoughts about speech therapy with you and hope for a wonderful remainder of 2010! She began her career in early intervention and eventually started her own private practice where she has worked primarily with pre-K through school age kids. I put together this blog to share some of the tips and techniques that have worked for me over the years in teaching kids to improve their speech and more effectively communicate. I never thought much more about it until my great uncle had a stroke and lost much of his ability to speak. This has led to an increase in the demand in speech therapists that specialize in helping elderly patients. Speech therapy can help teach the patient to speak in a new way, with vocal exercises that will help them communicate more effectively.
We may then recommend speech treatment if the child is not at their developmental level or they present with deviant oral patterns.

She is the founder of Little Bee Speech, and is currently developing apps for speech and language. Thanks for reading and remember it takes time and patience with this stuff but it is so worth it! A speech therapist was employed by the rehabilitation nursing home he was sent to, and she helped him regain much of his ability to communicate. Some of these patients need general help due to the natural aging process, while others need help with specific problems related to an underlying medical condition. His speech therapist worked with him several times a week for many months and then slowly backed down to once or twice a week. I have the think of what I want to say before opening my mouth and my hand writing is the same.
This made me realize that there is an amazing need for speech therapy in both the younger and older generations. Because this is a condition that affects many people as they age, even if they have no other medical conditions, it is possible that geriatric speech therapy will grow even faster than other forms of geriatric care. Eventually his speech did improve a great deal, although never what it was prior to the stroke. I still drive my car and I wanted to know if there is a speech therapist in Burlington, Ont Canada!?! Still, he and the entire family were very grateful for the help of the speech therapist, and he was overjoyed at being able to communicate effectively with his family, friends, and doctors once more.

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