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I provide training on many aspects of speech and language therapy to a range of professionals including teachers. Shining Stars Therapy offers specialized programs that our skilled therapists will use to assist your child throughout their therapy process.
This program challenges the auditory and visual system as the child is required to hear the timing of the sounds and sees color changes related to the timing of their movements. BrainWorks is a program that has the therapist design a sensory diet based on the needs of the child.

The following areas have seen improvement: awareness, performance in school by organizing thoughts, motor coordination such as balance, and memory recognition. A sensory diet includes activities and tasks the child can choose from to help with thier sensory needs.
Depending on how the child is feeling correlates to which category of activites your child should engage. The sensory diet is designed to help the child become socially interactive, improve performance and focus in school, and to gain and sustain attention for given tasks.

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speech therapy training in kenya

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