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Our communication skills training begin by teaching the three most important elements for speaking and presenting with leadership. We also teach the concept of "messaging", the other side of communication that goes beyond the spoken words, such as speaking styles, pitch range, voice behaviors, communication habits and body language that are communicated unintentionally. These behaviors will be identified so that these areas can be used skillfully and strategically during presentations. We teach how to deliver excellent presentations that not only includes outstanding delivery skills but how to organize a PowerPoint. In our longer communication skills trainings we video record short presentations and provide an evaluation and feedback. Business professionals can define unlimited personal and professional success by learning how to speak and present with confidence, a strong voice image and speaking style. Prior to the training we can have a pre-conference to determine the training objectives and establish a training agenda. Speak in a melody that will captivate a listener's interest and create better active attention when delivering a presentation. Speak in a perfect pitch range and recognize thinner, higher pitch and nasal vocal qualities that occur when nervous. Speak using business melody that will significantly improve articulation and conversational skills and make presentations more impactful.
Master business psychology for presenting questions, negotiating and using body language effectively. Eliminate physical nervous habits, anxiety and vocal pitch breaks that interfere with messages and credibility. Organize content in a PowerPoint presentation that looks interesting, easy for audience members to identify key information and is professional.

Communication Skills and Presentation Basics: A 3 hour training that teaches the skills described above. Full Scale Public Speaking and Presentation Training: A 6 hour training that can be one session or two-three hour sessions, within a few weeks apart to practice skills learned. A 12 or 16 hour training with flexible scheduling that allows for in-depth training and a series of videotaping analyzing skills. Private Training - Contact us to arrange your complimentary consultation to discuss your goals and we will create a custom designed program to meet your needs. Elizabeth Peterson, executive speech coach and speech therapist will listen to your unique needs and provide a variety of options to perfectly suit individual needs or your company 303-330-3309. How to Speak like a Broadcaster and Sound like a CEO (DVD, auditory CDs and Mp3 files set) is for busy professionals who want to quickly improve their speech and voice skills. Our communication skills training positions professionals to speak with confidence, radiate leadership, present an interesting PowerPoint and even enjoy themselves during the delivery.
We begin by teaching professionals how to speak using business melody that will immediately sound more professional, improve articulation for sharper, clearer speech while producing a more controlled speaking rate.
This part of the training allows for improvement to be identified on the spot and both the participant and trainer can identify new areas of opportunity. Business can grow and be more strategic with competitors with a skilled team representing the company.
In this training participants typically deliver content from their actual presentations that are 20-30 minutes in length.
We offer individual training in Denver, Aurora, online or small groups at company locations. The book has an instructional DVD which demonstrates examples on all teaching points, has 2 auditory CDs and Mp3 files.

Participants will learn how to place their voice in their optimal pitch range to speak with richer vocal tones that radiates strength, and confidence. The second, training allows for advanced teaching and video taping of participants to analyze skills learned. Techniques will be taught on how to utilize diaphragm breathing to allow a voice to be carried across the room with stronger projection. Training Options and Group Size The presentation is typically 5-10 minutes from each participant. A group analysis can occur where participants provide feedback and identify areas of strength from the speaker.
With these combined skills, audience members or potential clients will be more engaged and interested in the information being delivered. Deep analysis of the skills are evaluated with immediate coaching and recommendations are provided on the spot.
Often a second presentation will occur with analysis and additional feedback.  This in-depth training is ideal for companies who sell products or services after the presentation.
Often it is not what is said, but how it is said that can deliver impact with colleagues, competitors, and radiates leadership.

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