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The Peacemaker Project offers conflict resolution workshops, courses and training to schools within the West Midlands.
A ten-week course working with one class or cohort to build social, emotional and conflict resolution skills. We run training on all aspects of building, maintaining and repairing relationships, – our trainers provide teachers, learning support assistants, lunchtime supervisors and other staff with key skills that help to create a more peaceful atmosphere within your school. The Peacemakers Whole School Approach is a bespoke programme of peacebuilding activities that enhance relationships within a school. Read about Peacemakers' Whole School Approach project in the latest magazine from the Restorative Justice Council. Check out our new short film about Peer Mediation training to get a taste of what our training looks like and to hear what newly trained mediators think of it. As your business expands, you’ll need more capacity to produce or provide your product or service, and a wider range of skills. You can improve the range and level of skills in your business by training up existing staff. The training can be done by an employee within the organization or you can choose to bring in someone from the outside. Internal staff training lets employees participate in training in an environment that is more familiar to them than if they were to do external training.

Internal staff training is an excellent option for organizations that want to offer content that can relate best to their employees, because it is uses information and examples that are specific to the  organization. Bekah is a customer advocate, marketing assistant, and a technical writer for DigitalChalk.
Our most popular work is listed below, however we are able to offer many other packages to meet the needs of schools. Delivered through weekly circle time workshops, this course is beneficial for each individual, for the class dynamic, and for teachers. Whether the school is training a new cohort or establishing a wholly new peer mediation scheme, this course provides young people (and a supporting staff member) with the requisite skills to help their peers resolve conflicts.The cost is based on one trainer for a group of approximately 24 students. The easiest ways of achieving this are usually by taking on new staff, or training your existing workforce. Giving staff training opportunities can increase their loyalty to your company and their productivity - as well as your profits. One of the most important to keep in mind is that internal training is often the preference among employees because they don’t have to leave the workplace to participate in the training. Even though you might choose someone from the outside they will still focus on training that keeps your organizations goals and culture in line. It is also a great option for training because it will reflect the organization’s culture far better than what external training would offer.

She graduated from Auburn University in 2012 and has been working with DigitalChalk for three years. Its aim is to help build strong relationship in the classroom and provide the skills to continue doing so.
And when it is online internal training you can easily have employees participating in the training at any time it is necessary. External training offers training for more than one organization, causing their training to be more broad. With internal training you are able to use specific cases that relate to your organization and things they will experience in their everyday work life. A reduced price 2 day Peer Mediation course is also available to follow this course. See the full curriculum outline.

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staff training explanation

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