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From big-city living to cabins tucked in the mountains, these unique Airbnb finds are some of the cheapest and coolest rentals in the USA.
For many of us it is, but for most it takes tons of time, luck and most importantly, millions of dollars. FranchiseHelp: First of all, how gratifying is it to be operating a business that you are passionate about and how has this helped your success along the way?
FH: What are the perks of being a franchisee with SailTime in the boating & leisure industry?
CT: Depending on the market area and selected product offerings, the seed capital need is in the range of $75k to $150k. FH: Do you find people buying franchises that simply want a way to subsidize their investment on a yacht?
CT: Not really, as we have a yacht purchase product (the SailTime Ownership Program) that serves that segment. FH: SailTime has developed quite a social media presence, nearing 10k followers on Twitter. FH: SailTime uses Facebook quite successfully to build its presence and create awareness in the market.
FH: Where geographically do you see SailTime’s biggest opportunities for growth, and how are you going about developing business in these areas? Mattis, currently CENTCOM commanding general, is an icon of sorts in the Marine Corps, and arguably the most famous living Marine.
Mattis himself dismissed rumors that he would be nominated to a post overseeing NATO if General John Allen wasn’t cleared of the Jill Kelley scandal. There are various ideas floating around concerning his possible exodus from active duty a€” Tom Ricks seems to think Mattis is being forced out for asking tough questions about Iran, or for advocating a smaller global footprint for the U.S. It’s been a long road for Mattis, one in which the media often paints him as a cold-anesthetized killer. In a country where insurgents would blend into the local populace with ease, it was good advice.

Said while speaking about his time on the ground in Afghanistan, he was later counseled by his boss Gen. Speaking to his Marines at al Asad, he tried to motivate them to stay sharp and continue the mission.
As a highly-educated four-star General, Mattis probably can spell it, but he wants his Marines to know that they should never let it happen. He often emphasizes to his troops that they need to be problem solvers, only using firepower as a last result.
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Some are luxurious, a few are off the grid, but all are less than $100 per night, making them budget-friendly destinations for Summer travel. You have nobody to blame, the world of marketing is your oyster and in the case of SailTime, success is very fulfilling in that we help people get into the lifestyle of sailing on an expensive cruising yacht for a mere fraction of traditional costs.
While I personally couldn’t afford a big yacht, SailTime has afforded me the opportunity of sailing on large cruising yachts myself. It makes sense to become one, though, as there are lots of opportunities for USCG Captains in our business.
Fifty percent of initial investment is typically appropriated to the acquisition of critical assets, fixtures, and legal fees and the remaining capital is typically appropriated for local business development needs. The boats are written up by the local Hunter dealer and delivered to the SailTime base of choice. Our daily feed consists of information about starting a business, benefits of being a member and an owner member, projecting the sailing lifestyle and showing people there is an alternative out there for them.
We have a online marketing consultant who trains and coaches all the franchisees in online marketing and social networking online. Much of our growth will be in Australia, with 7 franchises slated to open in the next two years.
The reality is that he’s also a beloved leader, a thoughtful, sober strategist, and a caring father figure to every young service member he encounters.

Guardiano, a former Marine who not only met but conversed in depth with Mattis, sums up the general’s character best. There really is nothing like seeing people having the time of their lives and knowing that without this opportunity they probably would not have been able to do it! In addition, I lead flotillas of SailTime members all around the world, which would not have come to pass for me without this opportunity. Some franchise owners are semi-retired corporate executives while others are experienced [members of] the marine industry that are working in or have ownership in a complementary boating business such as a sailing school or a yacht brokerage. The franchise then signs an agreement to manage the boat for the Owner for 3-5 years, who is granted as much sailing time as he would like.
All Franchises are required to attend a on-site training at our Corporate Store in Annapolis, Maryland.
We will always be with you when you are facing any difficulty related your internet presence.
Because we are a franchise organization, our buying power allows us to create agreements with manufacturers based on volume. We have gained dozens of business opportunity prospects around the world and membership inquiries come in regularly. This is a week-long training in which all functions necessary to operate a franchise are reviewed with the franchise owner. We have several Twitter “conversations” a day, just like we had with you when you began to research who we are and what we do.
One of the big benefits of being in this franchise is the leverage the group wields in the marketplace that brings added value to the table not found anywhere else.

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