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Life coaching is a professional service providing clients with feedback, insights and guidance from an outside vantage point. The table below highlights the key differences between professional services commonly confused with one another.
Life Coaching is all about helping people establish a future vision of their life that is aligned to how they are wired, then helping them achieve the necessary transformation goals to get there. Our coaching and consulting practice grew out of the emerging desire to provide services to persons ready to grow their lives - personally and professionally.

As a direct result of our diversity of experiences and services, we are able to coach you to optimum levels of  empowerment and purposeful living.
Design your own Group Coaching Call with focus on your selected topic from one of the Primary or Specialty topics Below for a special Group Fee.
Become your very best starting from where you are right now by intentionally growing your life! We help you to analyze your academic, social, economical, spiritual, relational and physical well-being through a different set of lenses to help propel you into a more fulfilling life and greater business opportunities.

In contrast to traditional approaches which only use a simple personality test, OptYourLife examines many aspects such as memory, IQ, problem solving, and patience.

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starting a christian life coaching business definition

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