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About the Author Latest PostsAbout maryanngarsonI am Mary, originally from the Philippines, now living in the UK, a full time blogger, a wife and a mother to my 7 year old son. And you may say, life is unfair, yes it is if you mind other people’s business rather than minding your own instead.
You don’t need to judge people even to the point when they hurt your feelings because regardless if they love or hate you it is nothing to do with you anyway, it is always down to their own vibration.
But when the person is treating you really bad which it means she isn’t in an alignment of what she wants, don’t ever try to demand the person to change, but rather ask yourself, What is in my vibration that attracts to that person? This is the initial process of manifesting your desires, you can have anything you want, provided only if you are in an alignment of the things you want, but it’s often hard, you are good at in asking through words or actions. Yes because every time you feel bad about someone or something which it only means you want something that is pleasing. All you have to do is enjoy and find soothing words that match up with your beliefs in life. You want me to believe that I am living in my dream house when all I see every day is a dirty old house? And you want me to believe that my money is in my bank account when I just checked my online checking account and all I could see is a negative balance?
I am asking you to do anything that feels good to you, it doesn’t matter in what way, if it feels good to you to eat your favorite food, then do it or if it feels good to pet your cat, then why not. In this uplifting feng shui course, you will be guided on a journey to consciously create an environment that attracts more of what you want in life—with ease.
Recognize when help, messages, and support are presented by the Universe, and open yourself to receiving it.
Create an environment and embrace a mindset that draws in and attracts your soul's desires.

Traditional Native American Smudge Sticks are used to remove stagnant energy fields around people, to clear undesirable vibrations out of homes, and to promote health. Be guided through the areas of the Bagua and embrace the wisdom each area has to teach you. This Feng Shui workbook is designed to support you on your journey towards a healthy and loving relationship with yourself and others! Deborah Redfern, author of Odyssey of the Heart, Paths to Wholeness through Feng Shui, specializes in de-cluttering and re-balancing your life on the spiritual, physical and emotional levels, using the tools of feng shui and soul coaching. Course lessons will be sent directly to your email inbox on the start date and delivery pace you select below. Once you click the "Order Now" button, you will have a chance to review your order before completing payment at Clickbank, our credit card processing center. In doing so, either that person will change for good or will totally leave you alone in peace.
I want my money to appear right in my bank account so that I could spend it, smell it and touch it. You want me to believe that my lovers are in my bed when I came through there’s no one in there? The reason why there were some instances that we get the things we want when we least expect to receive, it is because due to no resistance which it means you are in the right frequency that is why.
The Law of Attraction ~ The law of attraction simply states that what you think about, you attract. Have each lesson of this course delivered to your email inbox on the start date and at the frequency of your choosing by clicking the Enroll Now button.
Also discover how the shapes of leaves, presence of thorns and use of artificial plants can enhance or hurt your home's Feng Shui.

Exercises guide you to explore what is working well in your relationships and what you want to create. Click on each color to learn how that color could support you in healing yourself and your life!
The front door marks the transition between the outer public world and your inner private world. All views, content, images are the responsibility of their respective writers and not of Definitely Filipino. I am almost on step 3 which in fact I am already in as of to this date when I deliver this message to all of you. When you are in a balanced environment, you naturally experience a greater sense of harmony and well-being. Essential oils can be used instead of dried herbs, invoking the spirit of water and air for clearing purposes. Discover changes you could make — not only the physical changes in your home according to the bagua but changes in your life, including habits and beliefs. Be prepare physically, emotionally and spiritually, so that by the time it appears, you won’t feel overwhelmed, but instead, it feels like normal to you. See what fascinating discoveries you make as Deborah guides you in this Front Door Meditation.

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