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It is easy during certain times of the year for sales people to sit back and let the day take over.
If your sales cycle is six weeks, then nothing new you start today will come to fruition for at least six weeks. This entry was posted in Sales Training, Time Management and tagged sales training NYC, time management by admin. International sales trainer, Grant Cardone, is ready to help you rock as a sales professional. This incredible program will teach you 85 powerful closes to handle any objection and close any situation in the negotiating process. The ultimate program for personal and financial success, International speaker and Sales Expert Grant Cardone will show you what it takes to truly be successful. Follow these ideas and you will not only keep your job, you will become an indispensible team member and make a significant contribution to your company and your future.
Bill Mansell is president of MindPerk, Inc., one of the web's largest resources for self improvement and business training. Why not print the article out and leave it lying around the office (break room, lobby, or even on their desk!). For example, someone says to you, “will you be going home early today?” Does it make a difference in the meaning whether these words are said by your spouse, your boss, a customer, a co-worker, or a stranger?
From all of this we are reminded that communication is not the words alone, nor is it solely contained in the voice inflection or tone of the message. I once participated in a training program designed to help people communicate their message more effectively. As a sales trainer, he has lifted the careers of many thousands with effective strategies to not just make a sale, but to create a sales professional.
Zig Ziglar has taught his values-based principles for becoming a more effective persuader and person to sales organizations, church groups, schools, and businesses. Years ago, Zig Ziglar walked away from a record-setting sales career to help other people become more successful in their personal and professional lives.
Over the last 30 years presenting himself and his motivational ideas, he has developed a national following. Let top motivator and sales trainer, Zig Ziglar, help you be a winner in every area of your life. It is with deep sadness that we announce the passing of Zig Ziglar, an exceptional speaker, educator, and motivational trainer, earlier today.  He was 86 years young and energetic to the last. Zig Ziglar has had a profound influence on my life and I thank him for what he has taught me over many years.
Put a little history to the list and you will have a good calling list for when the holiday breaks. How many appointments did you go on, what were the results, what can you change for the New Year.

A sales expert in his own right, Grant built his own successful empire in the automobile industry where he broke record after record. A 20-year veteran in auto sales, Grant Cardone has studied the closing process and worked with thousands of customers to figure out the best closes for specific situations. Find the secrets to success and prosperity with thirteen different topics specific to creating your personal success in life! Find out why the ability to sell others is as critical to your success as food, water and oxygen are to life. International speaker and Sales Expert, Grant Cardone, explains the secrets to success in his book Sell To Survive. If you want to achieve extreme success, you can’t operate like everybody else and settle for mediocrity. At its core, communication is the words and tone measured against the roles and level of trust we have with that person. The central idea of this training revolved around the acronym, BROT, which stands for Build a Relationship of Trust. Trusting someone, as opposed to not, make all the difference in the world when distinguishing a statement. An internationally renowned speaker and authority on high-level performance, His I CAN course is taught in more than 3,000 schools; and hundreds of companies and businesses utilize his CDs, books, and video training programs to motivate and train their employees effectively.
And he has reached thousands more through numerous television and radio appearances and through his popular audio and video training programs.
His background in successful direct sales has made Zig one of the world’s foremost Sales Trainers. He has grown from a one-man show to chairman of the Zig Ziglar Corporation, headquartered in Dallas, with a staff of more than 60 employees — an organization which is committed to helping people more fully utilize their physical, mental, and spiritual resources. Zig’s values-based principles for becoming a more effective persuader and person are used in sales organizations, church groups, schools, and businesses all over the world. Of all the hundreds of motivational trainers out there, my all-time favorite, the one I have recommend to more people and organizations than any other, is Zig Ziglar.  Why?  Not only did he have great ideas and solutions, he presented them with energy, humor, and enthusiasm.
Zig’s message has positively impacted the lives of millions and will continue to inspire and educate generations to come. After all, we all deserve a break occasionally, and now, or almost anytime, may be the best time for that. However, we first have to understand how today affects tomorrow and the next week or even the next month. You’ll learn the critical words and phrases, plus hear the tone and inflections, that are so important to your success in the close. The art of closing is not confined to sales people but is a needed skill of anyone that wants to move their ideas, dreams, products and services into the marketplace. This progam will guarantee you the attitude, the approach, and the confidence to take action in your life so that you can have the success you want and deserve.

International Speaker and Sales Expert, Grant Cardone, explains the secrets to success for every sales professional. Find out how to reach your goals through selling, and how success is possible through the ability to sell your products, your ideas, and yourself! You need to remove luck and chance from your business equation, and lock in massive success.
For many years, his Sunday school class held at First Baptist Church, Dallas, was broadcast each Sunday morning, via satellite. He has that rare ability to make audiences comfortable and relaxed, yet completely attentive. Includes a 27-page pocket-sized reference book to make it easy for you to find and use the exact closes when you need them. Closing is vital for anyone that simply wants a job, wants to keep their job, or improve their finances. You’ll learn strategies that work in SELLING, and in LIFE, to achieve greater income, success, and personal fulfillment!
This is why two people can say the same sentence to you and have it mean two entirely different things. Have you ever been in a conversation with a group of people and had a close friend look at you and raise an eyebrow at something that was said? As an author, he has produced dozens of successful books, audio CDs, and video programs, including his flagship product, How to Stay Motivated.
Nothing truly happens until you are able to engender the support, energy and resources of others. Success is your duty, obligation and responsibility, and this audio book gives you step-by-step guidance on how to achieve phenomenal success for yourself!
More than the words, what really transfers meaning is the nature of the relationship and the level of trust in that relationship.
Stop Selling — Start Closing with Grant Cardone’s latest book with more than 120 ways to Close the Deal! Volumes of information are contained in that small gesture–without a single word being uttered! Ziglar has been recognized in the Congressional Record of the United States for his many contributions to the American way of life.
On the other hand, if we make large withdrawals such as dictatorial demands, failure to listen, breaking our word, etc., the relationship suffers and communication is difficult.

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