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In this candid, intimate portrait of a life lived in music, Mick Fleetwood sheds new light on well-known points in his history, including many incredible moments of recording and touring with Fleetwood Mac, as well as personal insights from a man who has been a major player in blues and rock 'n' roll since his teens.
The group Fleetwood Mac has sold over 140 million records worldwide, and they continue to attract a huge following, selling out their biggest arena tour ever in 2013, decades after their debut. Christine McVie interview with The Works, the magazine of BASCA - British Academy of Songwriters, Composers & Authors, by Darren Haynes.
I think we're doing four nights at The O2 around Spring time next year, you know April around that kind of date.
Nicks, a multi Grammy Award winner and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee, lead singer and emotional catalyst and vocalist for Fleetwood Mac and one of the most recognizable female rock stars and revered songwriters in the world, allowed cameras into her home as she holed up in a magical old mansion high atop the hills of Los Angeles with Stewart and a wild cast of characters.
IN YOUR DREAMS, CO-DIRECTED BY STEVIE NICKS AND DAVE STEWART, IS A DOCUMENTARY THAT FOLLOWS STEVIE NICKS AS SHE BEGINS WRITING AND RECORDING HER FIRST SOLO ALBUM IN NEARLY A DECADE. Virgil Films announces the digital download release of the musical cinematic event of the season, STEVIE NICKS: IN YOUR DREAMS being released on the heels of the film’s recent successful theatrical run.
NEW YORK, May 7, 2013 – Virgil Films announces the exclusive iTunes release of the musical cinematic event of the season, Stevie Nicks: In Your Dreams.

Archival footage of Hurricane Katrina (extensive property damage, homeless people, flooding, burning debris).
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Stevie, you have a new documentary that’s going to be premiering on October 7th at Hamptons International Film Festival.
This was an album that I probably was never going to make, because after I did Trouble in Shangri-La that came out in 2001, I went out on the road with Fleetwood Mac for a couple of years and then in 2005, I was going to make a record. Being released on the heels of the film’s recent successful theatrical run, fans will be able to purchase the film exclusively on iTunes in the U.S. Plane (take-off, cruise, landing), lightning, thunder, open fire, flame-throwing, full moon, military aircraft (photo), fireworks. Great music, charming home movie quality, offers insight into Nicks' creative process, fans will enjoy, great companion piece to the album, demonstrates Stevie Nicks' acute understanding of her art.

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Kind of cheesy and will probably get criticized and detract from the integrity of the entire project.
The name of you new documentary with Dave Stewart is In Your Dreams, that title also having been the name of the last album.
The new Fleetwood Mac album, co-writing with Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac's upcoming World Tour.
I do my whole thing with Fleetwood Mac, and it was like a year and a half for Say You Will, and then I was going to make a record.
Each song is a love story… They represent my life behind the scenes, the secrets, the broken hearts, the broken hearted and the survivors.

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stevie nicks in your dreams album download

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