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In new scientific news doctors are worried about the spread of plastic surgery between people to imitate actors and actresses and they warn from this phenomenon. Experts say about this phenomenon that it occurs in an ascending order and psychologist DR EVA RETVO from Miller School of Medicine saythat the desire to look like someone else is not a natural thing as everyone should appear as he or she isnot as a copy of another person. Doctors confirm that plastic surgeries are not useful and harmful because it has many bad consequences from the medical and psychological side. Also, she says that if you are trying to imitate famous people, it considered being an indicator for a decline in self- respect or any other psychological diseases.
A medical team had succeeded in a sophisticated operation to transplanting a whole face for a patient as his face was destroyed by a gun shot and this is the first operation in the world. The medical team said that the health of patient ”Oscar”  is going better and he needs 18 months to get a stable health to start his new life. When we see this photo we realize that it is definitely far from the natural face, here we remember what Allah Almighty says: “and has given you shape and made your shapes good (looking)” [Surat Ghafir -The Forgiving- verse 64], here we see a group of best doctors fromall over the world are meeting to perform such plastic surgery to result this face but Allah almighty gave us the best appearance while we were just an embryo in our mother’s womb. Hence we ask atheists a simple question; you claim that universe and human are made by coincidence without a great creator, so how those scientists gave us such result? Allah almighty did challenge those atheists and said to them in the Qur’an: (This is the creation of Allah.
All the praises and thanks be to Allah, the Lord of the 'Alamin (mankind, jinns and all that exists).
Allah's Name Appears Beautifully on a Quartz Rock This is no ordinary rock (in Khaleej Times page 6)By Muawia E.
Baha'u'llah never visited Jerusalem, but His Firstborn Son 'Abdu'l-Baha (awb-dull baw-HAW) did. Some believe that the Souls of the Prophets and Chosen Ones are not "human" and thus can "return". Shaykh Ahmad-i-Ahsa'i, the Shi'ite Muslim Seer who had visions and prophesied of the coming of The Báb, taught that the Souls of the Manifestations of God and the Chosen Ones were not human but Divine, and thus could "return" in every Dispensation. Do Bahá'ís believe that God is the Father of our spirits, and in a Heavenly Mother?
In the Lectures on Faith (once the "Doctrine" in the Book of Doctrine of Covenants, but removed from the D&C in 1904), Jesus is identified as the "Son of Jehovah". 6) Temple will be built in Jackson County, Missouri, before all those living in 1832 have died (no temple has been built by the LDS Church in Jackson County to date).
The Faith has no "Priesthood" (meaning special class that stands between God and the Believer), but an "Administrative Order" to which both men and women belong except for the Universal House of Justice--the Governing Body of the Faith worldwide--which is all male.
3) God allows the Lamanites (dark races) to "utterly destroy" the Nephites (white race) exactly 400 years after Jesus visits them because the Nephites had become "proud of their skins" and because they had forgotten God and practiced "whoredoms" and became very nationalistic and militaristic and materialistic.
But 'Abdu'l-Baha refused to be known by the title of "Christ"; saying that He was only to be known by the title "Servant of Glory". The Man called "Adam"--apparently--was a special creation by God, and did not "evolve" nor was He born of a woman. When the year 1891 came and went, and Mormon leaders did not see "The Kingdom" being established, they concluded that the LORD had delayed His coming! The Sun becoming black is known as "The Dark Day" and that occurred on May 19th, 1780; when the Sun became black all over North American, and the Moon appeared blood red on that night. Next was a vision of the stars falling as thick and fast as late-ripening figs fall from a tree when shaken by a strong wind. According to Mormon writer Philo Dibble, Joseph prophesied (praw-feh-side) of the Night of the Falling Stars over a month beforehand. Such an event would certainly be very unusual and improbable to the natural man, and the skeptic wrote the words as a sure evidence to prove Joseph to be a false Prophet.
Clearly, Mormon leaders used to believe that the "signs in the heavens" (Sun becoming black as sackcloth, moon turning to blood, stars falling from heaven) had all occurred by the year 1833. Mormon leaders today see the "signs in the heavens" as something that has not yet occurred and will not occur until sometime in the unforeseen future. Also in that book, 'Abdu'l-Bahá said that the disciples "saw Christ living, helping and protecting them" after His death (SAQ 106-7).
The ascension of Christ into a cloud on the top of the Mount of Olives was not a "physical" event.
According to the Tibetan Book of the Dead, the dead exist in a "Bardo" (trasitional) body for 49 days after death, and this Bardo body has all the wounds and scars of the recently dead physical body. 1 And as they went on their journey, they came in the evening to the river Tigris, and they lodged there.
2 And when the young man went down to wash himself, a fish leaped out of the river, and would have devoured him. 4 To whom the angel said, Open the fish, and take the heart and the liver and the gall, and put them up safely.
Even if a physical body can be raised from the dead (such as Lazarus), physical bodies always turn back into dust. The Holy Writings do not tell us "why" these "satanic deeds" retard the progress of the soul, nor do the Writings tell us "why" some people are "apparently" born homosexual. Some have speculated that the phrase "do not go beyond two" means do not divorce more than once. Polyamists who wish to become Baha'is are told not to divorce or abandone their wives, but they are forbidden to take additional wives once they become Baha'is.
Believers who cannot abide by the Ordinances are not "Baha'is" but Hypocrites and should resign from the Faith. 6* Teaching the Faith to Non-Believers either by becoming a Pioneer or a Travel-Teacher or appointing a deputy to teach on our behalf. 8* Going on a Pilgrimage to the Holy Shrines if you can afford to and are in good health and you are over the age of 15 but under the age of 70.
9* Fasting during the daylight hours during the the Baha'i month of 'Ala (19 days) if you are in good health, not traveling, not pregnant, over the age of 15 and under the age of 70. Baha'is are encouraged to attend a 19-Day Feast with other Believers on the first day of every Baha'i month, but this is not obligatory. Baha'is have a "Christmas" like celebration that lasts for 4 or 5 days (February 26th to March 1st) which are called "Ayyam-i-H´" ("The Days of H") where presents are exchanged.
There is a Baha'i Pilgrimage Rite to the Holy Shrines (tombs) of The Bab and Baha'u'llah in the Holy Land. All Mormons who have been through the Endowment Ceremony know that there are "four marks" on the veil. I believe Joseph Smith was an inspired Seer who was preparing his Holy Order to "recognize" Baha'u'llah when He appeared, and used symbols from the Masonic Lodge to do this. Baha'is are not required to believe that The Book of Mormon is historical, or even an inspired parable. I bear you my testimony that I believe that Joseph Smith was an inspired Seer who prophesied of Baha'u'llah in the capacity of a Seer.
You are invited to attend a Public Information Meeting (called a "Seekers Meeting" or a "Fireside" or a "Devotional") about the Faith near your home.
Please return this booklet to the Believer who gave it to you so other Seekers may read it. If we really want to see the Koranic miraculousness and comprehend the greatness of each miracle of Allah’s (swt) verses, then we have to analyse the miraculousness within the one verse, inside each Koranic text, which itself contains many marvellous verses, and even in a small fragment from one verse. The Koran is not a poetic text on which we can apply a rule or a single rhyme or meter, nay! The second number, we may encounter, is number 99; the latter represents Allah’s Most Beautiful Names, and its existence in the Koran proves again that Allah has 99 Name. In the following paragraphs, we will observe together wonderful coordinations with number 11; this number is one of the many proofs to the Aloneness of the One who has set down the Koran.
These numbers ranged together give the number 11557269922; the latter is made up of 11 classes. The number of the letters of ‘Allah’ =4 (in Arabic of course!), and it was mentioned 2699 times in the Koran.
These results witness that Allah has organised the letters of His great Name in each verse and each word perfectly! Truly, these scientific realities we have been presenting all along this research don’t even represent a single drop of the great ocean of the miraculousness of the Holy Koran.
This numeric miracle we have seen in this research is a strong demonstration that this book, the Koran, can speak to anybody, at any time and everywhere. There are many cases cured every day by reciting the Koran; we cannot deny that because recovery does happen; it happened to me when I was reciting specific verses for a specific illness and the illness was cured! Koran Healing is a critical issue which wasn’t given enough study or research, so I thought about starting this journey and asked Allah to guide me, give me the useful knowledge, show me the right and help me do it, and show me the wrong and help me avoid it. When we contemplate on the universe around us, we notice that every single atom is vibrating in a specific frequency, whether this atom is part of metal, water, cell, or anything else. The atom is the basic structure in the universe and in our bodies; it is constantly vibrating which means that every thing is vibrating according to a precise system. Each cell in our body vibrates in a precise system, and the smallest change in this vibration would mean an illness of some part of the body. The sound is made of mechanic vibrations that reach the ear then the brain cells which correspond to these vibrations and change their own vibration; that's why the sound is considered an effective healing power depending on the nature of the sound and its frequencies. From here came sound therapy; the sound is a vibration, and body cells are vibrating, then the sound influences these cells. Experiments show that inside each cell in the brain there is a tiny computer which Allah deposited an accurate program that directs the cell and controls its work. Alfred Tomatis, a French doctor, made experiments for fifty years about the human senses and came out with the result that the hearing sense is the most important sense!! During his experiments, he found that the hearing nerves connect with all body muscles and this is the reason why the balance and flexibility of the body and the sight sense get affected by sounds. In 1960, the Swiss scientist Hans Jenny found that the sound affects the various materials and reform their particulars, and that each cell of the body has its own sound and gets affected by the sounds and rearranges the material inside it (4).
The sound moves from the ear to the brain and affects the brain cells; scientists recently found that the sound has a strange healing power and an amazing effect of the brain cells which work on restoring the balance to the whole body!
Water molecules shape changes when exposed to sound; thus, sound greatly affects the water we drink.
Now, let's ask the important question: what happen inside body cells and how does sound cure? Doctors are constantly looking for means to destroy some virus; if we think about the mechanism of this virus, what moves it and makes it recognize its way to the cell? Viruses and germs also vibrate and are highly affected by sound vibrations especially the Koran sound; it stops them and at the same time increases the activity of the healthy cells and revives the disrupted program inside so to become ready to fight viruses and germs. The Koran recitation is made of a group of frequencies that reach the ear then move to the brain cells and affect them through the electronic fields these frequencies generate in these cells; the cells would respond to these fields and modify their vibrations, this change in the vibration is what we fell and understand after experience and repetition. A real picture of a blood cell that was exposed to the sound and started changing the electromagnetic field around it; the sound of the Koran changes the information this cell carries and makes it more capable of fighting viruses and the defect Resulting from malignant diseases.
Dear reader, each verse of the Koran has an amazing healing power for a specific disease; what is confirmed is that the Prophet, Allah's peace and blessing be upon him, focused on specific chapters and verses, such as reading Al-Fatiha seven times, Al-Kursi verse (verse number 255 in Al-Bakara chapter), the last two verses of Al-Bakara Chapter, and the last three chapters of the Koran. But the whole Koran heals; you can, dear brother, read the verses that you hope to cure your illness.
If you are afraid, keep repeating Korish chapter, especially the verse: (and has made them safe from fear) (Korish, 4). The greatest prophet peace be upon him used to say hundreds of supplications every day, do you think he was doing it in vain?
Nous allons aborder, a travers cet expose, certaines subtilites numeriques septuples comprises dans le livre d’Allah le Tres-Haut. Louange a Allah, Seigneur de l'univers, et Paix et Benediction d’Allah soient sur notre Prophete Mohammed, sur sa famille et ses compagnons.
Chers s?urs et freres, nous allons approcher dans cette etude une nouvelle decouverte relative au miracle du Noble Coran.
En effet, apres une etude de dix ans sur les versets du Noble Coran, j’ai decouvert que le Coran est base sur un systeme numerique qui confirme la noblesse de ce Livre, et prouve a tous ceux qui ont le moindre doute dans leurs c?urs que le Coran est le Livre d’Allah le Tres-Haut et l’Islam son message eternel. Qui ne se rappelle-il pas de l’histoire de la conversion a l’islam de Omar (qu'Allah soit satisfait de lui).
Lorsqu’il a ecoute des versets de la Sourate Ta-Ha, il a ete impressionne par l’eloquence de ses sens, la noblesse de ses mots et la splendeur de son style.
Parfois, nous entendons parler de la conversion a l’Islam d’un des savants occidentaux qui a bien compris un des versets du miracle scientifique dans le Livre d’Allah le Tres-Haut. Maintenant, nous allons connaitre des realites numeriques extraordinaires dans le Livre d’Allah l’Exalte.
A travers ces repetitions, Allah le Tres-Haut veut nous donner un bon signe qu’Allah l’Exalte est unique ! Ainsi, ce signe dissimule par Allah l’Exalte demontre que chaque mot du Coran se reitere suivant un systeme methodique.
En effet, ce n’est pas sans but que nous trouvons ‘’Allah’’ le nom le plus repete dans le livre d’Allah.
En examinant tout ce qui a ete ecrit par l’etre humain depuis des milliers d’annees jusqu’a nos jours, nous ne pouvons trouver un livre dont le nom de l’auteur est le plus repete ! Plusieurs signes coraniques demontrent l’existence d’une concordance numerique entre les mots du Coran. Effectivement, en examinant les versets coraniques universels qui evoquent a titre d’exemple la nuit et le jour, et le soleil et la lune, nous constatons que ces mots se disposent toujours suivant cet ordre.
J’ai decouvert, en etudiant longuement cet ordre, deux signes : le premier universel et le deuxieme numerique.
En effet, de nos jours, les astronomes confirment que la nuit est creee avant le jour car l’Univers est passe, au debut de sa creation, par une epoque obscure. La disposition de ces mots dans le Coran concorde parfaitement avec l’ordre de leur creation ! Donc, cet ordre est une decouverte scientifique sans precedent pour le Noble Coran dans le domaine de l’astronomie. En ce qui concerne le miracle numerique, j’ai considere ces quatre mots, en l’occurrence : Al-Layl (la nuit), An-Nahar (le jour), Ach-Chams (le soleil) et Al-K'amar (la lune).
En comptant le nombre de fois dont ces mots sont repetes, j’ai trouve que le mot le plus repete est Al-Layl, suivi du mot An-Nahar, ensuite le mot Ach-Chams et enfin le mot Al-K'amar.
Des lors, nous realisons que l’ordre des mots dans le Coran concorde avec le nombre de fois dont ils sont mentionnes. J’ai lu un jour un article ecrit par un des athees qui pretend que le Coran compte beaucoup de legendes et de mythes, en citant comme exemple l’histoire des hommes de cavernes. Celui-ci explique qu’il est inconcevable que des gens se reveillent apres un sommeil qui dure des centaines d’annees.
Cela m’a incite a tenter de trouver dans cette histoire un miracle numerique relatif au nombre 309 qui represente le nombre d’annees durant lesquelles les hommes de caverne sont restes.

Le mot cle de ce miracle est ‘’demeurerent’’ de l’arabe ‘’Labithou’’, ce mot represente la duree dont les hommes de caverne demeurerent (309 annees). En etudiant cette histoire, nous trouvons que le mot ‘’Labithou’’ est repete dans le debut et la fin de l’histoire. Des lors, j’ai pense a compter les mots a partir du premier mot ‘’Labithou’’ jusqu’au dernier mot ‘’Labithou’’.
Il a cite egalement, (que la Paix et la Benediction d’Allah soient sur lui), des multiples de sept : ‘’ La bonne action est recompensee par dix a sept cents fois sa valeur’’ (donc, le nombre sept cents est multiple de sept).
Cependant, nous devons etre surs qu’il n’y a pas de hasard dans le Livre d’Allah le Tres-Haut mais une perfection et un miracle. 4.- La noblesse et la puissance du Createur, Exalte soit-Il, et Son savoir qui embrasse toute chose pourraient etre saisi a travers ce chiffre.
Par ailleurs, en comptant le nombre des Sourates de la Sourate Al-Baquara (premiere Sourate dont le nombre sept est mentionne) jusqu'a la Sourate An-Naba' (derniere Sourate dont le nombre sept est mentionne), nous trouvons exactement soixante-dix-sept (77) Sourates.
Et en comptant le nombre des versets du premier verset : ‘’puis Il a oriente Sa volonte vers le ciel et en fit sept cieux.
Aussi, en comptant les versets precedant le premier verset nous trouvons vingt-huit (28) versets, et en comptant les versets venant apres le dernier verset nous trouvons egalement vingt-huit (28) versets. En effet, le chiffre sept est cite la premiere fois dans la Sourate Al-Baquara et la derniere fois dans la Sourate An-Naba'.
Nous avons choisi particulierement cette Sourate car elle represente la cle du miracle dans le Livre d’Allah le Tres-Haut. There are many released researches by non-Muslim scientists to claim that belief is inside every one including born children, let us read….. Recent scientists discovered an area in front of the head which is responsible for lying and they identified an activity in that area while committing faults and sins, they call it the reach this result those scientists used an advanced technology which is” magnetic resonance imaging”. Recently, the scientists discovered new secrets about the brain's prefrontal cortex “the forelock”, let us read………. Men who are most prone to rage and violence have significant deficiencies in a brain region that enables most people to learn moral sensibilities and exercise self-restraint; researchers at the University of Southern California have shown.
Scientists say that the prefrontal cortex is the brain's foremost outer portion, located right behind the eyes. According to the study, the 21 men studied were all diagnosed with Antisocial Personality Disorder (APD), which is characterized by irresponsibility, deceitfulness, impulsiveness, irritability, lack of emotional depth, lack of remorse, and life-long antisocial behavior. By using brain-imaging techniques, the researchers measured tissue volume in the prefrontal cortex of the 21men and they found that those men had an 11 to 14 percent reduction in the volume of nerve cells in the prefrontal cortex compared to normal males -- a deficit of about two teaspoons' worth.
My beloved, these scientific studies were held by non-Muslim scientists but their finding is identical with the Holy Qur’an!!!! Because these intoxicants affect function of the prefrontal cortex (forelock) So the forelock is responsible for committing lies, faults and sins as Allah Almighty says A lying, sinful forelock!){Surat Al-‘Alaq- The Clot-verse16}.
A group of Finnish researchers had found a new nutrition formula to increase human’s life by 20% when following a special diet so that human shouldn’t eat and drink so much which leads to decreasing blood pressure and cholesterol as both of them are the main reasons behind sudden death. Recent scientists claim that People who carry out charity work and other good deeds experience less anger and stress and feel more positive and self-confident. Psychologists say that if you want to make a change at anything around you then you have to change your way of looking to that thing. A new research demonstrates benefits of learning to the physical and psychological health of human let us read……. A new research established by the institute of education in university of London on the Wider Benefits of Learning (WBL) by covering different sides such as physical, psychological, community participation and citizenship, they found a magnificent effect of learning on these sides. Dear readers, prophet Muhammad came with the great message of Islam but atheists are still repeating the same words that other atheists said over 1400 years ago: Islam is only myths and superstitions!
As people who  changes their appearance may be affected by some kind of tension or depression because the change of appearance but the inside still the same which negatively affects human , also people used to pay large amount of money in these operations ,also some people may die after these kind of operations.
Who told prophet Mohamed peace be upon him that people will do such action as this phenomenon was not exist at the time of the prophet. We do not fall into the advertisement schemes as all the ads contain elements of Haraam including Haraam Islamic links.
Ibrahim23 April 2004 ABU DHABI - This is no calligraphy - or any other type of man-made artwork. How could Bahá'u'lláh be the Spirit of Truth, or Holy Ghost, when the Holy Ghost must remain a Spirit or He cannot dwell in us? Do Bahá'ís believe that Jesus will return as well be descending from a cloud and landing upon the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem? Do Bah´'ís believe they can become Gods and Goddesses and create their own planets and rule over them as Mormons do?
However, according to the Holy Qu'ran (which we believe is the infallible Word of God), the Mo'men (Faithful) shall inherit "Gardens of Eden" with rivers flowing underneath, and be "wed" and have their Mo'men (Faithful) relatives and children with them, recliding upon thrones, eating delicioius fruits, drinking delicious nectar, and being served by Hooreezz (female servants) and Ghoollawmzz (male servants) for all eternity.
Do Bahá'ís believe that they will beget spirit-children in the Afterlife as Mormons do? Not even the Manifestations of God can enter the Realm of the Essence of God (ALLÁH).
Do Baha'is believe in a literal Hell where the Sun burns our skin and there are demons which torment us for all eternity? The place where wicked men ("demons") kill, rape, steal, injure, deceive, oppress the poor, and use us as pawns for their wars. The Holy Writings do mention the Spiritual Realms (listed above), and there are four of them; two or three that human souls can access "if" the Holy Spirit transforms their human souls into angelic souls (Malakut), or powerful souls (Jabarut), or Divine Souls (Lahut).
How can the Qur'an be true when it says that God has no consort (wife) and no Son, and the New Testament calls Jesus the "Son of God"? But, today, Mormon leaders teach that Jesus is Jehovah incarnate; the opposite of what Joseph Smith taught. But The Brethren (Mormon leaders) have taught us that Jesus is the Son of God the Father, not the Son of the Holy Ghost. They were "less valiant" in the pre-earth 'War in Heaven' when they fought as spirits against Lucifer. Do Bahá'ís believe that Hell is a literal place and that Satan is a literal being?
The "House" is not a building, but a council of nine men elected by Baha'i delegates every five years.
Do Bahá'ís believe that a black skin is a sign of a curse of God as Brigham Young and other Mormon leaders taught from 1848 until 1978? Do I have to believe that Joseph Smith was an inspired Seer in order to become a Bahá'í?
Most Bible scholars believe that The Book of Jonah (Jonah and the Whale), The Book of Job (which is an ancient poem), and The Book of Esther are not "historical" but "inspired stories".
At that time, the white race of the Americas will be--like the Nephites in The Book of Mormon--a very small minority. Again, this view is a Personal Belief, and in no way, shape, or form is it to be considered Accepted Doctrine in the Faith. Do Bahá'ís believe that the Garden of Eden Story is literal history, or do they believe in divinely-guided Evolution?
One school of thought says that Adam was an Angel with an ethereal body who, upon eating material fruit, became "mortal" like us. Could the President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints also be a Living Prophet? Today, Mormon leaders declare that "The Church" and "The Kingdom" mean the very same thing!
Shoghi Effendi (shaw-khee ef-fen-dee), the grandson of 'Abdu'l-Bahá, and the infallible Guardian of the Faith, spoke of the "New World Order" replacing the "Old World Order". A few Christians, the Seventh-day Adventists, and a few others, believe they already have occurred. First the earth shook mightily--this was commonly called the Lisbon earthquake of November 1, 1755. Early Mormon leaders believed that "The Church" was set up to "prepare the way" for "The Kingdom"; which would be established somewhere on earth in the year 1891. If Jesus' physical body was never raised, then why was the tomb empty, and why did Jesus show His wounds to Thomas, and how could Jesus eat fish and honeycomb after His death? According to an ancient Christian Gospel called The Gospel of Peter, several hours before the disciples came to the tomb and found it empty, two "men in white" appeared at the tomb and removed the physical body of Jesus. Perhaps this is why Jesus still had wounds in His hands, feet, and side, that He showed to Thomas. We obey Baha'u'llah because He is the Spirit of Truth, and we believe He is from God and God knows better than we do.
As long as a Baha'i keeps his or her private sexual life absolutely private then that is between them and God. Perhaps new translations will contain clues as to why some people are born gay (or feel they are born gay), and why even the most "loving" monogamous homosexual relationships are still damaging to the soul.
Under the Holy Law in the time of Christ polygamy was allowed, and this was true under the dispensation of Muhammad; Who had eleven wives and authorized Muslims to take up to four wives.
Others speculate it means that if a wife becomes barren or goes insane, a man can marry again without giving up his legal responsibilities to his first wife (such as providing for her care).
Also, they must teach their children that Baha'u'llah has forbidden plural marriage (except perhaps in very rare cases---which cases will eventually be decided by the Universal House of Justice).
The Believers do not celebrate any holidays except for the Nine Holy Days, and Christmas is not one of them. The Arabic letter "H" (Ha) is the fifth letter, and there are 4 or 5 days in Ayyam-i-Ha; 4 in regular years, and 5 in leap years.
Most Baha'i parents encourage their children to study other religions, and make up their own mind what religion they wish to be; instead of blindly following the religion of their parents. These include the reciting of specific prayers at specific times and places and the circummabulation (i.e.
Do Baha'is really believe that the Endowment Ceremony as authored by Joseph Smith points to Baha'u'llah? How can you believe that Joseph Smith was a true Seer when science had proven that American Indians have no Jewish DNA, and that Joseph Smith lied about being a polygamist?
He was arrested and brought before the Jewish Council (Sanhedrin), and was asked if he was a Christian. But I do beleive it is an inspired prophetic parable; like the Book of Jonah or the Bhagavad Gita.
Is there "one book" that Seekers can read and pray about in order to discover if the Bahá'í Faith is true or not? The Holy Writings do mention the Spiritual Realms (listed above), and there are four of them; two or three that human souls can access "if" the Holy Spirit transforms their human souls into angelic souls, or powerful souls, or Divine Souls.
On the other hand, we can also analyse a given miracle in only one word and its repetition in the holy Book. But before we start representing some wonderful realities, limited to number 11, we just must mention that the verse ‘(1)Say: He is Allah the One and Only’ (?? ?? ???? ???) contains 11 letters. Dear reader, observe now with small concentration how number 1 is repeated, either in 11 or in 111. And if we can write books as many atoms as there are in the universe, the wonders of this book will never end! You know it; the numeric language, nowadays, is the language the entire world can understand. One of the most important fruits of this research, which continued for years, was that I came out with an important result: Allah had put in every verse of the Koran a healing power for a certain disease if this verse was recited for a specific number of times. Scientists discovered that body cells are affected by various vibrations such as light waves, radio waves, sound waves etc. Each sound has its own frequency, and human can hear from 20 frequencies per second to 20000 frequencies per second (1).
This is what researchers discovered recently; in Washington University late in the twentieth century, scientists found that the job of a brain cell is not just to transfer information, each cell is a small computer working on collecting information, processing it, and giving orders continuously round the clock.
They also show that the sound affects the cell; this is a picture of a cell getting affected by a sound and an electromagnetic field is being formed around it. So, any disease affecting any part of the body will cause a change in the vibration of this part's cells and thus causing it to deviate from the general body system affecting the whole body. He found that the ear controls the whole body, regulates its vital operations and the balance and coordination of its movements; he also found that the ear controls the nervous system!
The inner ear is connected with all the body parts such as the heart, lungs, liver, stomach, and the intestines; this explains why sound frequencies affect the whole body (3). In 1974, the researchers Fabien Maman and Sternheimer made an astonishing discovery; they found that each part of the body has its own vibration system, subject to physics laws. Reciting Koran has an astonishing effect on these cells and is capable of restoring their balance; the brain is the organ that controls the body and from it the orders comes to the rest of the body organs especially the immune system.
Then he made another experiment taking a blood drop from one of the patients, and then he monitored the drop with Kirlian camera and asked the patient to make various notes.
Fabien found that some sounds easily explode the cancerous cell, and at the same time activate the healthy cell.
That's why reciting the Koran has a great impact on treating the most danger cancers and incurable diseases! If you recite the Koran on water, its characteristics would change and it would carry the Koran effect to every cell in the body causing them to heal !In the picture, we see a frozen water molecule; the electromagnetic field around this molecule changes continuously because of the sound effect. Who gave the virus the information stored within which enables it to attack the cells and multiply inside?
A strong cure of depression is the repetition of these verses from the Holy Koran: (O mankind! Cette realite universelle etait meconnue lors de la descente du Coran ; elle n’est revelee que depuis ces dernieres annees.
La surprise etait grande lorsque j’ai trouve que le nombre des mots etait 309 pareillement au nombre d’annees durant lesquelles les hommes de caverne sont restes ! Et Il est Omniscient.’’ jusqu’a "et construit au-dessus de vous sept (cieux) renforces", nous trouvons cinq mille six cent quarante-neuf (5649) versets.
Le nombre des Sourates est un multiple de sept, le nombre des versets est un multiple de sept, le nombre des versets precedant le premier verset est un multiple de sept et le nombre des versets venant apres le dernier verset est egalement un multiple de sept ! Sourate Al-Fatiha (le prologue), que le Prophete (que la Paix et la Benediction d’Allah soient sur lui) a evoque dans le Hadith : "Louange a Allah, Seigneur de l’univers. Allah Almighty told us fourteen centuries ago about the forelock as He Almighty describes that area by saying: (A lying, sinful forelock!) { Surat Al-Alaq - The Clot -verse16} Who told this advanced scientific fact to our illiterate prophet peace be upon him? Also, the neurologists have long been aware of a strong link between damage to the prefrontal cortex and the acquisition of antisocial, psychopathic-like personality changes. Vital in the orchestration of emotion, arousal and attention, it seems to house the mental machinery that enables people to restrain themselves from acting on all of their impulses.

The study suggests some reasons why prefrontal deficits may cause antisocial personality as the region appears to be critical for self-restraint and deliberate foresight, some of these reasons is adultery, alcohol and drugs.
Allah Almighty in the holy book of Qur’an confirm that alcohol and all intoxicants that have the same effect(drugs) leads to the aggressive behavior, He Almighty says: (Shaitan (Satan) wants only to excite enmity and hatred between you with intoxicants (alcoholic drinks) and gambling, and hinder you from the remembrance of Allah and from As-Salat (the prayer). The study at the University of Sussex’s Mindlab measured stress levels and other emotions of a group of men and women who performed good deeds for nine days . They assure that as long as you see things in the same way nothing will change and you will get the same results. I would like to say that our great Prophet at the beginning of the Calling and in a position that no one can imagine that Islam would spread to the number we see today has told about this!
It is a nature-made artefact that manifests the magnificence of Allah in a finely-finished Arabic calligraphy style. Mormons believe that "One Day" the Holy Ghost will live a mortal life on Earth in order to gain a physical body. Baha'u'llah road horses since before He could walk, and His legs became very bowed; making walking difficult. He is the Incarnation of the Holy Ghost Who dwelt "in" Jesus from His baptism to the Cross. Tahirih, the first female follower of The Báb, claimed to be the "return" of Fatimah, the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad. He taught that if a Baha'i couple become "one" both physically and spiritually, and if both reached "an exalted state" of spirituality in this life, then they could achieve eternal union thoughout all the Worlds of God and their relationship with each other would be "everlasting". The Faith teaches there is only ONE GOD (as The Book of Mormon itself teaches); so men and women cannot become gods and goddesses.
There is nothing in the Holy Writings about the begetting of children, spirit-children or otherwise, in the Afterlife.
All that is necessary is the "Baptism of Fire"; otherwise known as the "Baptism of the Holy Spirit". Most Baha'is view "Heaven" and "Hell" as "closeness to God" and "aloftness from God" and do not go beyond that. But no "Soul" no matter how powerful and exalted can ever enter the Realm of the Essence of God (Hehut); because only the Divine Essence can dwell in that Realm. Negroes will not hold the Priesthood or enter Mormon Temples until after the Mllennium is over then the Curse of Cain upon the Negro race shall be removed.
They are not Prophets nor Seers, but they are believed to be "unders the shadow" of Baha'u'llah. However, it is not accepted as Infallible Scripture; because it was written by a Seer, and not a Prophet.
Many Bible scholars do not believe that the Garden of Eden story is "historical" but rather a "parable". How can the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the Baha'i Faith BOTH be TRUE at the same time?
Since the time of Moses no period of darkness of equal density, extent, and duration has ever been recorded. But men and women also have an "ethereal body"; which, at death, is released from the physical body like a bird is released from a cage. Because accounts of miracles can be faked; as is the case in India among some so-called "gurus" who use magicians tricks to deceive the ignorant. These deeds retard the progress of the soul in the Afterlife, and Baha'is are to avoid them.
However, if their private life becomes public knowledge, and they are found to be violating a Law of Baha'u'llah in regards to sexual conduct, they can have their Baha'i voting rights removed. To avoid being killed he replied he was "a Pharisee, and the son of a Pharisee" (Acts ?????).
There is much more numbers (too numerous to be counted) which really contain magnificent miracles. This is how these repetitions are strong, undoubted demonstration to the Oneness  of The One God. Likewise, we easily prove, through this numeric language, that dear prophet Mohamed was sent to all humankind to the end of this world. Ellen Covey, a researcher in Washington University, says that it is the first time that we realize that the brain does not work as a big computer, but it contains a huge number of computers working in a cooperative way, there is a small computer in each cell, and these computers are affected by the vibrations around them, especially the sound (2). This is why, when the body is exposed to a specific sound, this sound influences the vibration system of body and especially the irregular part; this part would respond to specific sounds to restore its original vibration system or, in other words, to restore its healthy condition. A few years later, Fabien and Grimal, another researcher, discovered that sound affects cells especially cancer cells, and that certain sounds had stronger effect; the strange thing the two researchers found was that the sound that had the strongest effect on body cells is the sound of the human himself!! He found, after processing the pictures, that on a specific note the blood drop changes its electromagnetic field and fully vibrates responding to its owner. The sound affects human blood cells which transfer the frequencies of this sound to the whole body through the blood circulation". This is what Masaru Emoto, a Japanese scientist, proved in his experiments on water; he found that the electromagnetic field of water molecules is highly affected by the sound, and that there are specific tones that affect these molecules and make them more regular. What moves the cells against this virus to destroy it while stand helpless in front of another virus?
You can say the supplication that protect you from diseases every day: (I seek refuge in Allah's perfect words that are obeyed by the faithful and the immoral from all that He created, made in earth and originated from it, from all that come from heaven and ascend into it, from the seductions of the day and the night, and from the night and day visitors except those who bring good, O you most Gracious). Et la derniere fois qu’il est cite, dans la Sourate An-Naba' (La Nouvelle) : "et construit au-dessus de vous sept (cieux) renforces". Elle constitue les sept [versets] repetes et le Coran Sublime qui m'a ete revele.", est la premiere et la plus noble des Sourates coraniques, dite Oum Al-Cor`an (Substance du Coran, litteralement la mere du Coran). The previous research destroyed that claim and supported the belief that Allah Almighty is the one who implanted inside all of us the belief in Him not the indoctrination or human knowledge.
Also He says And it is He Who has created man from water, and has appointed for him kindred by blood, and kindred by marriage.
So, will you not then abstain?){Surat Al-Ma’idah- The Table spread with Food-verse91} Glory to Allah Almighty, the Qur’an tells us that all intoxicants cause enmity and aggression and recent scientists tell us the same!!!
Let us now explore this recent scientific study then display the evidence from the Quran and the Sunnah that Islam is the Truth. When the Bible says of Jesus that "He cometh with clouds" the meaning is not that He will come riding upon clouds in the sky, nor He will come on a cloudy day, but rather "He cometh (returns) with clouds (new bodies)". The Holy Qur'an says that the Mo'men (Faithful) will be "wed" and have their children with them, but we do not know if this means their earthly children will be with them in Paradise, or they will beget "new" children in Paradise.
This comes not through any earthly ordinance, but from being born again via the Holy Spirit.
In this View, "Heaven" are the Spirtiual Realms (Dimensions) and "Hell" is the Physical Realm (Dimension). The Name "Jehovah" is from the Hebrew Y-H-W-H (the pronunciation of these four Hebrew letters has been lost).
The Mormon term means "the divine authority of God to act in His name on Earth with the authority to perform saving ordinances and to preach the Gospel". The House meets in "The Seat of the Universal House of Justice" (which is a building) at the Baha'i World Centre in Haifa, Israel. Long after He said that, science had confirmed this truth: people with white skin came from climates with little sunlight, and people with dark skin came from climates with very strong constant sunlight. Pro-Smithers and Anti-Smithers cannot discuss Joseph Smith or Mormonism with each other in the same room! In other words, the species known as "Man" once resembled bacteria, once resembled fish, once resembled Lemors, once resembled apes, but never "evolved" from these species.
Early Mormon leaders in Utah all declared that "The Church" and "The Kingdom" were two separate and district organizations, and that "The Church" was raised up to prepare the way for "The Kingdom".
They wandered about until night, when they found themselves at the house of this unbeliever, who exultingly produced this note of Joseph Smith's prophecy, and asked Brother Hancock what he thought of his Prophet now, that thirty-nine days had passed and the prophecy was not fulfilled. This would emplain why the tomb was empty when Mary Magdalene, and later Peter and John, searched it. Repeated violations can mean being "declared" a Covenant-Breaker; which means official shunning by other Believers for life. The Universal House of Justice will one day make a "decision" on this matter, and it is believed they are "under the shadow" of the Holy Spirit; so their collective decision will be inspired of God. The Rite is for Baha'i Pilgrims only, but is is not secret as is the Mormon Endowment Ceremony. Thus, the brain analyses the signals and gives its orders to the various body parts to correspond to these signals.
He thus concluded that there are specific notes that affect the body cells and make them more vital and active, even regenerates them. If we remember that the human body is 70% water, then the sound the human hears affects the regularity of water molecules in the cells and the way these molecules vibrate, thus affects his healing (6). Don’t you agree with me that this great prophetic supplication is the best protector from any disease? And your Lord is Ever All-Powerful to do what He will.){Surat Al-Furqan- The Criterion-verse54 } Glory to Allah!! So, He travelled by horse or by covered wagon called a "Hodah"; not traveling "on the earth (ground)". Or, in other words, the WORD of God shall "return" with a new name and in a new body born of a woman.
However, there is a Being called "The Maid of Heaven" Who is identified as a Manifestation of the Holy Spirit Who was "begotten by the Spirit of Bahá".
Those who walk the Path of Holiness are the most likely to be born again, but there is no rite or ritual or ordinance that makes one "born again". Most Baha'is do not speculate on what "Heaven" or "Hell" will be like; other than to say that "Heaven" will be pleasant and "Hell" will not be pleasant. The Faith is not a "Church" and thus has no Gospel ordinances, and thus no need for a Priesthood to perform such ordinances. A black skin is not a sign of any curse by God, but rather a protection of the skin from the Ultra-violet rays of the Sun. They preached sermons in the Salt Lake Tabernacle, in General Conference, all declaring that "The Kingdom" would be established somewhere on earth in the year 1891, and that it would start out very small, like a mustard seed, but eventually grow to include all nations on Earth.
After midnight the darkness disappeared and the moon, when first seen, had the appearance of blood. Brother Hancock was unmoved and quietly remarked, There is one night left of the time, and if Joseph said so, the stars will certainly fall tonight. In other words, Jesus died and was buried and remains buried, but His disciples and teachings were "dead" for three days and nights, but became revived when Mary Magdalene told the disciples that while Jesus was dead, His Spirit still lived. She did so, and was soon pregnant with a girl-child who would later be the wife of 'Abdu'l-Bahá and the grand-mother of Shoghi Effendi. Different researchers confirm that the human sound could heal many diseases including cancer (7).
In turn, their educational success is directly affected by whether they receive enough vitamins and minerals in their food. Hameed, who is in Abu Dhabi visiting relatives, contacted Khaleej Times to share, what he describes, as blessed signs of Allah, with the largest possible number of people. "This a miracle of Allah. But if we are "born again" in this life, then at death the Spiritual Realms (which surround us unseen) became apparent to us.
But Heaven and Hell are not "places" anymore than if we were dreaming we are on a beach in Hawaii and then say "I am on a beach in Hawaii" or if we are dreaming we are in a Siberian Ghulag and then say "I am in Siberia".
Satan is real (our lower-nature is real), but just not just "one person" but rather our own "ego". Thos who adhere to this view believe the Gospel accounts of His resurrection are non-historical "parables" and never actually happened. There are more miracles, including how 750 bullets severed the ropes which held The Báb bound in Tabriz, Iran, in 1850. You might compare Baha'i Houses of Worship to "Celestial Rooms" in Mormon Temples; where worshippers sit in silence and meditate in the hopes of receiving divine inspiration such as answers to prayers, etc. Sound therapists also confirm that there are certain sounds that are more effective and have a healing power especially in increasing the immune system efficiency (8). He is Allah Almighty the creator of everything who says about Himself: (Such is Allah, your Lord! His Spirit "overshadows" the Universal House of Justice; which is not a "building" but a "council" of nine men elected every five years. Baha'i pilgrims had to wash and anoint themselves, done white clothing, take off their shows, and (because of assassination attempts) know certain "signs and tokens" before the veil was parted and they could enter His Presence. Take the example of David, who killed Uriah so he could hide his adultery with Uriah's wife--who bore King Solomon.
La ilaha illa Huwa (none has the right to be worshipped but He), the Creator of all things.
The Unseen World has various Realms (Dimensions) but these are not "places" but "conditions". The more in-tune with the Holy Spirit the Seeker is, the easier it will be for him or her to recognize this. So worship Him (Alone), and He is the Wakil (Trustee, Disposer of affairs, Guardian, etc.) over all things){ Surat Al-An’am -The Cattle -verse102}. This means that if we take the percentage of the true followers of both Christianity and Islam, we'd find out that the number of Muslims transcends any other religion in the world.
There is no such thing as "place" in the Unseen World; the Spiritual Realms which surround us.
Joseph Smith formed the Endowment Cermony for his Holy Order which he planned to take with him to Palestine, so they would be prepared to meet "the Son of Man" when He came in "red apparel" in the year 1891.
For example, in the Muslim world there are hundreds of thousands of mosques which will be completely filled with worshipers on Friday Prayers at least.
This indicates the great turnout for prayer and that the percentage of true Muslims is in fact very great. Secondly, to confirm even further, the number of pilgrims amounts to more than two million Muslims who gather in one place every year. Furthermore, the CNN Website has confessed that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world! Have we thought about guiding a person to it making it better than the earth and everything in it?

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