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Cosmetic surgeon Grant Hamlet, with patient Matt, 39, preparing for a€?six-packa€? surgery in Harley Street, London, UK. In Fiji, the percentage of girls who felt ashamed of their bodies rose from 10% to 30% after the first television arrived in 1995 and one in every ten began forcing herself to vomit.
A series of studies have found that the majority of people who have cosmetic surgery don’t just feel happy about their treatment, they stay happier for years. Charlene Case works as a psychologist in Los Angeles, California, a city often described as the world capital of plastic surgery.
Three out of four women who have cosmetic surgery say that their overall quality of life is higher afterwards, and this quality of life is most improved for those who have breast augmentations. Tummy-tuck patients report an increase in their happiness second only to those who have breast augmentations. Two-thirds of men suffer substantial hair loss before the age of 35, and balding, particularly in its early stages, is a major cause of depression. Transforming journey The power of a story is that it stays with you forever, says Geeta Ramanujam. Veteran storyteller Geeta Ramanujam’s stories draw you in, hypnotise and leave you enthralled. In an endeavour to further spread the joy of storytelling, Kathalaya is conducting Kathotsava, a global storytelling festival, till December 12. She has trained 60,000 facilitators and in all these years, Geeta says, she hasn’t received a single negative comment. The journey of Kathalaya, which she founded with Lalu Narayan and Sujatha Pai, has been one marked by some hurdles and remarkable highs. At the inauguration of Kathotsava 2014, a DVD by Kathalaya, The Storyteller Show was launched as well as the the new learning centres, Kathalaya story space. Something provocative for one and all -- but global-warming deniers should not take offense, despite their cherished wealth machinery disparaged herein, for they say sea level rise is BS. An amusing interview with a climate activist and alternative energy businessman who requested anonymity.
A Science Daily article on March 19, 2012 reported a new study published in the journal Geology that depressed everybody who was paying attention. AC: This is not some dumb-head notion of car-crashes reducing the population size, for example. As insurance claim-related damage by 2050 will be greater globally from storm damage, caused by man-made climate change, than the world's entire GDP, it's clear that today's system is entirely unsustainable. Culture Change: Do you mean like in the Highway to Hell, the AC-DC song, where you may as well get your jollies now, because it's the last time you can spewing that cheap energy out into our living atmosphere?
Back to the good news: People like to do things like garden and farm, although some sharp city characters think they're tough stuff when they floor their petroleum death-mobiles on wheels, or when plastic chicks drive off to shop for new vanity items for their endless materialism.
CC: But we want our tropical luxuries, coffee, chocolate, cigars -- pagan sex rites and acorn feasts aren't everything, you know.
Post Carbon Institute's and Incubate Pictures' new animated documentary There's No Tomorrow - the most concise set of facts on peak oil and why the era of economic growth is ending. Take the Take the Pledge for Climate Protection for a low-tech, faster-than-the-technofix lifestyle change approach that also prepares for petrocollapse!

Culture Change was founded by Sustainable Energy Institute (formerly Fossil Fuels Policy Action), a nonprofit organization. When I started to intentionally change my life, it was hearing stories from other people about their transformations that inspired me the most.
We are all learning from each other, and that’s what inspired the Simplicity Stories feature happening over on Instagram and here every few weeks.
Before I share the Instagram images and #simplicitystories roundup, I want to share a really moving story, one that had me in tears recently.
I am very slow and selective when it comes to labeling myself, so I don’t call myself a minimalist. I started applying minimalist principles because I loved myself and wanted to create a more enjoyable life. You can click on any of the simplicity stories below to see more from each person’s Instagram story. Join us on Instagram and share your simplicity story too, or find others by searching for #simplicitystories. If you’d like to participate in this simplicity movement to inspire with our stories, click here to follow me on Instagram, and share your words and images with the hashtags #bemorewithless and #simplicitystories. Matt’s story has reminded me as I start to look towards the new year of what is important to me and how to priorise them in my life. Every month for the past four decades, Pitanguy has offered free cosmetic surgery to Brazila€™s poor. In the developed world, more than half of men and women report feeling sad about their weight, and 2.5 million Americans will die from eating disorders in the next 20 years. In the short term, certainly, lottery winners are delighted and paraplegics become suicidally sad, but a landmark US study found that after just one year lottery winners were as miserable as they were before they won, and paraplegics were as cheerful as they were when able-bodied. Over 17 million operations took place in 2010 (five times as many as 15 years ago) at a combined cost of US$30–40 billion.
Three million cosmetic procedures are carried out every year in the USA – more than in any other country in the world.
In a 2006 US study, 10 women with untreatable long-term clinical depression had Botox injected into their foreheads, making it physically impossible to frown.
One study followed 25 women undergoing psychiatric treatment before their operations; afterwards, all but three stopped therapy.
Hair implants transplant hair from the legs and back to the head, and prices are calculated on a per-follicle basis. Costing 18 million rials (US$1,500) on average, the procedure carries status, and post-surgery bandages may be worn for months like a badge of honor.
Gender dysphoric people are especially vulnerable to depression, and a 2010 US survey of 7,000 transsexuals found that 41 percent had attempted suicide. Co-founder of Kathalaya, a storytelling Academy in Bengaluru, Geeta has brought alive the magic of stories not just in the city, but also in other cities, small towns and villages.
Through storytelling sessions and workshops, conducted by renowned storytellers, Kathotsava aims to touch every child and adult.
At the inauguration of Kathotsava at Rangoli Metro Art Centre, Geeta personally thanked everyone who has contributed to Kathalaya. She delighted her students with stories, making the study of history even more knowledgeable.

I met Matt Gunia, the pastor of Ascension Lutheran Church in Niles, Illinois at The Simple Rev Conference in Minneapolis. Studies show that looking at gorgeous women makes women feel disappointed with their looks and men disappointed with their lives. My parents didn’t have much money, but in the end she paid for it, and in the process of fooling around with the facelift, the surgeon cut a nerve and paralyzed the left side of my face. I had to cover it with this thick, oozy stuff every night to keep it protected while I slept. Some people go overboard with perfection and will never be satisfied, but I think anything that makes people accept themselves more is great.
Following gender-reassignment surgery, former emotional problems are found to be drastically reduced. There was a segment where any of the attendees could share a story about how simplicity had impacted their lives, or why they were so passionate about living simply. I want them to have a father who pretends to be a dragon, who roars, who chases them around the dining room table. My sister was a girl with a Paula Abdul poster on her bedroom wall; now she has her own husband and daughter. I try to keep the greatest things at the center so I can be a better man and thus give continually better to them. And thank you Courtney for another glimpse into how this lifestyle is within reach for all of us. Around the world, ideals of attractiveness vary, and body modification can easily become the norm, as it has for the Suri women in Ethiopia (who wear large clay plates inside their pierced lower lips), or women in Mauritania who are force-fed to fatten them up.
As a psychologist, I tell my patients they can change their brain’s biochemistry by accepting themselves.
I didn’t like keeping a calendar with every box filled with blue ink, black ink, and penciled in appointments. I want to be a husband who knows what projects she’s working on and what she’s struggling with.
If you don’t want to go under the knife, you may be better off just finding a place where your face fits in. I want to teach them how to be angry at one another and manage their emotions responsibly and then forgive. I want to be the one among the many who pray for them…who listen to them…who help them…who praise their accomplishments. For example, when I say, ‘There were thousands and thousands of cranes that passed the sky. I read blogs and met people simplifying their lives who inspired me to clear out the clutter and listening to callers reporting their debt free status on the Dave Ramsey show inspired me to become debt free.
I want to be the brother who laughs and laughs with them until our stomachs hurt and we say, “oh, look at the time!

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