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My big sweet boy is named Riley and you’ve probably heard me share about him and my family’s journey over the past few years trying to conquer his seizures. This month my husband and I were to travel to San Diego on a get-a-way weekend where I was going to run a half-marathon, but we had to cancel due to Riley and his condition. We threw Riley a going away party, complete with a Meat Cake that his soon to be brother enjoyed on his birthday. I share this story with you all as part of my grief process and celebrating Riley’s story. The one thing I feel God has taught me on this journey….never give up and always have hope. It’s been a year that Riley has been living with his new family and he is doing very good. Thank you Reynaul – He is in very good hands and I know he will love whatever life he has left. Susan, I was holding it together until I saw the picture of the two “brothers’!

Thank you Kathy – these are words I needed to hear today as I struggle with the grief process – still!! The Confident Mom is a ministry dedicated to Empowering Moms, Strengthening Families and Embracing God’s design. It's been more than a year since a starving puppy was found at the bottom of a trash chute of a large apartment building in Newark, New Jersey. On March 16, 2011, the building's superintendent found the emaciated and shivering dog -- who'd been wrapped in a plastic bag -- just seconds before he would've been swallowed up by the trash compacter. According to the Los Angeles Times, Kisha Curtis, the dog's 27-year-old owner, had tied him to a railing and left him there for a week. Associated Humane Societies is seeking custody of Patrick, whose newfound fame is being used to advocate for stricter animal abuse laws. Garden State Veterinary Specialists of Tinton Falls, however, is also vying for a part in Patrick's plight. What a beautiful gift you gave Riley, what dog doesn’t love running around on a farm!

His temperature was so low that it did not even register on the thermometer," says Patrick's Facebook page. He has been staying with Patricia Smillie-Scavelli, the hospital’s administrator, who also wants to keep the brave dog.
NBC reports that he is still fearful of strangers, but when fed a few dog treats, he quickly warms up. Recently, Reddit user dikfeld uploaded a series of photos showing the dog's transformation over the last year.

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story of miracle in cell 7

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