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For ten years, the university technology directional focus and priorities have been guided by a succession of multi-year strategic plans. This strategic plan establishes our technology direction for the next three years from 2012 to 2015. The five themes within the IT plan support the goals and priorities of the university plan: Forward Thinking.
One of the things CEOs ask consistently is how they can help foster more strategic thinking in their organizations. Growing more strategic thinkers in your organization is a blend of modeling these eight behaviours as CEO and then coaching your leaders to do the same. Mike Desjardins is a transformation specialist at Virtus, a strategic planning and leadership development consultancy based in Vancouver for entrepreneurial business as well as public companies.
Technology innovations have made information more available, technology more mobile and solutions more accessible. It is built around five core themes which represent areas in which we expect to make technology investments that respond to and catalyze broader changes and innovations. Theme I will enhance research and discovery and spur new research collaborations by delivering computing services that enable data-driven research which is well integrated, pre-positioned and scalable on-demand. As a leader you need to be able to understand the overall corporate direction and strategy in the context of your team, and your own personal areas of responsibility. Learn how to build alliances and partnership, both inside and outside the organization, to leverage the capabilities, networks, experience and expertise that you, your team or your organization don’t have internally. The best strategic plan requires a framework for execution and a method for holding people accountable.

Research creates increasing amounts of data that must be captured, transported, analyzed, and preserved.
These themes are accompanied by a description of their relevance to the future of the university, a set of three-year objectives and a list of recommended initiatives. Theme II will support the development of outstanding students by enabling faculty and students to adopt innovative learning technologies in face-to-face, hybrid and on-line courses. The realization of theme IV will improve internal customer satisfaction with administrative services, support operational best practices and enhance university resources by improving the quality and efficiency of technology services. Thinking strategically is essentially a way of being, a mindset, a way of looking at things and linking them together.
You need to understand how the industry adds value to customers and how your business differentiates its value equation from those of your competitors.
Think of it like this: the strategic moves we make today are setting up the operational successes we have in the future.
Leaders need to learn to analyze the risks of their decisions, both short-term and long-term. Think of it as a project plan for your strategy with tangible actions, not vague concepts or ideas. Leaders need to learn to prioritize, and put their energy into fewer, higher-leverage projects.
Learning technologies are enabling and expanding proven pedagogical methods in both the face-to-face, hybrid and completely online courses.
Finally, theme V focuses on the technology, culture and organizational capacity required to support transparency and deliver systems for monitoring outcomes.

So the better understanding you and your team have of the connection between corporate goals and the work they do day to day, the more likely they and you are to focus on longer-term priorities, rather than staying mired in operations and shiny objects. Not doing so leaves you vulnerable to common traps like chasing shiny objects that pull you and your team away from the core strategy, trying to tackle too many things at once or equating busy-ness with success.
On-line learning platforms are increasingly important to preserve the competitiveness of some academic programs and open new student markets for others. Seeing your decisions in the context of the overall organization, today and in the future, will help prevent a good decision today from becoming a mess you need to fix in the future. The key with the plan is to layer on levels of simplicity instead of trying to start with something complex.
The antidote to this is to equate success with success, then focus only on those core priorities that will get you there.
Resource scarcity and increased emphasis on assessment and outcome are driving the need for data to inform decision-making, improve services and evaluate student success.
Finally, technology is integral to delivering services efficiently and supporting students and faculty as they teach, learn and work on-line and around the world.

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strategic thinking in management skills

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