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AbstractThis paper will discuss the complexities of stress, its potential causes, effective coping techniques, and how one can funnel bad stress into good stress. Stay Healthy- Many students think they should spend all of their valuable time  studying, but keeping yourself healthy will help you to stay alert when studying and retain more information.
Avoid drugs and alcohol- Keep your mind alert and focused, drugs and alcohol can cause undue stress and anxiety that you dona€™t need. Avoid stressful people or situations- If you know that hanging out with a certain group of people, calling your parents, or paying your bills always causes you a lot of stress, try to avoid during high stress times. Just say no- Not just to drugs but to the requests of people around you for your time or energy.
Keep a detailed planner- ita€™s almost impossible to remember everything you have to do in your head.
Plan out your time- decide how much time to devote to each task or activity that needs to get done.
Prioritize- You need to do the paper that is due on Tuesday before spending all your time studying for the test on Friday. Avoid over-committing- it just might not be realistic for you to be a full time honors student, work two jobs, play sports and be the president of your student organization. Take responsibility- time management is one of the biggest ways that college is different than high school.
Participants learn that in order to lead and work effectively with others, we must first learn how to lead ourselves. Participants hear again with greater emphasis the idea that every person is completely responsibility for their own well-being and the impact that environment and others may have on them.

When leaders and followers are willing to take on this responsibility, they are more inclined to take the actions necessary for self-care. In addition, the paper will review the roll of time management in the reduction and possible elimination of stress and its causes. Sometimes stress is obvious, like during exam week but other times you might not know that you are stressed out.
Tell your friend you cana€™t hang out, just say no to working extra hours or spending time on an extracurricular activity.
You dona€™t want to spend all your time on one thing only to find that ita€™s midnight and you havena€™t even started the paper due tomorrow.
You have to make your own schedule, budget your time and ultimately only you are responsible for completing all of your responsibilities. They will be given insights and tools to recognize and reduce stress, deal effectively with difficult situations, how to take care of their entire selves, and more. The conclusions and information presented in this paper will be the result of professional opinions and clinical studies. Eustress is positive stress that it motivational and encourages goal achievement and high performance. People also cope with stress in different ways, and some of them may be more healthy than others. Students have a lot of commitments- classes, study groups, work, extracurriculars plus the time to hang out with friends, eat, do leisure activities etc. Once the reader has reviewed this paper, he will recognize stress and its components and the positive roll played by effective time management.Effective Techniques for Time Management and Stress ReductionStress is capable of derailing the most focused person with its feelings of dread, anxiety, and loss of control.

Distress is negative, overwhelming, hinders performance and contributes to decreased health and well-being. While some people might listen to music, exercise or do a hobby when they are stressed, others might drink, smoke, yell, eat or procrastinate.
While it can have positive effects, stress gets its notoriety from its acute and sometimes chronic negative results. Ita€™s important to be aware of and understand the ways in which you exhibit stress so that you can prepare for stressful situations and choose activities to distress that will work best for you.
The negative effects can range from acute agitation to chronic anxiety and from short-term physiological disorders to long-term physiological health problems. To combat these problems, it is imperative to one's health to reduce negative stress and its adverse consequences through various techniques. More directly, "stress is a complex dynamic process of interaction between a person and his or her life.
It is the way we react physically, mentally, and emotionally to the various conditions, changes, and demands of life" ("Stress Management," 2003). While most stress is considered to be unhealthy and negative, there are some instances when stress can have positive effects.

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