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Our New Anger Management Webinar is a perfect match for those who want to take the class from the comfort of their home.
If you miss a class you will be able to catch up by listening to the recorded lesson saved on our archives. How many times do you lose control over your emotions and act in a way, which you will regret later on?
You may be inclined to start an argument by saying or doing something you don't mean, and regret later. Anger management classes will help you understand your inner process, the emotional triggers that lead to angry reactions, and teach you coping skills to more effectively deal with stressful circumstances. Adult Anger Management Classes - Where adults will learn how to manage stress, anger, improve communication and gain emotional intelligence skills (these classes can be self-referred or court mandated).
Adolescent Anger Management Classes - Classes specially designed for teens and delivered according to their age.
Executive Coaching - For those who want privacy and individual attention with an exclusive schedule, we offer Executive Coaching.

New Anger Management Teleclass - You can attend classes over the phone from the comfort of your home. In a moment of despair and anxiety over a failing marriage of 40 years I found Cristina on the web and contacted her concerning anger management. We will meet for 10 consecutive weeks online, and as in our regular classes, you will learn skills to reduce stress and manage anger productively.
How many times do you promise yourself you will no longer lose control over a very stressful situation? This is a powerful training that will improve your stress management, anger management, communication and emotional intelligence skills. By learning anger management strategies, employees and managers can improve their communication skills and gain emotional intelligence, reducing the overall level of stress in the workplace.
These classes are only for self-referred adults who want to learn how to improve stress management, anger management, communication and emotional intelligence skills.
These programs are an excellent method for team building, improving relationships, and increasing interpersonal skills.

Our staff of over 30 of L.A’s best dance teachers will get you moving, whether you’re a beginning dancer or a lifelong dance fanatic.
The instructor will be lecturing through her webcam, but it is up to you whether you want to use a webcam, a microphone, or just use our instant message system. Anger management classes will teach you skills that will help you become aware of your emotions, and will help you navigate difficult and stressful situations in a peaceful way. They will learn to develop and maintain relationships as well as to manage their emotional intelligence and communication skills, which are very important in building a foundation for their future.
Learning how to communicate our needs to our partners will help us to change patterns of passive, aggressive, and passive-aggressive communication into an assertive communication, which will lead to a more stable and rewarding relationship.
Our four large studios with sprung wood floors and top quality sound systems are also available for rental for rehearsals, dance parties and other events.

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stress management classes los angeles

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