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Maria's presentations are so relevant to today's college women student leaders and they need to hear from her!
I had a countless amount of students tell me after the presentation that " it felt like Maria was speaking directly to me; how does she know all that stuff??". I've skipped my fair share of classes in high school and college and playing catch up sucks!
The fact is, there is no getting away from testes and exams, and we know that sitting for your exams can be a stressful experience.
However, make sure you have done the preparation and studying — this doesn’t mean just reading notes all day and night, you must also practise past exam questions.
Changing your breathing is one of the quickest and most effective was of changing how you feel.  Take deep and slow breathe, by breathing at a different pace, the anxiety can be controlled. Try to study and revise in a group, as it really helps in coverage of the topic to revise, and it will also remind you that you’re not the only one facing the exams. I am confident that my students walked away with a greater understanding of how to balance their crazy lives!

Be honest: how much time do you spend trying to decipher your friend's shorthand when you borrow her class notes or tracking down your professor during office hours?
If so, you're the person Maria's speaking to in her book Campus Calm University, which Beverly Coggins contributed an original story to.
Below are 5 of the best ways you can adopt to reduce if not overcome the nerves, the butterflies in stomach feeling, the tensions some might have when exams are near. When you start getting those exam nerves and negative thoughts you should tell yourself that you are going to pass the exam. Check with your tutors or friends if you have any part of a question which you are not sure of. The best route to confidence in the exam hall is to know that you’ve prepared as much as you can. Since there’s nothing much you can do about the exam when it’s over — so why not just relax and enjoy? When you study in a group, or even having tuition in a group, there are bound to have some competitions.

It's designed to empower you to give up the exhausting pursuit of perfection (whether it's grades or time management), and instead embrace the real steps to success, health, happiness and leadership.
Remember that if you find a question difficult, it’s likely that other candidates will too. The challenge will be honesty to yourself, have you done what you should have done for the preparation? The looking forward will help in relaxing the anxiety that is build up before and during the exam. Chapters teach you how to be a lifelong learner, infuse your career search with some PG passion, love yourself, embrace risk, focus inward and surround yourself with a network of positive people who can help you reach your goals. If you have done so, then tell yourself that you have done what you know you should do, and let the test or exam show you what else you need to do which you missed.

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