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STRESSMASTER INTERNATIONAL is the leader in reducing workplace stress through the delivery of evidence-based stress risk assessments, stress mastery training, stressmastery programs and organizational stress consulting. Stressmaster's training materials are used by Fortune 100 companies, the US Army, non-profit organizations, small to mid-cap companies, coaches and counselors and wellness centers in over 15 countries. Corporate Stressmastery Training Programs a€“ Our programs are designed to facilitate the transformation of employees dis-stress to stress resilience. Stressmastery Seminars a€“ Our seminars provide a foundation for understanding stress and what to do about it.
Key Note Speaking a€“ To entertain as well as educate about the Challenges of Stress and What to do about it.
Stress Management Training Manuals a€“ to help trainers design and deliver quality stress management (mastery) programs. PowerPoints for Stress Management Programs a€“ Our PPT’s provide supporting visuals to aid in communicating stress management concepts in a workshop or seminar setting.
Stressmastery has Associates who can deliver high quality stress management programs at your facility or at an external training location.

Through our team of Stressmaster Associates we have been able to reduce stress and build stress resilience around the world from the USA, Canada, UK, and Mexico to Norway, Slovenia, South Africa, India, Iran, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Hong Kong and Nigeria. Through our own team of stress management experts, along with our Independent Stressmaster Associates, we work diligently to enable employees to transform themselve by learning the art of mastering stressa€¦at work and at home. James Petersen, psychologist, author and Director of the Biofeedback and Stress Management Clinic in Tucson, Arizona, created Stressmaster International. The SMQ has 11 diagnostic scales to learn about stress warning signs, the effects of stress on the body and emotions and the types of stressors that are present in one’s life. Seminar leaders are experienced professionals who can motivate employees to take control of their stress.
Our Associates are worldwide including Canada, Mexico, Norway, Germany, South Africa, Slovenia, UK and Chile.
Over 600,000 people in 15 countries have benefited from our stress assessments, training and stress mastery programs. In effect, all benefit when someone becomes more stress resilient and psychologically hardy.

Stressmaster was built around a new concept in the field of stress management called Stressmastery. Learning how to master stress results in improved health, enhanced work quality, greater creativity, repaired interpersonal relationships and the improvement in the quality of one's life. Soft Skill develops and links all others skills and knowledge into an integrated and organized network that fills all missing links with an unturned success in all the fields . The greatest enemy of true Knowledge is not really ignorance but false knowledge and false awareness we keep with a foolish egoistic satisfaction . The Big Gap between True Knowledge and Its Application becomes more and more prominent when we miss Soft Skill .

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stress management seminar ppt download

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