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The discussions highlighted on the perfunctory practices of imparting education by educational institutions and the casual approach of students in their educational pursuits. What is the benefit of indulging in regular chit chat on movie gossips, frivolous interactions in coffee shop or roaming online?
What is that you will do when you end-up on the roads with a cyclostyled resume where you yourself don’t know anything about its contents? What is your feeling when you draw a blank face during interviews?  Especially when you fail to say about yourself for a minute even. What is the purpose of doing Engineering PG or Science PG when you yourself at times compromise for a small job in a call center?
What is going to be your answer when your employer finds that you gained entry through a fake experience? What is going to be your answer to your spouse or your children in later years about how you wasted your time? What is your answer to your parents, to the society who cherish to see you in a leading position.
As a student you have all the resources online like e-Learning, Free-Online education, Free-Tutorials, Free Tutors, Free study material, Free guidance, Free case-studies and Free mentoring.  Why don’t you use these resources instead of complaining on the educational system or teaching community?  There are many performing students around you who are simultaneously engaged in both work and study.  Why don’t you take them as an example?  Why you end up being dependent and go frustrated when you don’t find aspired results?  Is it the fault of your false aspirations or fault of you becoming dependent? Georgette is currently seeking a master's degree in publishing at the University of Houston-Victoria. The key to successfully living a stress-free life while juggling these responsibilities is time management.
A two-week academic planner will give you a detailed picture of each week’s activities on one page.
One of the tasks that a high school student needs to perform after graduation would be to look for and apply at a college of their choice. Time-management is a skill that most students would have perfected by now so as to be able to do the things they needed to do and things they just wanted to do. One of the biggest problems college students run into is learning how to manage time wisely.
For me, I can easily recall having three papers and four exams all in the span of five days. Not only did my brain feel like it was going to turn to jelly, but I also felt myself becoming more anxious and stressed because there didn’t seem to be enough time in the day to get everything done that I needed to. That’s why I want to offer some solutions to help college students with their time management problems.
I’m going to be honest – I can’t make them go away completely, and yes you’re still going to have those moments when you question whether you’re really going to be able to get everything done or not, but I promise that these tips will help alleviate some of your time management problems if you follow them regularly. This one is difficult for college students to master right off the bat, but once you understand how class registration works, then you’ll better be able to plan your schedule. For me, I made it so that I had a break between at least one set of classes during the day so that I could study. Since I didn’t have anything else to do at that time, I pretty much forced myself to get into the habit of using that hour as a study period.

I’ve found that when you pile too many things on top of each other, you begin to very easily become overwhelmed and that doesn’t make for a fun or successful college experience. I know that sometimes you will only have one class option and it may be scheduled at a time that isn’t convenient for you, and that’s where you have to learn to be flexible. For these semesters, find the time where you would have originally wanted that class and use it as your study time or social time instead. You’re essentially just swapping the two activities (and thus keeping your time management practices in tact).
One of the easiest solutions for every college student’s time management problems is to wake up just 15 to 30 minutes earlier every morning. I know that college students like their sleep, but sometimes you just need to force yourself to incorporate this extra time in the day so that you can get everything accomplished.
I just don’t recommend pulling an all-nighter because your brain will definitely feel dead the next day without any sleep. I really like this iHome Bluetooth Color Changing Alarm Clock (affiliate link) because it is so much more than just a clock.
One of my peers actually introduced me to this idea and I can’t believe how much it actually made sense! Now, I’m not expecting you to do this every day because I don’t blame you for wanting a nice relaxing shower every now and then, but you should definitely consider doing this if you have a big test coming up or you are struggling to memorize some important facts. You are giving yourself 10-15 minutes (unless you’re a shower hog… I’m not judging if you are) extra study time when you do this! I don’t think college students realize how much more study time they can actually incorporate into their schedules. Part of figuring out how to manage your time effectively means being creative… I’m talking using every last second that you have a free hand to pick up your notes and put your brain to work! Now it’s your turn to think of some situations where you can take advantage of the time and add in some studying! I’ve presented a list of very easy solutions that every college student could implement to help manage their time more effectively. I know you’re feeling overwhelmed and that there’s a lot on your plate, but I also know that you are fully capable of figuring it all out.
I have a new ecourse called Stress-Free Scheduling that is all about being more productive and managing your time wisely.
I take the bus and train every day and I usually use this time (in the morning or if I’m not too tired in the afternoon) to do homework. You can achieve quality on your own.  If you don’t perform well as a student you may probably repent the rest of your future for losing the most precious part of life. Though most students would have university choices and already passed applications even before their senior years, it's likely that admission starts after graduation and passing qualifications. Although you can go and have fun like attending parties and the likes, students should always be responsible with their actions and never do anything that would affect their studying and grades.
Here are some of the time-management tips that could help you out in surviving your first year of college life.

Although it is practiced by most people nowadays, not many continues to do this as they see it as a hassle. Your calendar or your mobile phone scheduler wouldn't be of great use if you're not going to write down any important tasks, projects, or assignments needed to be done. Your wall calendar may not be doing the job right of reminding you of your assignments or your cell phone calendar doesn't do so as well. Because college life can be toxic, why not squeeze in a little relaxation day on your busy schedule. You make an effort to throw as much of the water out as possible before the entire ship goes under, but the water comes in too quickly for you and you suddenly feel completely overwhelmed and helpless.
I’ve got a weekly newsletter that contains exclusive content and freebies that are only available to subscribers. Not only will you receive numerous lessons, but there are also worksheets, videos, and a community for you to chat one-on-one with me, as well as in a group with your peers.
I get rather car-sick if I try to read or study in moving vehicles, so I found that downloading my textbooks as audiobooks on my phone makes for a great way to keep studying when I’m on the bus or walking home from the bus stop. Thank you so much for sharing ?? I had some friends who did this and it helped them out a lot. This year for an elective I took macrame and I’m planning on using this time, which is minimum 2 hrs daily doing the macrame projects. Often I was the only one in the laundry room for my dorm, and the shelf for folding clothes was perfect for sitting on. I'm Tori and I'm here to help college students and millennials conquer their goals and chase their dreams. But once you get the hang and importance of it, you'll see why it's better to use calendars rather than notebooks for storing important tasks to do. It is advisable to write down even the smallest thing about any of your subjects like studying for a quiz tomorrow because most often than not, you'll forget it. If that's the case then try switching on pocket paper calendars that you can bring with you in class and write important information.
A day or two won't be that day and you needed to relax anyway so that you get to relax your body and mind.
I also tried to include a break in-between two of my classes so that I could study during the day rather than stay up late after my step team meeting. I typically ate around 4:30 these days because I wanted to have time to go to my dorm and drop things off before heading to the dining hall.
I ate for about 30 minutes, then headed back to my dorm to study for an hour to an hour and a half before getting ready to head out the door so that I could socialize with some friends before the meeting started.

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