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Those who have experience in this field know that studying abroad is the best thing you can do as a student. There are plenty of advantages that can motivate and even change the life trajectory of a person who studies abroad. Can the diverse experiences of hundreds of seasoned CEOs and a score of aspiring young travelers from New York City somehow converge to change the way people think about travel as cultural exchange and learning? I expect HI USA’s announcement about replacing desks with bunk beds at its headquarters office will trigger applause from some and questions by others. One sign that an idea is gaining wider social interest is when a major media outlet wants someone to blog about it.
HI USA is all about opening up the amazing experience of travel to more people and more places.
Last night HI USA was honored for excellence in travel marketing with an Adrian Award from the Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International.   It is both terrific recognition, and a tangible reminder of how far we have come.
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There would be millions of questions when it comes to overseas education and most of them stay away from doing a course abroad because of the cost and safety reasons. One of the biggest advantages of doing a course in an international university is the option for specialised courses. I can hear some questions – “what if I don’t know what to study based on my under graduation and work experience?” You would be a mechanical engineer working in the software industry – quite possible in a country like India. When you don’t know which course or country to choose, it’s better to approach a consultant who is specialised in diverse countries. You need to be constantly in touch with the consultants because they will be handling more than 20 students at any point in time. If you are doing an undergraduate course, doing the whole process with a parent makes sense but if you are doing a postgraduate course, bring your parents when they are needed. Every now and then, you would see overseas consultants arranging education fairs that have a lot of universities from different countries at the same place. Keep copies of your transcripts, statement of purpose (will elaborate on this little later), passport and educational certificates ready. If you want me to cover any of the topics, please leave your suggestions in the comments section. While its contribution to one’s professional destiny is without a doubt extremely important, studying also implies a lot of discipline and the proper environment or materials to do it right. You will experience another culture firsthand and develop a deeper understanding of what it means to interact with people that look like you but think completely different. You will learn a new language straight from natives and you will be forced to speak it thing which will bring you a great satisfaction.

You will get the chance to travel to places you have never been before and which are maybe harder to access from your home country.
Studying abroad can help you make contacts that will be of great use further on in your career or in your professional development. Your resume will be enhanced by an experience abroad and interviewers will see this as a plus and put you higher on the list of potential employees. You will boost your self-confidence and you will manage to handle a crisis with more calm and optimism.
But it shouldn’t be a total surprise coming from one of the world’s leading hostel organizations.
When it happens, millennial travelers will have a wider range of choices, and that’s a change worth embracing. There were various reasons for the lack of blogging and one of the causes was the uncertainty in my career. A typical Indian family would not like their children going far away from home for the purpose of studying. They don’t understand how it is possible for an average student to arrive at a good overseas university. For both under graduation and post graduation, you have extremely specialised courses that you can make a choice between. For instance, all the consultants charge a fee to facilitate an admission in the US while most of them don’t charge a fee for UK admissions. I didn’t need to shell out a single rupee and my personal consultant was Asiya, who was helpful throughout this process. Do write a few notes about their culture , how is it like being there, their teaching methods and much more. People bond while traveling and they are more willing to meet new people while waiting for a delayed flight, going through a 20 hours bus trip or a 4 day cruise. You will probably call your mother at 11 pm to ask her how much salt you should put in the water you are boiling for pasta but you will find ways to keep yourself full (or at least with some food in the stomach). Not many people can brag with the fact that they can take a few months or even a year off their life to travel the world, learn new things and experience unique moments. For me this was a big plus because the lectures at my host university were more entertaining and they focused on personal opinion rather than quoting from the classics.
While traveling and studying abroad you can be whoever you want to be and search your soul in finding the right you.
I attended a few interviews, but none worked and accidentally, I got this idea of doing an international masters program.
Doubts ranging from food to the cultural impact might turn away parents from allowing their children doing an international course.

UK universities due to intense competition give commissions to these consultants for every student they send. Each year the number of students who travel rises with 12% according to the Unesco’s Institute for Statistics. And after you wash the clothes for the first time and get multicolored socks you learn a thing or two about living on your own. I went to an education fair organised by Edwise, one of the overseas education consultants from Chennai. Nonetheless, to be honest, the education system and student culture in countries like the UK are far superior to the education systems available in India (that calls for a separate post).
For instance, University of Southampton has two separate courses for Digital Marketing and Marketing Analytics, although there is a lot of synergy between both. You would not believe that it was for my nephew (cousin’s son), but I got interested in the idea and pursued it.
I have seen many students meeting the consultants and ask directly what they want to get in to USA. The universities ensure that they will cater to the industry with unique specialised programs. A good consultant will check your grades and work experience and tell you which course would be suitable for you. They will also talk to you about the cost, why it is good to choose a country or a university and how likely you would get an admission. US universities have restrictions on a lot of things like relevant work experience or higher grades. My choice was quite obvious thanks to my work experience, but I would suggest the students and parents to think about the different options available.
If your grades don’t satisfy the admission office at the university, you will be unable to get a seat. Google the subjects you are interested in and I bet you will find courses that will suit your taste. This is a step-by-step guide on how to choose an international course and successfully get in to a foreign university.
For example, my university got more than 8500 applications for the different management programs they offer, but we have only 300 students in the business school. Another friend studying medieval history and one more doing Palaeolithic Archeology and Human origins… Yup, Don’t look surprised.

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