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At Scrum Gathering Orlando, I ran an experiential workshop titled Improve your communication through non-verbal rapport.
Amazingly, only 7% of communication is based on words while 38% is based on tonality and 55% on physiology. The Mehrabian Study produced these numbers to quantify the importance of non-verbal communication. Caution: These exercises are here for those who attended the workshop and want to use them to help others. This exercise is about getting an internal sense of how important rapport is in conversation. This exercise is about practicing rapport and getting a sense of what it is like for rapport to be broken.
These are some of the skill that I learned as an NLP (NeuroLinguisticProgramming) Practitioner. I strongly recommend Wauneen McMonagle Innergize Training if you are interested in building skills in this area. I did the drawings to prepare for the session and to share information afterwards with participants. The Master of Arts program in International and Intercultural Communication is offered jointly through an interdisciplinary partnership between two large and active entities, the Department of Media, Film & Journalism Studies and the Josef Korbel School of International Studies. Effective global communication requires that people understand both international and intercultural differences.

Check out our customized track for students interested in strategic communication, public relations and nonprofit work. Interested in more information about the International & Intercultural Communication program?
10 January 2011 - Ecorys has won a prestigious study commissioned by the European Commission’s DG Information Society and Media on electronic communication.
The study is conducted by Ecorys in cooperation with TNO and Delft University of Technology. I have found Practitioner as well as Master Practioner skills to be an important part of my toolkit as an Agile Coach.
Although all of the above is valid, a greater truth is that all that really matters is what you think about someone. We can easily send and receive our documents across the globe within second, using internet. Students are able to choose from the breadth of coursework available in these two schools, while developing their own specific areas of concentration. The purpose of this study is to assess the state of progress of the EU's internal market for electronic communications networks and services and to identify possible policy measures to achieve a higher degree of EU market integration. My only tools were a flip chart and some markers, so the purpose of this post is to provide details for attendees as well as provide visibility to anyone interested in better communication.
Download Internet communication coloring printable page and imitate on other page for drawing.

Additionally, students are able to take advantage of electives and internships to develop expertise in their field of interest. Students pursuing the MA-IIC establish a strong theoretical and applied foundation, while learning the nuances of the global environment.
If you'd like to visit DU for a tour and meeting with faculty and current students, we can arrange that, too.
The study will provide support to the realisation of Europe 2020 and the Digital Agenda for Europe. For additional information on the study or Ecorys’ expertise in the field of telecommunication, please contact Patrick de Bas.
They then have an opportunity to extend this interdisciplinary base through courses in anthropology, foreign languages and literature, business and other areas.
If you can't make it to campus, we can arrange for a phone or virtual conversation as well.

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